Wolves of Wisteria
Wolves of Wisteria

Wolves of Wisteria

by Angela Pepper

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Zinnia Riddle doesn't use her witch powers much these days. She works as a clerk at the Wisteria Permits Department, where there hasn't been much need for spells and potions... until now.

When a beloved coworker is found dead next to her desk, the whole office gets paranoid. Is one of them a killer? Did the victim leave behind clues in the book she was writing? Is there a town-wide conspiracy, or is some lone serial predator on the loose?

The police are always two steps behind the evil that's threatening the peaceful town. Now it's up to Zinnia Riddle and the witches in her coven to uncover the secrets hiding in plain sight.

Will Zinnia's rusty magic hold up against a powerful enemy?

WOLVES OF WISTERIA is the sixth book set in Angela Pepper's Wisteria Witches universe, and the first book featuring Zinnia Riddle in her own thrilling mystery!

FAQs about Wolves of Wisteria:

I've read the Wisteria Witches series by Angela Pepper. I see this book is called City Hall #1. Where does this fit in? And who's Zinnia?

Zinnia Riddle is the character you've come to know and love in the other books as Aunt Zinnia. This is Zinnia's first book as the featured character. The events in Wolves of Wisteria take place in the months leading up to Zinnia's niece Zara arriving in Wisteria. You can think of this book as a prequel, or a spin-off, or the start of a mini-series. In this book, you'll find out about Zinnia's workplace and witch friends, plus there's a thrilling mystery to solve.

I haven't read any other Wisteria Witches books. Can I start here?

Absolutely! Wolves of Wisteria can be read as a stand-alone novel without spoiling the other books if you decide to read them next.

What's a witch cozy mystery?

Witch cozies are similar to contemporary cozies in that they revolve around a mystery and feature an amateur or unconventional sleuth. The tone is humorous and breezy with a few good thrills, too. Witch cozies come with the added bonus of paranormal elements. The town of Wisteria is full of many supernaturals, including gorgons, vampires, shifters, mages, and more!

About the Series:

Angela Pepper's Wisteria Witches series features a wise-cracking mother and daughter witch duo, Zara and Zoey Riddle, and their aunt, Zinnia. This urban fantasy series has plenty of magic and supernatural elements.

New to Wisteria? You can start reading with any book 1. The books are listed below in their release order, but not necessarily their chronological order.

Wisteria Witches Mysteries (Zara Riddle)
#1 - Wisteria Witches
#2 - Wicked Wisteria
#3 - Wisteria Wonders
#4 - Watchful Wisteria
#5 - Wisteria Wyverns

Wisteria Witches Mysteries - City Hall (Zinnia Riddle)
#1 - Wolves of Wisteria
#2 - Wisteria Wrinkle

Wisteria Witches Mysteries - Daybreak (Zara Riddle)
#1 - Wardens of Wisteria
#2 - Wisteria Warned
#3 - Wishful Wisteria
... and more!

Product Details

BN ID: 2940161719053
Publisher: Angela Pepper Publishing
Publication date: 10/29/2018
Series: Wisteria Witches Mysteries - City Hall , #1
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 1,266
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Angela Pepper lives with her family in the rainy Pacific Northwest, surrounded by nature and magic. Get sneak peeks, exclusive reader news, and humorous updates from Angela on Facebook at facebook.com/angelapepperauthor/.

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Wolves of Wisteria 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 25 days ago
Love this book. I need more!
Tangen 4 months ago
witches, magic, supernatural, suspense, murder-investigation, law-enforcement, urban-fantasy Zinnia Riddle is a witch in a town that has lots of magic but nobody admits to being supernatural. The suspense and excitement begins when Zinnia arrives at work only to find the mutilated body of her nonmagical coworker. Call in the local detective and crew! And the specialty department that exists to manage anything possibly magical. A great cast of characters, peppered with humor, and a real plot make this a great read. It's also the first in a series that's a prequel to the Wisteria Witches mysteries. Rosemary Benson is the very convincing audio performer.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I will definitely be reading the rest of Ms. Pepper's wonderfully witchy books, this one was enchanting!
Anonymous 5 months ago
Starts out slowly then grows on you.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Disjointed. Jumps randomly between time periods, magic and non, subjects and people. About 1/4 way in jumped to end and still didnt care.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I usually like Angela Pepper's books, but this was a disappointment. If you've never read anything by her, don't start with this one. This starts out so slow, invluding lots of repetition of information, that I almost stoped reading. But it does eventually get better and turns into an interresting mystery. JB
Anonymous 5 months ago
Anonymous 11 months ago
I won't read another. waggling eyebrows got old. crude & vulgar in places. needs to brush up on the use of commas. grammar poor. missing words such as that make sentences unclear. only low-class people say "butt." grabbing is rude. they/their should have ended two or three chapters before it did. dk
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago