NOOK Tablet 7

NOOK Tablet 7" (16 GB)

by Barnes & Noble
  • Read forever®, for less
  • 16GB of storage to download your favorite books
  • 7" IPS display optimized for reading
  • Powered by Android™ Oreo™ Go edition with access to apps in the Google Play™ Store Learn More
  • More than a million books priced under $4.99


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NOOK Tablet 7"

Barnes & Noble at
Your Fingertips

The new NOOK now has double the storage so you can read more than ever before. Choose from our vast eBook library with more than one million titles under $4.99. Or browse collections curated by our expert booksellers to find your next great read.

NOOK Tablet 7" and Browsery

Join the Conversation

Your new NOOK comes pre-installed with our Browsery™ app. Talk about your favorite books and get recommendations for new ones from a community of fellow readers.

Using the NOOK Tablet 7"

Experience a Soft Touch & Vivid 7" IPS Display

Lightweight and sized for carrying everywhere you go, our soft-touch case and clear, beautiful display provides the perfect framework to read, watch movies, or browse the web.

More Features & Content

B&N Library of eBooks

Barnes & Noble at your Fingertips

Choose from our vast library of eBooks, including more than a million titles under $4.99. Scroll our aisles with collections curated by our expert booksellers to help you find your next great read.


Comes with GooglePlay™

Millions of Android™ apps, games, movies, songs and more are available on Google Play, your entertainment hub right at your fingertips, instantly accessible across devices wherever you go.

Powered by Android™ Oreo™ (Go edition)

Powered by Android™ Oreo™
(Go edition)

Best of Android™ built with new and re-imagined apps for better performance, better battery life, and more storage.

7" IPS display

Vivid, bright 7" IPS display

Whether you're reading, using your favorite apps, or surfing the web, enjoy the new NOOK Tablet's beautiful IPS display.

NOOK Cloud

Take Barnes & Noble with You

Get up to 128GB of additional storage with an optional microSD card, and store eligible eBooks to make more room.1 All of your NOOK® purchases are stored for free in the NOOK Cloud.

Family Friendly by Design

Family Friendly by Design

Explore one of the largest selections of books tailored to kids of every age and ability. Create individual profiles and unique bookshelves for your entire family. Parental controls allow you to manage what your kids see.

Battery Life

Read for Hours

The long-lasting battery keeps you powered up to read at home or on the go for up to 7 hours of reading, web browsing and video watching.2



Visit Browsery™ to talk about your favorite books and get recommendations for new ones from a community of fellow readers.

Free In-Store Support

Free In-Store Support3

Visit any Barnes & Noble for help setting up and troubleshooting, great book recommendations, and tips and tricks on using your new NOOK®.

Device Specifications

7" IPS Display

  • 1024 x 600 Pixel Resolution
  • 171 ppi

Battery Life2

  • Up to 7 hours of reading watching videos and web browsing


  • 16 GB on-board memory
  • Add up to 128GB with an optional microSD card*

Built-in Wi-Fi

  • Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n)
  • Dual-Band (2.4GHz/5GHz)

Operating System

  • Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition)
  • Optimized for entry-level devices with less than 1 GB of RAM
  • Recommended downloading lite versions of popular apps


  • Micro-USB 2.0
  • 3.5 mm headset jack
  • microSD slot


  • Front: VGA
  • Rear: 2 MP

Supported File Types

  • Audio: M4A, 3GA, AAC, MP3, FLAC, WAV, OGG, AAC
  • Video: MP4, 3GP, WMV, ASF, AVI, FLV, MKV, WEBM Gallery (pictures): JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP

In the Box

  • NOOK Tablet®
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Adapter
  • Micro-USB Cable

* microSD™ card sold separately.

1. NOOK Books® with Digital Rights Management enabled only.

2. Based on reading, watching videos and web browsing. Testing conducted using specific units at default brightness; actual results may vary based on device settings, usage and many other factors.

