Wrapped in Ink

Wrapped in Ink

by Carrie Ann Ryan

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The Montgomery Ink saga continues with a new series set in Boulder, where a family secret might just change everything.

One mistake at a friend's wedding rocks Liam Montgomery's entire world, and everything he thought was true turns out to be a lie. But when an accident lands him in the ER, Liam meets someone that might just be the distraction he needs.

Arden Brady has spent her life in and out of hospitals. But according to the world, she doesn't look sick. She's lost jobs and friends because they don't see beneath the surface, but she's learned to rely on her family and herself to keep going. And then she meets Liam.

With two sets of overprotective siblings and a puppy that can't help but get into everything, Liam and Arden might just fall harder than either one ever expected.

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BN ID: 2940161795675
Publisher: Carrie Ann Ryan
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Series: Montgomery Ink: Boulder , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 2,867
File size: 557 KB

About the Author

Carrie Ann Ryan is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary, paranormal, and, young adult romance. Her works include the Montgomery Ink, Redwood Pack, Fractured Connections, and Elements of Five series, which have sold over 3.0 million books worldwide. She started writing in graduate school for her advanced degree in chemistry and hasn't stopped since.

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Wrapped in Ink 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Usually love all the stories of the Montgomery's. Only 180 pages. Short for the money. This was not as detailed and the story did not draw you in like her others have. Serious topic but just rushed through.
SarahJaneBailey 12 days ago
Book 1 Montgomery Ink: Boulder series by Carrie Ann Ryan Wrapped in Ink Liam is the oldest Montgomery and looks after everyone else but after a accident at a family wedding ends him up in hospital where he meet Arden in next bed. Arden is a independent women that has a lot of health problems that are affected by her lupus. I absolutely love that this is so more life like. Arden has a lot of obstacles but keeps a positive attitude and just deals with each issue when it comes up. I also in love with Liam especially with the way he helps but doesn’t take over when it comes to Arden’s health. Arden struggles at time to be in control of the situation when her health flairs up and she unfortunately needs help from her family/friends but no one undermines her or treats her like a child. I wish writer write more like this with other disabilities like lupus or even learning disabilities like mine dyslexia. Can’t love Carrie Ann Ryan more. She’s a pre-order instant buy for me. She also has a perfect ear for amazing narrators like Joe Arden or Maxine Mitchell
Jayme_NE2008 15 days ago
I really loved this book and the interaction between Liam and Arden. The families were wonderful addition and added another layer to the story. I look forward to the rest of the Montgomery books and also hope that the Brady clan. I received this as an ARC and voluntarily reviewed it.
Anonymous 27 days ago
fantastic story, couldn't read it fast enough . your characters hooked me, again. Thank you for sharing your inspired stories. keep on keeping on, I'll keep buying your product.
Anonymous 27 days ago
Loved Liam and Arden's...story. It is so unusual for an author to write about a non "perfect" couple..but Carrie Ann Ryan did it with class, honesty, and love...
Anonymous 3 months ago
Love the Montgomery's and was glad to see a main character that was dealing with a real life everyday problem
NadineBookaholic 3 months ago
I love getting lost in the world of the Montgomery's and now we have a whole new bunch of them to fall in love with in this new spin-off series located in Boulder Colorado. Wrapped in Ink is Liam Montgomery's story and it is emotionally charged so be prepared! Arden Brady has been dealing with an illness that isn't visible to the naked eye and it has made her a prisoner in her own life. Autoimmune diseases aren't easy to deal with so she has lost all of her friends and her last boyfriend, now it's just her online friends and her brothers but she's happy in her own little world, or so she thought before she met Liam. Liam and Arden met in the hospital, it's a chance meeting but they each felt something so when he asked for her number she gave it with the hopes he would actually use it and not just toss it away. I never like revealing things in my reviews and try to keep them as spoiler free as possible so I won't go into detail but know things happen to shake Liam's world and there were plenty of tears shed while reading this book both for Liam and Arden. For me Liam and Arden are a special couple and truly were fated to meet, you'll understand why once you read the book. I absolutely loved them and their story. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Jasper, Arden's adorable puppy that has a sweet tooth a mile wide, this little fella made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion and deserves to be acknowledged for it. If you haven't read any of Carrie Ann Ryan's books before this is a perfect time to start, grab your copy today and see for yourself how special Liam and Arden are. Happy Reading!!! **I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**
DarGee 3 months ago
Liam and Arden packed an emotional punch. Both for very different reasons, but both for very valid reasons. Their hope and optimism was just as powerful, and made me love them even more. Where Arden knows who she is, and has long since accepted it, she didn’t think she would have more. Liam had everything figured out and was secure in his world, until his very core was shaken. A chance meeting, twice, and they found in the other what they didn’t even know they had been missing
Moonlitvixen 3 months ago
