Return of the Prince

Return of the Prince

by Nana Malone

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I've been a prince in exile, but I'm finally going home, tarnished crown and all. This time, I won't let anyone keep me away...Not Ariel, the woman I left behind. Not the killer on my tail. Hell, not even my cousin--the king--can stop me.

Unlike my conniving brother, I have no designs on the throne. Let better men rule. 

But I do have a score to settle. 

Everything was going just fine until Ariel is assigned to my protection detail. Little Miss Hates My Guts will ruin everything.

One look at her and I know it's not over between us. All I have to do is convince her I never forgot her...and not get dead in the process.

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BN ID: 2940161481622
Publisher: Sankofa Girl
Publication date: 04/30/2019
Series: The Prince Duet , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 7,860
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Return of the Prince 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Lost-N-Love-N-Hopeless 9 months ago
You just knew that from the other stories that there was more to Ariel than what you could see from the few glimpses of her. Now. NOW, we get her story and it was so worth every single page turned. It was so worth every time we meet her in the past (books). I going to tell you right now that I want so badly to give this one a five star rating, but the only is that I cant go higher on the next and final installment. This was such a good read. It had me on the edge of my seat. Turning pages. I going to tell you when I started I was just going to do five chapters to get me read for the next day to jump right back in to things. It didn't work out that way. I was on full speed ahead. I turned page after page and then I was done. I so a ready for the next installment.
Adin419 9 months ago
Since we first met the gang of the Winston Isles, Ariel has always been very special and important character in all her facets as a royal guard, best friend, protector, boss, daughter, but we where missing an important part, her love. Her story is one of the most awaited one and Nana really does not disappoint us. From the very first word you know that this is a book you will not be able to put down until the very end and then you will want to know more right away. Ariel has a secret love in her past and even though there was/is a lot of love for this person, there is a lot of heartache and disappointment too. things are a bit easier when the person of interest is not close by, but when he is always in the news and you get to know his every move it could be truly painful. Ariel is a lot of fun but at the same time she is totally badass, but at what price. She thinks she has her life back on track or she is starting to, but when your kings request something from you, you obey, even if your heart is about to break and your life will flip upside down. Tristan decided to leave the Isles in pursuit of his career but now that he wants to come back he can't. After a life threatening event he will be face to face with the only girl he has ever loved and the one he abandon many years ago. Putting your life in the hands of the only person that truly has many reasons to kill you will not be easy for Tristan, but Ariel will prove that even though she can barely contain her anger and pain, she can protect the thing that she loves more than anything. This is an amazing story filled with conspiracies, love, seduction, action, friends, unexpected twists and great surprises, awesome villains, and great friends. Can't wait to see what will happen with Tristan and Ariel as they continue their story.
Shay Alford 9 months ago
Thank you Nana Malone for giving Ariel her own story! I’ve been waiting for her story since the first Book in all the Royals! Ariel is a very strong woman and loyal to her friends and family. She’s had a rough couple of months after losing her position as a royal guard. Although, she’s not going to let anything slow her down while starting her own security business. The only thing she’s missing is her one true love. Tristan is a prince that has been exiled because of his family, but he’s determined to set himself apart and show that he’s not like his family. The one woman he fell in love with, he left and she despises him. Although, he’s now engaged things are not at all as they seem. This book will take you on a ride and unfortunately leave you with a cliffhanger, as Nana Malone is known for. If you haven’t read any of her books, I suggest you start with at least the first in the series. You won’t be disappointed!
ToshyBell2010 9 months ago
A Royal Winner! Book 1 of the Prince Duet... Before you start, know that the finale will be here shortly. From the start of the Royal Series by Nana Malone, we have been looking for Ariel Scott's story. The loyal and protective best friend to the now queen has been a character that everyone wanted to see get a HEA! Ariel is the one person you would want in your corner. She works for the King's Guard. She runs a successful business. She protects those she loves, even if it means protecting the one man that she hasn't forgot. Tristan is a prince that has walked away from the royal life to make his own path. He became a soccer star and found a woman who he thought he could live with. But being in Ariel's presence change all of that. Tristan and Ariel didn't have it easy. They had to get past a lot of feelings. Since this is only part 1, there is more to come, but as always Nana gave us a story that we couldn't put down. Love the chemistry that the two have and I can't wait until book 2 comes out!
Tammy-H 9 months ago
I loved it. It's another great addition to this series. It's always fun to read about the whole gang! I'm so glad to get Ariel's story! I'm ready for the next one! I received this book in exchange for an honest review.
SFSharon 9 months ago