3. In-store support provides assistance for setup, connectivity, and basic troubleshooting when you visit Barnes & Noble bookstores.

4. Actual size and weight may vary by configuration and manufacturing process.

5. User memory is less than the total memory due to storage of the operating system and software used to operate the device's features. Actual user memory may change after software upgrades are performed.

6. Adobe, the Flash logo, and Flash are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

Google Play, Android, and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc.

© 2016 Nook Digital LLC. Nook, the Nook logo, Nook Tablet, and B&N Readouts are trademarks or registered trademarks of NOOK Digital, LLC or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Android, Google, Google Play, and other Google marks are trademarks of Google Inc. Other company and product names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners. Screen images simulated. Appearance of device may vary.

Customer Reviews

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LCD Paperback 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 38 reviews.
Steven Crider 11 months ago
Note: I've had my unit for about two weeks. First off, for $50 this is a fantastic Android-based 7-inch product. I chose this over the similar Amazon product for one reason: This B&N product supports the full Google Play store right out of the box with no having to side-load anything to get the same functionality. Love it. Was easily able to login with my Google account and start sycning and installing apps easy peasy. Please note that I didn't buy this to get into the B&N ecosystem (sorry B&N!). I simply wanted a 7-inch tab as an extension of my existing Android world, including a Gen1 Pixel, for long reads and game-playing. I have no interest in paying $$$ for a 6-inch phone. Forget it. I buy most of my stuff from Amazon/Kindle or Google. That said, this is, essentially, exactly what I wanted and I'm extremely happy with my purchase. Beyond that, here are my Pros and Cons: Pros: 1. Cost: Are you kidding me? $50 is a steal for what you get! 2. Speed: Fast enough. It's slower than my Google Pixel (Gen1) and I can tell the difference but not a problem in general. 3. Form Factor: Love the 7-inch form factor. The unit is light and easy to hold for long reads. Easy to one-hand for most functions (other than typing) for my paws (I'm male, 6-ft) 4. Form Factor: Flipping to landscape mode converts many apps to that aspect, so you get the functionality while still having a light, one-handable unit. Cons: 1. Memory: Because the unit has only 1GB of RAM it's limited to using the "Go" version of most Google apps, which are specifically designed to be used with low-RAM Android devices. Not the end of the world but it's a bit annoying because the settings/features parity between the "Go" and "Standard" versions differ in some cases. So, setting things up wasn't exactly plug-n-play for me for those apps. 2. Screen: The color saturation is washed out compared to my other Android devices, no matter the screen brightness. The screen is nice but the colors seem almost faded, if that makes sense. Not a deal breaker but noticeable. 3. Audio: The sound out of the single speaker is pretty weak compared to the dual speakers on my Pixel (Gen1). Just providing context. 4. Storage: Added a 256G SD card for additional storage and the OS sucked up 128G of it. Plenty left, but still. 5. Storage: The Android 8.1 version on the unit doesn't combine the internal and external storage into one big pool of storage. The issue being that you must manually specify what gets copied/stored on the external storage so that you don't unknowingly fill up the 16G internal storage. Haven't seen this except on older versions of Android. This is super annoying for me. 6. Haptics: No haptic feedback. This is really annoying because I'm so used to feeling the little buzz on each button press on my other devices. Like most of these issues, not a deal breaker for a $50 tablet. 7. Charging: Micro-USB charging port on the top is annoying as heck. Everything else I have has the charging port on the bottom or bottom side left/right. Again, not the end of the world but when I use the unit plugged in the cable tends to want to pull the top of the unit down, so I feel like I'm constantly fighting with it. 8. Cameras: Absolutely suck. Both of them. Period. But, I didn't buy this thing to take pics, so there you go. All that said, beyond the Cons listed above I'm completely happy with my purchase. This device gives you a lot for $50
coultersca 12 months ago
I have many Nooks which I have enjoyed using. I own the predecessor Nook 7 inch and like it very much especially for the SDHC cad slot where I can organise my books in any way I choose. With more onboard memory I can have more books, update more apps easily. For the price it is amazing value.
