by William Alford

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Our limited conventional thinking confines our recorded history to be around 5000 years. It started when the Sumerians began recording human events on cuneiform tablets. Around the same time, an inexplicable surge of intelligence occurred in a relatively short period of time. The catalyst of that surge remains a mystery. However, in conflict with that modern human time-line, many remarkable archeological discoveries of elaborate ruins and structures have been found that date to well over 10,000 years. This is surprising and disturbing to academics that have attributed that time period long ago to a population of primitive hunter-gatherers incapable of such accomplishments. That is an example where our accepted version of human history can be wrong due to "artifacts out of time". This is a phrase used when archeologists or academics have no explanations.

The beginning of the Stone Age was approximately 2,000,000 years ago. Since then, the earth has actually provided many time-periods with conditions conducive to supporting human life and development, just as it has for our own 5000 year old civilization. A time-period of 5000 years within a 2,000,000 year 'span' is a relative 'drop in the bucket'! So therefore the possibility exists that "many" layers of advanced civilizations could have been born and died within that 2,000,000 year timespan. This is especially convincing when one considers that only 5,000 years were required for our own to develop! How many other inexplicable surges of intelligence might have occurred as it did with our civilization? A lack of archeological evidence is not a valid argument to the contrary! If our present day population of humans suddenly disappeared or died, any evidence of us, or our modern cities, would also disappear in only a few thousand years due to the elements, corrosion, decay, microbes, vegetation and other tools in Mother Nature's environmentally merciless toolbox.

"LAYERS" is a story of a past advanced civilization that was discovered during a rescue operation of miners, trapped after an earthquake collapses a mine. The challenges encountered by our characters are not limited to making the discovery itself, but overcoming forces that wish to suppress any such discoveries that would alter the established versions of history and religion. Perhaps the forces working against our characters believe that altering or "correcting" historical orthodoxy would cause chaos and disrupt the stability of society. Perhaps this demagogic organization believes that they know what's best for a society that would not 'come to terms' with such dramatic changes to their beliefs. Or perhaps they are just selfishly preserving the status quo so as to maintain their own power!

"LAYERS" explores possibilities, or "probabilities" that human history or religious doctrine logically may not be what we thought it was. Or what we have been taught! It also touches upon resistance by the academic communities to change their thinking. Perhaps due to complacency, perhaps to preserve a career from ridicule, or perhaps to placate and accommodate their benefactors. These thought provoking subjects will certainly entertain.

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About the Author

William Alford is a former engineer, business owner, trainer, vocational school administrator, National Director of Education and computer applications consultant. He validates that a diverse background with a unique collection of experiences can greatly contribute to a writers pool of ideas and perspectives. He has two grown children and resides with his wife in Florida.

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