We finally get Ariel's story and insights into her "no one knew about her past" relationship with Prince Tristan! Before Ariel ever became a Royal Guard protecting the royal family of the Winston Isles, she fell for Prince Tristan, who back then, was an up and coming soccer star. Unknown circumstances broke both of their hearts, and now several years later, they are forced back into each other's lives, resurfacing all the pain and heartbreak. There have been several attempts on Tristan and his fiancee's lives, so his cousin, King Sebastian is trying to provide additional protection. When Sebastian asks Ariel to assume the lead on protection, his wife and her best friend, Queen Penny, notices her uncharacteristic reluctance to take on the job. Ariel finally admits her longstanding feelings about Tristan, and the fact that she must move on since he is engaged. The story is told from a dual point of view so the reader is privy to the strong feelings each still harbors for the other, but neither can forget the hurt caused by rejection so many years ago. Nana Malone always does a fantastic job with her characters, giving them the proper time to flesh out their feelings before the sexy ignition fires up! There's still a lot of intrigue surrounding Tristan and Sebastian's families which is left open ended in this book. Can't wait to see what happens next!
Barj60 9 months ago
A new series called The Prince Duet and I know I want to read the next book. Ariel fell for exiled Prince but he left her behind when he left the country now he is going back to Winston Isle. This book kept me turning pages. I does end on a cliff-hanger. I recommend this book. I received a copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Loved the book. This was a great start to this two book series. Starts with a prince in exile and he manages to make his way back home but still has issues that he has to deal with. They are a lot of major issues but he is managing to overcome them. You will this series it is a great read.
cyclay4R 9 months ago
It was so wonderful finally getting to read Ariel's story. Ariel has been such an important part of past books and to read about Tristan and Ariel was exciting. Ariel is assigned to protect Tristan after not seeing each other for 10 years because of a misunderstanding. Tristan is back and has a killer after him. This story is well-rounded with such interesting characters. The suspense, secrets, and emotions in this story will grab and keep your attention. Ariel is tough, smart and caring it was interesting to read about Tristan and her relationship. There are twists and turns in this story that made for a wonderful reading experience, really enjoyed the story.
charlligirl 9 months ago
Fake engagement. Check. In love with another woman. Check. Threat of being killed. Check. What more could a prince want? And yet Prince Tristan wants it all. This is the story we have all been waiting for. So far, it is full of secrets and intrigue. Yes, Tristan took care of Max. But what about all of the other secrets he's keeping. Will Ariel be able to figure out who wants to hurt the prince before they succeed? Will Tristan and Ariel be able to overcome the darkness of their pasts? Will what happened a decade ago continue to haunt both of them? Or will this be a fresh start for them? We will have to wait until the next book to find out.
cgarr 9 months ago
Finally it's time for Ariel's story! Ariel is one of my favorite characters ever. She's smart, confident and extremely capable. While she is daring in her career and with her friends, she isn't when it comes to love. We finally learn the reason when Tristan comes back home. Tristan has been exiled due to his brother and now someone is trying to kill him. And now he and Ariel are forced to deal with their past. The story is better than I expected and I had high expectations. The first part of the duet leaves us with a big build up and anticipating the conclusion in part two. I can hardly wait to find out the rest of the story! I also hope Nana Malone continues this series with more of Ariel's team. I love the characters and want to know more.
moonfox1234 9 months ago
This is a book that will leave you breathless. The story is filled with plenty of twists, turns, suspense, drama, intensity, emotion tension and passion. Tristan and Ariel are both complex and complicated characters that bring out strong emotions in each other and the reader. I'll be honest. Tristan had to grow on me. At the onset he was quite unlikable. He aggravated me with his attitude and his actions. By the end of the book I was seeing him in a different light and my opinion had improved. Ariel was a completely different story. I loved this character. Sassy, strong, genuine and resilient, she was a character that you wanted to be or at very least be friends with. The chemistry and attraction between these two was steamy and undeniable. This is only book one of this duet so prepare for the cliffhanger ahead. I can't wait to see how things wrap up in book two.
VirginiaVanSaders 9 months ago
The first book is a wonderful start to the Prince Duet. I loved that there is more than one plot in this story. I also love that it brings back characters of the Winston Isles, too. There's a lot that goes on in this story; suspense, revenge, protection, plotting, a fake relationship, real love, etc. I finished this book in one sitting, it was sooooo good. I love Nana Malone's writing. I can't wait to read the second book to find out what happens.
MMRNY 9 months ago