YrObdientSrvnt 12 months ago
I love my Nook :) - let's start there. A simple, easy to understand declarative sentence. Great size - not too big, not too small. B & N has really stepped up and has made a plethora of eBooks available at a VERY REASONABLE price [read SMALL PRICE]. Great color on the display, great sound [ok, I'm spoiled, I wirelessly connect to my Bose speakers so the music sounds GREAT ;-)]. Speaking of wireless, instantly connect to the Interwebz. I use Opera mini - very fast, minimal overhead. So, with all this and, this is a LOT how can things get better? Well, how about $49.95? What? Are you kidding me? At that price, get two, heck get three! Seamless updates, excellent in every respect. What are you waiting for? Christmas? oh... wait ;^D
BooksNooks89 10 months ago
I absolutely love my Nook Tablet 7". I am an Apple users (iPad, iPhone, MacBook Air, Apple Watch, iPod, etc), and I have to say for the price this is pretty good. Although the speed is not that of an Apple device, B&N has definitely made a new customer. If B&N worked closer with Samsung to really wow the world with the tablet selection to compete with Apple (and the growing popularity of the Remarkable--which is too expensive), they will definitely increase their revenues. This tablet is what I hoped for for Christmas, and it meets all my expectations. Being a college student, a lot of schools are required Android based devices (although Apple devices can function well). I am temped to convert to Android devices though, seeing the innovation that is rising; and while Apple is definitely consistent, the documents and apps that require Adobe become a pain because it requires paying more; where these device do not. B&N please look into a stronger partnership with Samsung, this is definitely a device for college students!
ElenaMatria 9 months ago
Do not waste your time or money on this device. I would give this device 0 stars if I could. I got this device in July thinking that it would be fine since I was only planning on reading on it, not using it for any other tablet functions. God, was I wrong! This device takes forever to boot up, it takes a really long time to simply load the book that you are currently reading. God forbid that you have to step away and screen turns off because we then have to start the whole process all over again. The Nook app is forever locking up on the device as well, you would think that a Nook branded device would at the very least be able to run the software it was specifically designed to run. And then to top it all off, when my device was barely five months old it decided that it did not want to charge anymore, not on the charger cord that came with it, or with any other charger cord. And Barnes and Nobles customer services only offer was to replace the same piece of garbage device. They wouldn't even offer me a store credit so I could use it toward the purchase a Nook Samsung device that I know from experience actually works. I guess I just have to eat the $50 I spent on this tablet shaped paperweight I now own, something I really can't afford to do. I love Barnes and Noble and every other Nook device I have owned (and there have been several in the last 9 years) but this is a enormously disappointing situation all around.
Anonymous 10 months ago
I bought this tablet as a gift for my wife for Christmas and compared to the 2003 nook e-reader she had it's like night and day. She loves it, not only does she get to keep the e-reader functionality and not lose her existing digital books ordered from Barnes and Noble, she also has an operating system running Android Oreo with many applications that she can download. I'm so happy I picked this as a gift.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I am so impressed with this NEW NOOK TABLET 7 that I am giving it out as chanuka presents.
mwdv 7 months ago
This is my 3rd Nook, and with 16gb of memory, it is exactly the upgrade I have been waiting for. It is a very good e-reader, but on a tablet that gives you a lot of capability in addition. The 7" size makes it convenient to carry around. It is altogether a terrific value.
Anonymous 10 months ago
I bought the Nook for my daughter-in-law for Christmas. I don't know if she has started using it yet, but if she's anything at all like me, she will absolutely love it! I've had mine since they first came out and didn't think that I could ever switch to the Nook from reading hard copy books. But, I did and even though I still read the hard copies, I go back to my wonderful Nook.
Anonymous 10 months ago