How, how on earth is this the first Montgomery Ink book I have read? What is wrong with me? I adored Liam and Arden. Liam.was all hot and sexy and a little growly, and Arden was inspiring. I can't wait to see what happens next, and go back and read all the previous books!
Moonlitvixen 3 months ago
How, how on earth is this the first Montgomery Ink book I have read? What is wrong with me? I adored Liam and Arden. Liam.was all hot and sexy and a little growly, and Arden was inspiring. I can't wait to see what happens next, and go back and read all the previous books!
Anonymous 3 months ago
This was a great story as usual with a different theme. Knew about lupus through Selena Gomez but didn't know how hard it was to handle, thank you for showing that. Loved they got their HEA, was worried there for awhile. Again Great Story
Cali-Jewel 3 months ago
Thrilling, sexy, fun and engaging journey filled with exciting charters, witty banter, heart jerking twists and thrilling passion... was an emotional read that kept me glued to my e-reader having to know more. Loved it! Looking forward to he next visit to Boulder.
Ana94 3 months ago
When I started reading I couldn't put it down.Carrie Ann Ryan is magnifysent and amazing writer.I cannot wait to read more of there books.Keep up the great work.You should definitely read this books.Can't wait for the next book.
Tam 3 months ago
Wonderful story! Love having more Montgomery’s Liam’s and Arden’s story was a delight and very well written! Including handling of Arden’s autoimmune disease and Liam’s dealing with his secret! Loved the story, can’t wait for more! And the Brady's boys will have their own series??!? Yes!!! Can't wait!!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Absolutely love this book! Like always Carrie and Ryan pulls on every heartstring you have. Liam and Arden story all starts with a little accident at a friends wedding for Liam and something a little more for Arden & a trip to the ER. The story is a great example of love and family...
arhodes11 3 months ago
This is the first book in the Boulder Series and it was as amazing as all her other books. This is the heartwarming story of Liam and Arden. It reels you in and holds onto your heart. You get all the feels. As always Carrie Ann goes outside the box with this story line, and doesn't stray away from the hard issues. She shows us how people with certain diseases suffer in silence, yet can still live a happy, full life. I also adore how these characters always have strong family ties and value all the people in their lives. This is an absolute must read. I loved this book and can't wait for Ethan's book.
Pebbles92 3 months ago
Wrapped in Ink is the first story in Carrie Ann Ryan's new spin-off series Montgomery Ink: Boulder. This book was just as amazing as the rest of the Montgomery Ink stories. Wonderful characters and an engaging plot drew me in right from the start. The author really impressed me with how she incorporated an autoimmune disease into the storyline. Whether it's Lupus, Hashi's or even Celiac, many times these are silent but seriously deliberating illnesses which are oftentimes misunderstood or disregarded. Very few understand how a "flare" can disrupt your life. Overall this was an awesome story and with all the secondary characters making an appearance, hopefully there'll be many more stories to come.
Coffee_Books_Life 3 months ago
Who would have thought going to a friends wedding would change your life. Liam Montgomery discovered two things after a narrow miss and a trip to the hospital. One secrets hurt but only tear you apart if you let them and two, unexpected things happen when you look for them the least. Liam Montgomery, former model turned best selling author is 100% Montgomery. Talent seems to have a way of coming with Montgomery name and family means everything to him. A bit of a recluse due to the nature of his work, Liam has a soft and caring spirit I didn’t expect. His world got turned upside down and inside out. I admire his willingness to want to think things out and not jump to conclusions. Time and a distraction is what Liam thinks he needs. Arden just wants to live her life. Diagnosed with lupus, Arden fight a battle with her body on a daily basis. Some days are better than others. A smart and intelligent woman with a passion for research. An avid reader, that we all can relate too. Arden is an extremely strong character. She doesn’t do it because she wants to she does it because she has to and she knows no other way. Using her mind and the resources she has to adjust her job around the way she can work even on a bad day. Leaving with a disease is not easy and too many times Arden has watched good people walk away from her life. Neither Liam or Arden would have thought in a million years that a trip to the ER would have love staring them right in the face. A freak accident at a wedding and a Lupus flare up made to strangers smile at one another one when smiling was the last thing on your mind. Wrapped in Ink is all wrapped in emotions and healing. Liam and Arden met by chance and then ran into each other again by chance. Their easy nature with each other allow their personalities to shine through even while going through their personal battles. Arden and Liam have enough in common other personalities mesh well allowing their chemistry to come through naturally. Wrapped in Ink is a heavy story with a happy end, that is total Montgomery.
Homehair 3 months ago
Love it. This book is very well written. Can Liam and Arden find love. What a way to meet in the ER. Can't wait until Arden brothers find love and also Liam's brothers and sister too. A must read
Jenn2018 3 months ago
Wow!!! Carrie pulls no punches with the beginning of this one! Liam has been the fixer in his family for as long as her can remember. When an accident at a wedding turns his whole world upside down the last thing he expects is find peace with the beautiful patient he met in the ER. Arden figures between her overbearing brothers and her illness she is destined to be alone. Liam is a surprise, but a good one, and one that won't leave her alone. This love story filled with doubts, anguish, and guilt but also forgiveness, understanding and an unconditional love that will tug at your heart! I LOVED it!
