I'd Rather Not

I'd Rather Not

by Lani Lynn Vale

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Oakley Spurlock is dying.

She only has weeks to live thanks to a freak infection that totally and completely destroyed her kidneys.

Despite her family's desperation, not a single one of them is a match.

In a last-ditch attempt, Oakley's father takes to social media to beg for help to save his daughter's life.

Pace Vineyard is lost. So lost, in fact, that he's not sure he wants to be found.

But then a beautiful woman's face is splashed across social media, and Pace finds a spark in his soul for the first time since a bomb went off beside him.

He's already missing two legs. What's one more kidney?

At least, that's what he tells himself.

What he doesn't expect is to give his heart to the woman, too. Or for the woman to run away with it and force him to follow.

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BN ID: 2940161325315
Publisher: Dixie Wardens, INC
Publication date: 08/06/2019
Series: KPD Motorcycle Patrol Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 344
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I'd Rather Not 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous 12 days ago
LLV never disappoints!
Lisa-Lou 5 days ago
I'd Rather Not by Lani Lynn Vale is the third book in her brand new KPD Motorcycle Patrol series. I remain absolutely intrigued with the peripheral characters to this series knowing they must have a book out there just from the snippets contained in this series. {So many books, so little time!} It seems like this is a next-generation series to the author's Code 11-KPD SWAT Series and also a spin-off or set in the same world as her Bear Bottom Guardians MC series. Anyway - back to the review for I'D RATHER NOT - This one will pull at your heartstrings - from the instant connection that Pace feels for his best friends sister to the ridiculously selfless act he performs to save her life! Sexy, steamy and a little bit dangerous - We get more of the peripheral characters of the KPD squad and a huge jerk finally gets his comeuppance. The writing is quick and quirky and the tale is addicting. Loved this! Slightly obsessed now. Enjoy!
Anonymous 8 days ago
not her best
Anonymous 9 days ago
Loved it!!
Kayreader 10 days ago
I'd Rather Not blew all my expectations away!! It contained all the feels. It went from emotional to funny to steamy hot to suspenseful. I'd Rather Not has everything plus so much heart, it's a fantastic read! Each chapter began with a quirky quote or funny text. I adored them to the point that I was sending them to my daughter so we could chuckle over them together. Even at the roughest moments or steamiest times, those quotes made me laugh and most of them I had to take a moment to share before I continued reading. This is the first book I've read by Lani and I enjoyed it so much, I know it won't be my last. I'd Rather Not is a heartwarming story about a soldier and his best friends sister falling in love under the most unique of circumstances. I enjoyed everything about this book and I hope you do too. Oakley Spurlock was in desperate need of a kidney. Her family wasn't a match and she was on limited time. Her family, in a desperate attempt to save her life, put word out online seeking a willing donor to donate one of their kidneys and that was how Pace ended up seeing a familiar face. Pace Vineyard is a soldier who has already fought back from severe injuries when an explosion took both of his legs, but he was a fighter and the loss of his lower limbs didn't keep a man like him down. He'd been deployed with Oakley's brother, Ford when the accident happened. He knew of her, but had never met her in person. In his heart he knew the right thing to do, he just hoped he was a match. "I knew from the moment that I met you that I was put on this Earth to change your life." When the doctors informed Oakley that someone had stepped up, that a match donor had been found, she was thrilled and thankful. The Spurlocks soon considered Pace one of the family and the instant connection that Oakley and Pace felt upon meeting was mutual. They shared a connection that only grew with time and a passion that boiled as they grew to know one another. "I stared at the man that was quickly beginning to steal every single piece of my heart. One slow second at a time." If you believe in fate, this story will move you and make you fall in love with the power of these two people who overcame all obstacles. Oakley and Pace along with their entire family are so endearing you will love reading this book.
12020351 11 days ago
This book seemed more on the emotional side, which I adored! I loved how these two were brought together by such terrible circumstances and yet they were still able to move forth with humor and love. I loved seeing Viddy and Trance again, loved how awesome they were, just like in their original story! Coupled with Lani Lynn Vales trademark humor and suspense, this is another hit for this author!
LynnB888 11 days ago
