Jack Travers: Over 4 Decades Coaching World, Masters and National Champions in the sport of Water Skiing.

Jack Travers: Over 4 Decades Coaching World, Masters and National Champions in the sport of Water Skiing.

by Jon Broderick


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In the collective words of at least forty world and national champions, and thousands of other water skiers who trained at Sunset Lakes, or even earlier at the International Tournament Skiing site, Jack was committed to winning and was already building his reputation as early as in 1972 when he began coaching his first future world champion, Camille Duvall.

Forty-three years later Jack is looking forward to his 70th birthday and looking back at how quickly those years and the countless podiums his students have stood on in national and international water ski competitions have gone by.
Jack Travers taught and trained many water ski champions at his Desert Lakes site in Groveland, Florida. Now, his sons, Chris and Jon, along with his Daughter in Law Natie follow in his footsteps as they continue to win on the international tour, and coach others alongside Jack at home.

Inside the pages of this book is a collection of stories and experiences from many of those who stood on the winning podiums and give credit to Jack for getting them there.

"There are people in every industry who are legendary and some who are iconic. Jack Travers is both in the waterski world.
For over forty years Jack has been a no-nonsense trainer from whom both beginners and world champions want to learn. At Sunset Lakes he and his family have built a waterski heaven that is a great place to live, raise a family, and develop champions.
Maybe even more impressive is the focus Jack and his wife, Lelani, have on their family. Jack and Lelani were not only incredible parents of a tight knit family of four (now five), but also highly influential in the development of hundreds of others who spent time at Sunset Lakes and were influenced by their values. This is maybe their greatest accomplishment.
Our team at Correct Craft and Nautique is honored to have a decades long relationship with the Travers family; they definitely make lives better."-Bill Yeargin
Chief Executive Officer
Correct Craft Boats

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