Think. Plan. Prevail: How to Overcome Opposition

Think. Plan. Prevail: How to Overcome Opposition

by Samantha Harris, Jason T. Bryant


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The difference between success and missing the mark is a glitch similar to what happens with computers; but this solution lies between the ears. Think. Plan. Prevail: How to Overcome Opposition is a handy how-to guide coaching people just like you on what it takes to conquer difficult challenges. Learn how to:

 *Identify and replace self-sabotaging thoughts that hinder internal progress.
 *Create strategic plans with measurable results.
 *Prove more powerful than opposing forces every single time.

By the end of Think. Plan. Prevail: How to Overcome Opposition, you will be equipped to chisel through the most resistant boulder. Don't get stuck when life happens, take the THINK. PLAN. PREVAIL. challenge today!

Tampa Bay businesswoman Samantha Harris is a teacher, preacher, motivator, and founder of several organizations. Earning a liberal arts degree in 2012, Samantha has over fifteen years' experience in administration, healthcare, and finance. Her passion, however, is to preach the Good News until the wheels fall off. Samantha believes the ability to overcome obstacles, of which she is no stranger to, comes with knowing who you are and whose you are. For more information, go to : * IG: @wearewhosoever

Jason T. Bryant is a serial entrepreneur who works with reputable Fortune 500 companies. For nearly two decades, Jason has helped various people and organizations accomplish their goals. A native of South St. Petersburg, Florida, Jason is mostly known for his unique consulting company, New Era Thinking Group LLC and has organically grown a global network with his positive social media posts and influence. Find out more at: * LinkedIn * IG: @NewEraThinking

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ISBN-13: 9780578525778
Publisher: 1st Book Club Publishing Inc.
Publication date: 06/29/2019
Pages: 96
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About the Author

Samantha enjoys mentoring young adults, encouraging single parents, and teaching the art of entrepreneurship. She hosts an annual faith-based vision board party designed to thrust individuals into their ordained purpose. Samantha is cofounder and CFO of Tampa Bay Collard Green Festival Inc., a nonprofit organization created to “Inspire healthier communities through urban agriculture, culinary experience, nutritional education, fitness, and family fun.” As a lifelong writer, she established 1st Book Club Publishing Inc., a 90-day online publishing course. Samantha serves on the board of several organizations. Samantha enjoys comedies, traveling, physical fitness, and spending quality time with her loved ones, especially Andrew, Avalon, and Amerie. In addition to Think. Plan. Prevail: How to Overcome Opposition, Samantha's deep passion for writing has brought forth other books: You First, Whosoever: Chosen In Christ Before the Foundation of the World, and ONE: A 40-Day Journey with God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. For more information about Whosoever, the Tampa Bay Collard Green Festival, and 1st Book Club Publishing, visit:; & .

Despite the many obstacles of life and his many failures, Jason always finds the positive in a situation. His work ethic and effective networking abilities have helped him earn respect in many facets of life. A native of South St. Petersburg, Florida, Jason has spent most of his life accomplishing goals and organically building his global network. Jason is mostly known for his unique company, New Era Thinking Group, LLC, and his positive social media posts over the years. His followers, or as he calls them, “New Era Thinkers,” range across the globe and often leave comments such as “You’re an inspirational man. Thank you for your advice, it helps in so many ways.” It is clear Jason plans to leave a positive mark on the world. Whether it’s via a Facebook post, his involvement in his community, positive events or coaching, Jason has dedicated his life to helping people to shape and improve their thinking. He lives by the saying “New Eras call for New Thinking,” and has made an oath to help others find their passions and achieve life goals. For more information:

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