4 1/2 STARS! Sweet, sexy and unputdownable! With the next book in the Kilgore Motorcycle Patrol series, we get Pace’s story. He’s the walking wounded with a really harsh back story, but he brings light to a bleak situation and finds his soulmate in the process. Lots of emotions, steaminess galore and pure family love shining through. Really enjoyed Pace and Oakley! Pace Vineyard has been through years of pain and rehabilitation after losing both of his legs in the military. He has had one bright light pushing him through the hard times … a token charm from an angelic face. He learns that she needs him, and he plans to deliver. Oakley Spurlock contracted a freak infection that decided to decimate her kidneys. She’s spent years pushing through the best that she can and when she’s within weeks of dying, he comes into her life. He saw her father’s plea for help on social media … and he’s here to donate … and change her life forever!
Anonymous 11 days ago
Love this interconnecting series.
Anonymous 12 days ago
Once again an amazing book by LLV!
Natalie_The_Biblioholic 12 days ago
Pace was the kind of man any woman would be not only happy and proud to call her own, but one every decent single woman in the entire universe absolutely deserves!! Oakley needed a kidney in order to live and she was lucky in that Pace had an extra one to give. Pace was former military whose life was changed forever by a bomb. But this man didn't let anything get him down. Not his rotten upbringing, not his leech of a mom and sister, not even losing part of his legs. He was sweet, kind, generous, and extremely loving. After falling for Oakley before he'd even officially met her, when he found out he could help her, he couldn't get to her fast enough. And from surgery to recovery, these two fell into such an easy way of loving each other that I couldn't help but give their story all of the stars I possibly could. LLV has a way of creating stories that seem to follow a formula and yet I'm delightfully surprised every time. Not once do I feel like I've been here before or that her stories seem recycled. How she keeps giving me a fresh perspective truly baffles me, but I'm not complaining. From her, I can always expect super fine heroes and their equally superb heroines. Fast paced energy tinged with a bit of danger. This story had a stalker vibe and a scary climax, which at once felt strange and familiar, but it all added up to be one fantabulous read. I never wanted this story to end. I wanted to live in Pace's orbit for just a little while longer. I wanted more of him and Oakley and their amazing family. I'm blown away by how in love I am with these people and I feel so blessed to have found this author's books. After getting a preview of the next book in the series, Make Me, I'm so ready to dive back into LLV's words. If you love your romance hot and sweet with a bit of suspense to stir things up, you don't want to pass on this book. Pace is a dirty boy on blades (honestly, this character is PHENOMENAL) and Oakley's an absolute sweetheart!
AngelaG_2012 12 days ago
This book was freaking awesome! Pace and Oakley we were so stinkin cute together. I have loved the fact that the author brought back the kids from the earlier series’ and seeing how she has blended them and the history of them with the present. In fact, I have loved each of the kids books because I got to see them grow up, but I think this one tops them all! Pace is so down to earth and feel comfortable in himself. His strength is very much evident and there’s no playing around with his character. What you see is what you get. And the way he is with Oakley and the rest of the characters it still open and honest. He totally fits in well and starts to get the family that I think he always wanted. And Oakley is such a sweetheart. Even after going through so much, she is still a positive character. Her happiness is infectious and I was constantly smiling throughout the book when it came to her. She’s the perfect blend of both her father and her mother, who were two of my favorite characters from the Dixie Wardens series. My overall impression … AWESOME SAUCE TIMES 10!!!! The book was funny and sweet, and even had danger and intrigue. What these two characters have gone through, together and separately, could have broken them, but they came out stronger! The story was very well put together and flowed beautifully. I literally did not stop reading from page 1 until the end and I totally wanted more. So, two thumbs up and happy reading!
Anonymous 12 days ago
Jennifer_e911 12 days ago
This book....I was in tears from the get go. There is absolutely no way around it, you will go through at least a box of tissues reading this book! I loved Oakley right from the beginning, when she announced that "Fort ate my darts" in Kevlar to My Vest. I knew right then that she would have all of the spunk and crazy humor that her mother did. And for her book to begin like this.... I just couldn't stop the tears! Oakley had an amazing life. Wonderful parents. Loving (if annoying) siblings. A whole MC at her back. Until a freak incident threatens to take her life. Years go by with no hope, until the last person she expects, offers her a chance at life. And love? Pace, on the other hand, has lived a life of one disappointing tragedy after another. A horrific childhood, led to a life in the military. One he seemed to enjoy, until it left him missing pieces of himself. But he still has something left to give, can still help someone live the life they were meant to have. This book absolutely slayed me. Pace and Oakley....the connection between them is deeper than just love or intimacy. Their connection is one of life and death. It is absolutely perfect! I don't think there is another way to describe this book, except perfect! #newfavoritecouple