I will NEVER purchase another nook . They say you can add an sd card to add your books to it. That is a lie. I have over 360 books on my nook and can not move them to my sd card. Upon asking why I cannot put my books on my card the response was," We regret that NOOK Books cannot be copied manually to another storage. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a form of publisher copyright protection that prohibits eBook owners from improperly duplicating and sharing eBook files." My nook is all but not working and I will not buy another. I have purchased a Amazon Fire and with the nook app I can continue to read my many books I purchased from Barnes and Noble. However I cannot get the books off my nook to do so. Barnes and NOBLE, there is nothing noble able this company.
NookLover-2 10 months ago
I love my 7'' Nook! First of all the price is great! You have apps already downloaded. Apps that are useful. Nook apps. Barnes & Noble apps. Plus you get Google play! I have other book apps that work perfectly with the Nook tablet! I downloaded games too! A perfect sized tablet! Also bought the 128 GB memory card! Oh and also the cover to keep my tablet in good shape. There are a variety of covers to choose from! Thank you so much Barnes & Noble for this wonderful Nook tablet!
JohnLuke 10 months ago
CURRENTLY THIS IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS FOR THE PRICE! I was originally looking for an mp3 player to replace the one I lost, but then I realized I can get a tablet for about the same price, and do all the extra things you can do with a tablet. Books, apps, internet, etc. It doesn't play WMA files, though, but I think some music player apps allow you to bypass that snag. I'm glad to see this newer version comes with 16GB of storage. the one I bought - in October 2018 - came with 8GB. I downloaded three apps and the storage was almost full. Why are these tablet makers so stingy on memory? A 64GB thumb drive costs about $7 more than a 16GB! I would gladly pay the extra $7! Glad to see it has a Micro SD slot, which a $300 ipad doesn't have. All my music is on the SD card. Headphone volume comes up a bit short when using cans, OK with earbuds. Sound quality is not audiophile grade, it's just passable, but hey - it's 50 bucks. Startup is a bit slow, but hey- it's 50 bucks! Haven't tried Bluetooth yet.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I was looking for a compact reader at a reasonable price and I found it in this NOOK! I am impressed with its design (7" works well with smaller hands) and the fact that its run through the Android platform. Easy to set up and use for reading! The price is also unbeatable for what you can do with this NOOK. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a small reader with internet and application access.
readingish6 6 months ago
Okay, I don't have this new NOOK 7", I have the 2017 predecessor which came with 8GB of internal storage only, but I love it! I've recently started having issues with it, particularly with the external storage, after a while it'll tell me my SD card is corrupt and needs to be fixed (SD is fine, the tablet is just glitchy now) and I'm seriously thinking of buying this new one. I don't use it for the tablet function, but strictly for reading. It's kind of laggy when it comes to using apps (mini versions of apps work better), therefore I wouldn't recommend it if you want it for all-day, heavy app usage. Reading is nice, fits good in your hands. Speaker isn't the best, but sounds just fine with wireless audio devices (speaker, earphones). Movies play fine and so do other videos. OS takes up a lot of space, but you can work around that with external storage installed. I just wish mine had more storage, or at least accept my SD card, but I will definitely be upgrading to the newer model soon.
Mil383 9 months ago
I had the 8 gig nook from a couple of years ago and it was fine but it had trouble using the SD card for saving apps and it got to the point where I couldn’t really use it at all. Now this new Nook 7” has 16 gigs of storage built in with the ability to add an SD card and I LOVE it. I’m considering getting another bc, for the price, it’s too good to be true. I’ve been using it daily for almost a month and I’m able to download all the apps I use through the Google Play store (RBDigital, Sell on Etsy, USA Today, Kobo, Kindle, Libby, Audible, Hulu, Netflix, etc) ...they all work flawlessly. It’s a quick device too..I expected because of the limited ram and processing speeds that I’d have a lot of waiting time when opening apps but it’s actually much speedier than I expected. I truly love it and am so happy to have finally found a 7” device that does everything I could ask it to and more. It fits in one hand, and I can take it everywhere and not worry about breaking it because the price is so affordable, i’d just get another. Even streaming videos is excellent. I highly recommend!