Khrista1029 3 months ago
The Montgomery's are back! We have traveled to Boulder, Colorado with this group of Montgomerys. Liam Montgomery is the oldest of this branch he has two brothers and a sister. Liam is a best selling author (I love the comparison to Steve Berry, Carrie is very clever) who loves his family. the book starts out with the Montgomerys at a wedding when an accident lands Liam in the hospital. While waiting to be released Liam meets Arden a beautiful woman who is suffering from a heat rash, etc. or so he thinks. The Emergency room might not be the typical place to pick up a woman he knows he cant leave without getting her number. In the days following the accident a hurtful secret is revealed that upends everything Liam knew or thought of his whole life. Knowing that his parents have kept this secret for 35 years is the most hurtful. Arden Brady works in the book world which is awesome because she can work from home. She compiles book compendiums for authors as well as does research and some editing. Arden has Lupus which basically sucks! For the most part she is fine but then a flare up will rear its ugly head and she is sick for days at a time. It was during one of these flare ups she meets one handsome man. Arden basically lives a solitary life, most of her friends have moved on except her three very overprotective brothers. Liam and Arden are amazing people and so good together. Liam is basically a very sweet, caring and Kind man who cant help but fall in love with the sweet, stubborn Arden.
Lexee9 3 months ago
I absolutely loved this story!!! The characters are fantastic and Carrie Ann Ryan does a fantastic job dealing with Arden's condition. It's something that she has to deal with for the rest of her life and some days things are fine and others are bad. I love the way that this was handled and Arden has a great outlook on life in the face of dealing with this. Yes, she has some low points in the book, but that was completely to be expected and understandable. I really enjoyed how Liam and Arden interacted with each other. They pushed when needed but not overly so. They are able to build their relationship to the level it is because they continue to get to know each other at the level that they are comfortable at. They don't push too fast knowing that they'll share when the time is right. This story flowed very smoothly and it was a great story to end. I was pulled in from beginning to end by the characters and the story. I thought all topics were dealt with and handled very well. I loved the blending of the action with the romance and the sex. The sex is explicit but it is a part of the story, just like it's a part of life. I can't wait to get more of these Boulder Montgomery's and of Arden's brothers. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and these characters! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Rinsky13 3 months ago
We have a new set of Montgomery’s, and how can you not love that! So here we meet Liam Montgomery, who by all accounts is quite yummy. After an unfortunate accident, he/we get to meet Arden, who had her own kind of unfortunate accident. An unlikely place to meet and flirt, but this chance encounter eventually leads to more. A friendship that turns into caring, and though both seem to go in trying to hold back, they truly can’t help where their feelings take them. Both have issues they are dealing with, and things you have to read to find out about. Also a bunch of siblings that meddle whenever they want. I did some giggling and I did some tearing up. But I definitely loved this! Look forward to the next one
ACody89 3 months ago
I love the Montgomery crew so much! The original MI is the first series I had started to read of Carrie Ann's and it's always had a special place with me, so I love that she's gone on to do stories for all of the cousins!!! I loved Liam before we even truly knew him in Jagged Ink. He played such a special role for Roxie, and it was VERY swoony. Then when I found he was an author? DONE FOR! I think all of these things made him so, unbelievably perfect for Arden. He's such a giver, and because Arden is the same way, I think that was a lot of what made him perfect for her. And Arden, how can you not adore her? She lives with this horrific disease, yet she is so strong! The brothers in this book all have such special roles. I loved how Arden's brothers completely took care of her, and when Liam came in the picture, they instantly knew their place. Another favorite thing of mine is how Liam is exactly like those brothers. He's one of 3 brothers with a sister. He knew exactly how Arden needed taken care of, but in so many other ways since he was also her lover. I loved how Arden's brothers really respected Liam and I think that had a lot to do with it. But of course, talking about family, there was a lot of family drama here. Between overbearing and nosy brothers, and crazy family secrets, there was no shortage of family drama, and I think that definitely added another dynamic to this book. And her dog, EEEKKKKKKK. Jasper was actually my favorite character in this book (LOL)!!! Even though he isn't a "support" dog, everything he did for Arden was THE BEST! Then add him and Liam together, total trifecta of amazingness. Jasper really helped both Liam and Arden in so many ways, he really deserved his own section for this post. Above all, Carrie Ann's writing is always so amazing! She has the perfect amount of depth and her layers in her books and this one is no exception. There was a roller coaster of emotions and drama and the perfect amount of everything. She has me DYING for more from this family. I cannot wait!
EllenH 3 months ago
I loved this story and I love all the siblings in both families as well as their friends. Liam and Arden are great characters who are both dealing with a lot in their lives. They are looking for a safe and secure place in port. Can't wait to hear the rest of their stories