Total 4.5 star read!! Wow!! Nana Malone has finally started to give us Ariel and Tristan's story, and what a story it is!! I need more ASAP!! Return of the Prince is a wonderful read filled with twists and turns, suspense, laughter, witty dialogue, and extremely memorable and lovable characters. Everything is definitely not what it seems in this one, and I enjoyed every single second of this first installment of Ariel and Tristan's story. And yes, I loved the fact that the other characters that I have come to love so much are interspersed throughout this one too. Ariel, as you know, if you have been reading about the Royals since the beginning, is Queen Penny's best friend, and after leaving the Royal Guard has set up her own security business, Royal Elite. Ariel is a brilliant and gorgeous woman, who also is extremely independent, but who also longs for the one person that she was never supposed to have...Prince Tristan, the international soccer star and the cousin of King Sebastian. The two young lovers had a fleeting summer romance when they were teenagers and planned for more. However, these young star-crossed lovers never had the chance to really enjoy their love affair or see where it would lead thanks to outside forces unbeknownst to them, and because of that each one of them holds a serious grudge against the other. Yet, forces trying to either kill the Prince or his fiancee, have thrown these two back into each other orbit, and oh boy, do the fireworks explode. You can feel the chemistry between these two jumping off the pages, although they try to deny it. In Return of the Prince, Nana Malone's wonderful storytelling skills takes us on a roller coaster of a journey like no other. I did not want to get off this ride, and especially not after being hit with that cliffhanger of an ending in this one. Let me just say that after reading this one, I am more than ready for To Love A Prince!!
cherigCG 9 months ago
A decade and she still couldn't forget him. Now Ariel had been ordered by her king to guard him, along with her team. Seeing Tristan again was not part of plans for the future. She'd finally taken the step to begin dating--or at least trying to. Tristan left. She was supposed to meet him. He never got in touch with her. Even so, she still couldn't get rid of him in her mind video. She and her team would go to stay with the prince--and his fiance--after an attack on one of their lives. He didn't want her to come. She didn't' want to go. Who was after him? He had his own agenda he wasn't sharing with her or her team. Even they both felt betrayed the chemistry hadn't diminished at all. The characters in this series are sharp, professional, hot, and unable to ignore their chosen flames. Seeing and watching them interact with the other couples and team members they have come to respect and care about is a real plus. Those same characters from previous duets are fan faves as well. This one is unputdownable. Hot, really steamy hot, funny, action-filled, and I can't wait for part two.
tsexygreeneyes1 9 months ago
Return of the Prince, Book 1 was written by Nana Malone. This book is the long awaited story of Tristan and Ariel They met long ago when they were young. One hot summer, they fell in love and was going to run away together. But something happen and Tristan left but there is more to the story. Fast Forward to the present and someone is trying to kill Prince Tristan and its Ariel and her team to the rescue. He was expecting her but once he seen her everything came rushing back and he walked right up to her and kissed her. But Ariel was hurt by him and she is not so willing to be hurt again. But the attraction is still there. But the past still holds both of them back. Still so many secrets, the plot thickens. Who wants him dead, especially now that he finally decided he wanted to be home no matter what. The book holds you captivated from beginning to end, the mystery and suspense has my mind going a million miles an hour. I need to know what happen, what caused him to run. The council members daughter is missing, where is she. When Tristan and Ariel finally given in to passion is to total fire, burning up the sheets. I need book 2 asap. I have to know what happens. You won't be disappointed.
kgagnon 9 months ago
4.5 Royal Elite Stars! What a great and exciting start to Malone's new duet! I have been waiting for Ariel's story and this forbidden romance with Tristan was everything I crave. It was witty, thrilling, mysterious and had lots of sexual tension! Sebastian has persuaded Ariel to protect his cousin Tristan, not knowing their history. Tristan and Ariel were young lovers who made life plans together. When misunderstandings happen, they are separated with broken hearts. They moved on with their lives but never forgot the other. Now Tristan's life is in danger and Ariel and her team are the only ones who can protect him. Their long buried feelings come back to life but circumstances make it impossible to act on. When Tristan puts his secret plans in motion to return to the Winston Isles, all their lives could be in danger. The twists and turns that this story takes is thrilling and breathtaking. I loved that all the family and friends we've grown to love from the past stories are all involved and essential in this book along with new intriguing members of the Royal Elite that I need to know more about. There was still the wonderful humor that Ms Malone does so well, along with intrigue and emotion that kept me totally engaged. I can't wait to find out what happens in the next book!
Izzybear 9 months ago
From the beginning Ariel and Penny have been my two favorite characters. So I was very excited to find out that Ariel was finally getting her story told. She’s such an awesome heroine, intelligent, strong, confident and courageous. After a rough year Ariel has been determined to make a name for herself. She’s got her company up and running with a few successful jobs under her belt. Add to that the amazing team she was able to assemble, life is good. That is until fate decides to throw her a curve ball. She’s tasked with protecting the exiled Prince Triston. The only thing harder than protecting him from the enemy will be protecting Triston from herself. I loved this book. It ends in a fantastic cliffhanger. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next segment of Ariel’s story. I have a feeling it’s going to be an incredible adventure.
Lashea677 9 months ago
The wait is over. Ariel FINALLY gets the chance to unbreak her heart. Malone has kept readers waiting long enough and she delivered as only she can. With Return of the Prince, I got to revisit old friends, discover new ones and dive into danger with an intriguing royal entourage. Is this the beginning of the end? Or the start of something new? By now these characters are embedded deep within my heart and reside in a place of honor on my bookshelves. My only disappointment is that I have to wait To Love a Prince.