Anonymous 10 months ago
Have spent hours trying to transfer my old library of pdfs .to no avail. First opinion of it is that it is a50 dollar paperwieght. I will be going back to my nook hd.
clpwng 10 months ago
I received this for Christmas so only had a few hours. I LOVE it. The size is great and so light weight. My original Nook was VERY old and just gave up. I have downloaded the app onto to my tablets; but I love having the Nook just to read! AND it fits into my handbag. Highly recommend the Nook & very easy installation.
Anonymous 10 months ago
I've been a Nook user for years and have had the original (2x), the Nook Glolight and now the 7". This one is terrific in that I do just about everything while holding it in my left hand while holding, the required while reading, cup of coffee in my right hand. I haven't tried using it in bright sunlight but I'll always have my original Nook for those days in the swing chair. All kidding aside, I'm very impressed and you cannot beat this Nook at any price let alone under $50.
Anonymous 10 months ago
I had the original NOOK, simple and worked great for it's purpose. B&N then stopped supporting it for some reason, and sent me an offer for a replacement. I ordered this tablet and hate it. It won't stay connected to the internet, and takes forever to download new content. I've been trying to download a new book I bought since yesterday! I don't want a full blown tablet with android, which I hate, I just want a simple e reader. I love e books for the convenience, but I truly am beginning to hate this tablet and regret buying it. Think I'll get rid of it and just use the app on my I pad!
KristinsMom 11 months ago
We got 2 of these for our kids. We love that we can use Google Family Link, the Google play store and we installed the Amazon store so they could use the apps they liked on their kid Fires. We ordered new Fires for Black Friday but returned them when they kept getting "Oops something went wrong messages." Huge improvement. We added $10 2 year device protection and kid cases.
Anonymous 12 months ago
nycam327 19 days ago
I have had my Nook for 1 year. Bought it for a birthday present for myself. My second brand new Nook after having one for 7 years that I loved. Of course I realise my version is the 8G and this is the 16G. I can't bury my mistake as easily as BN since I actually paid for my device. My thinking was 8G was fine with the extra card storage. I might have one or two additional apps and would still have room with all my books on the extra storage. Not how it works when the tablet has mandatory apps that take up about 6G of space. Apparently the design was so bad and they has so many complaints that they dropped the price and came out with another version that had 2x the amount of space. Only problem, I've already wasted my hard-earned money on that first lemon. So this one device has turned me off from ever buying another Nook device again. Also making me seriously think about where I purchase the ridiculous amounts of books I read via ebook and in physical form.
Anonymous 20 days ago
I've had two Nook 7 tablets that died in less than a month. The first one died and it was replaced at my local Barnes and Noble store. Now the replacement died as well. It won't wake up or turn on. I've tried charging it overnight, hard resetting it, pressing the buttons...nothing works. Chat support wasn't helpful. It was working perfectly but then suddenly it just died. Going back to the store for a third tablet. Maybe the third time will be a charm.
Anonymous 20 days ago
If you choose the extra layer of security at set up you will regret it. It requests the same password twice (dumb) and the tiny on screen keyboard is a nightmare. It takes about 8 tries before the nook decides it likes your password....each time. But worse of there appears to be no B&N support or a method of resetting it to clean up the double password problem. Sorry, this is really a poorly programmed excuse for an nook e-reader, the worse of the four that I use.
Anonymous 22 days ago
For $50, it's pretty good. I bought this a little over 2 years ago and it still works great. Annoyingly though, it comes with a lot of useless apps, and you really have to watch your storage because it will fill up quickly thanks to all the extra apps. It is really glitchy, but again, $50. If you're using to just be an e-reader, it's perfect. I use it for school textbooks and free reading and it truly will last you all day. That being said, if you're trying to use it as a multi-purpose tablet, I would get one of the actual tablets. It says you can internet browse, play games, watch movies, but you really can't. You can access them, but like I said, super glitchy, limited memory.