VeggieTales: Silly Songs With Larry

VeggieTales: Silly Songs With Larry

by VeggieTales



Silly Songs With Larry is a delight for the whole family. Unlike many children's albums that might make their grownups want to run screaming after a couple of listens, Silly Songs With Larry is clever, with aural treats that will be appreciated by adults as well as their kids. Silly Songs is taken directly from segments of the Veggie Tales cartoons by the same name. Hosted by Larry the Cucumber, they are songs with no moral attached. They're just, well, silly, and that's what makes them so great. "The Hairbrush Song" is Silly Songs at its best -- an operatic ode to Larry's hairbrush. With a line like "shocked and slightly embarrassed at the sight of Larry in a towel," what more could you want? "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" is another highlight, a joyful song about laziness and Larry, who just doesn't get it. "His Cheeseburger" is a '50s-style love song to a cheeseburger, and "Do the Moo Shoo" is a perfect, albeit far too short, '80-style rap song. The only songs parents might want to skip for sanity's sake are two of the bonus tracks: "Lost Puppies," which is grating and will make you want to rip out your speakers, and "Oh Santa!," which lacks the cleverness of their other songs. All in all, it's a great album for the whole family, and is sure to be played over and over (and over) by your kids.

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Release Date: 01/09/2001
Label: Big Idea
UPC: 0820413500528
catalogNumber: 35005

Album Credits

Performance Credits

VeggieTales   Primary Artist
Buddy Lewis   Choir, Chorus
Lorrie Davis   Choir, Chorus
Kenny Greene   Choir, Chorus
Lannie Garrett   Choir, Chorus
Shalaine Martin   Choir, Chorus
Mike Sage   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Rob Ellis   Vocals,Track Performer
David Caton   Choir, Chorus
Lisa Vischer   Vocals
Phil Vischer   Vocals,Narrator,Track Performer
Nate Bakkum   Acoustic Bass
Kurt Heinecke   Percussion,Trumpet,Keyboards,Alto Saxophone,Valve Trombone,Vocals,Wind Controller,E Flat Horn
Dan Anderson   Vocals
Nathan Tungseth   Choir, Chorus
Mark Vulcano   Choir, Chorus
Joji Arnett   Choir, Chorus
Dawn Baldwin   Choir, Chorus
Angie Billings   Choir, Chorus
James Breckenridge   Choir, Chorus
Sarah Catherine Brooks   Choir, Chorus
Norma Caton   Choir, Chorus
Paige Craig   Choir, Chorus
Frank Diaz de Leon   Choir, Chorus
Adelia Erickson   Choir, Chorus
Adam Frick   Bass,Guitar,Mandolin,Percussion,Accordion,String Bass
Chris Geiger   Choir, Chorus
Janet Gogins   Choir, Chorus
Matthew Gruett   Choir, Chorus
Allen Hemberger   Choir, Chorus
Bob Landon   Choir, Chorus
Joshua Lindsay   Choir, Chorus
Mike Nawrocki   Vocals
Lisa Nawrocki   Vocals
Scott Nelson   Choir, Chorus
Jody Nilsen   Choir, Chorus
RaeAnn Powell   Vocals
Kenya Raichart   Choir, Chorus
Jonathan Reich   Choir, Chorus
Jaquelyn Ritz   Vocals,Background Vocals
Brian K. Roberts   Choir, Chorus
Paula Sandor   Choir, Chorus
Ellen Silvestri   Choir, Chorus
Ron Smith   Choir, Chorus
Ginger Tam   Vocals
Heather Finch   Violin
Laura Richey   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Choir   Track Performer
Charles Jackson   Accordion,Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Debbie Davis   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Larry Hinds   Engineer
Paul Conrad   Art Direction
Kormann Roque   Producer
Ron Eddy   Art Direction
Phil Vischer   Executive Producer
Doug Ackman   Engineer
Kurt Heinecke   Arranger,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Nathan Brenholdt   Producer
John Trauscht   Art Direction
Adam Frick   Engineer
Mike Nawrocki   Producer
Lisa Nawrocki   translation

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