Rules, Patterns and Words: Grammar and Lexis in English Language Teaching

Rules, Patterns and Words: Grammar and Lexis in English Language Teaching

by Dave Willis


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Teachers need a clear description of what constitutes grammar and how it can best be taught in the English language classroom. This book illustrates a new way of describing the grammar of spoken and written English and demonstrates how lexical phrases, frames and patterns provide a link between grammar and vocabulary. These processes and techniques are contextualised within a task-based approach to teaching and learning. Numerous interactive tasks are provided to guide readers. Over 40 examples of teaching exercises are included to illustrate techniques which can be applied in the classroom immediately.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780521536196
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 12/24/2003
Series: Cambridge Language Teaching Library
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 6.73(w) x 9.06(h) x 0.63(d)

Table of Contents

1What is taught may not be what is learnt: Some preliminary questions1
1.1Some questions about tags2
1.2Some questions about questions5
1.3Some questions about learning6
1.4Learning processes8
1.5Some questions about language16
2Grammar and lexis and learning28
2.1The grammar of structure29
2.2The grammar of orientation34
2.3Pattern grammar37
2.5Lexical phrases and frames43
3Developing a teaching strategy50
3.1Tasks and communicative purpose52
3.2Language focus and learning processes59
4The grammar of structure69
4.1Clauses: Structure and pattern69
4.2The noun phrase74
4.3The verb phrase90
4.4Specific structures91
5The grammar of orientation: The verb phrase94
5.1What is orientation?94
5.2The 'traditional' pedagogic description of the verb94
5.3A systematic description99
5.4Using the grammatical description111
6Orientation: Organising information126
6.1Definite and indefinite articles127
6.2Building grammatical systems129
6.3Devices for organising text132
7Lexical phrases and patterns142
7.1What is a lexical phrase?142
7.4Sentences and sentence stems147
7.6Making learners aware of lexical phrases160
7.7Teaching phrases and patterns161
8Class: The interlevel168
8.1Grammar and lexis168
8.2Class and structure168
8.3Class and orientation178
8.4Summary: Class and the lexical syllabus184
9The grammar of spoken English186
9.1Spoken and written language: Some differences186
9.2Teaching the spoken language198
10A final summary212
10.1Language learning and language development212
10.2'Learning how to mean'213
10.3Individual priorities214
10.4The communicative framework215
10.5Language description and learning processes217
10.6Implications for teaching219
10.7An integrated model222
10.8Implications for syllabus design222
10.9In the meantime ...225
Subject index229
Name index238

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