Worlds Apart (One God, Many Worlds) Expanded 2nd Edition

Worlds Apart (One God, Many Worlds) Expanded 2nd Edition

by Maurice W. Horne

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This story is inclusive of theology, astronomy, physics and other disciplines to emphasize that not only is God infinite but is the Creator of many worlds in different times and different universes. God has decided to permit two people to see his magnificent creations because as the Creator, he loves all his creations.

The purpose of this story is to expand and challenge the thinking of those seeking a full understanding of religion, God, and the Universe. Is it not comprehensible that there are other worlds and others who will be with God? The last line of the story begs the question: who are the 'others?'

A 13.81-billion-year-old universe makes the comprehensibility of the story plausible as ultimate reality. Additionally, given this small and not-very-old Earth (relatively speaking), why would God just create here?
In the Expanded 2d Edition, the book begins with God explaining creation and that there are other worlds unknown to us. Other profound theological issues are addressed by God through his “typist” (the author). At creation there was nothing but God and afterwards all that is began in the ‘first instant.’ He explains that we cannot fully understand because we cannot conceive of ‘no time’ or what is truly His eternal nature. After all, creation is when space, matter, and time came into existence.

The 'worlds apart' exist at different stages of time and space so that "eternal" is timelessness. None is aware of the others existence which occurs over millions of years.

There is no evil or devil in this story. God is the central character. The text speaks to all religions.

This is not pantheism, rather theism at its most profound. The story is designed to open thoughtful conversations about God and humankind. The Latin phrase at the conclusion of the book means “Heaven at last” and comes from history.

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Worlds Apart (One God, Many Worlds) Expanded 2nd Edition 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite Worlds Apart (One God, Many Worlds) by Maurice W. Horne is a short story written from the perspective of God Himself. That is to say, he dictated what the writer wrote. This is His story of how the world began, of how all the worlds in the universe began. This is His story of the Big Bang Theory. The universe is more than 13 billion years old so why would ours be the only world that God created? God talks about creation but He uses modern scientific words. He talks of other things we cannot ever profess to understand fully, such as the Hereafter, the Holy Scriptures, the First Stardust Human and the First Instant. He wants us to understand His creations, why He made them, and He wants us to see them through His eyes. That’s why He allowed two human beings to visit, to see with their own eyes the beauty that God has created, to experience for themselves that God loves all His creations, no matter how small they are in the grand scheme of things. This is a science fiction story – or is it? Worlds Apart (One God, Many Worlds) by Maurice W. Horne was something a little different to what I normally read and I must say that it made a refreshing change. This may have been a fictional story but there is, in such a short book, an awful lot to take in. There is much that makes you stop and think, wonder about what we have been taught, and how much of it is truth, or just speculation by those who think they know but don’t. Riveting read, well composed, and a bit of an eye opener.