Hidden Stonehenge: Ancient Temple in North America Reveals the Key to Ancient Wonders

Hidden Stonehenge: Ancient Temple in North America Reveals the Key to Ancient Wonders

by Gordon R. Freeman


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Hidden Stonehenge is a remarkable chronicle of one man’s drive and determination to uncover the mystery of Canada’s Stonehenge in the remote plains of southern Alberta, abandoned centuries ago and largely forgotten ever since. Astonishingly, it not only predates England’s Stonehenge by about 800 years but also predates Egypt’s pyramids. It has been proven that the calendar its design encapsulates is slightly more accurate than the Gregorian calendar currently used internationally. The author, Gordon Freeman, discovered the extensive Sun Temple more than twenty years ago, and he has dedicated almost the same number of years to unravelling its meaning. At the heart of his book is a detailed comparison between the Sun Temple and Stonehenge. Freeman reveals that 5,000 years ago Britons and Plains Indians made precise astronomical observations at these two sites halfway around the world from each other at nearly the same latitude. These similarities make us think again about the supposedly ‘primitive’ nature of prehistoric peoples’ understanding of the cosmos. Fully-illustrated throughout.

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ISBN-13: 9781780280950
Publisher: Watkins Media
Publication date: 04/03/2012
Pages: 294
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About the Author

Gordon Freeman was born in 1930 in Canada and was introduced to Stone Age artefacts at the age of six. His father collected stone projectile points and stone tools from the prairie after dry winds had blown away tilled soil. He has visited archaeological sites around the world. In 1980 he discovered an ancient Sun Temple in southern Alberta and has studied it ever since. He has an M.A. from the University of Saskatchewan, a Ph.D. from McGill and a D.Phil. from Oxford.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements xiii

A Note on the Photographs xvii

Prologue xix

Preface to Hidden Stonehenge xxv

Acknowledgements for Hidden Stonehenge xxvii

Part 1 Ómahk

1 Temples and Time 1

2 Setting the Stage 11

3 Ómahkiyáahkóhtóohp, or OldBigArrangement 23

Part 2 Stonehenge and Preseli Mountain, Wales

4 Stonehenge and Preseli Mountain 79

5 Stonehenge Solar and Lunar Calendars 155

Part 3 History of the Christian Calendar

6 Ómahk Reveals a Strange Fact 185

Epilogue 225

Appendices 245

Selected Bibliography 260

List of Figures 271

Glossary 279

Part 4 New Material 285

3 Ómahk update 287

4 Stonehenge and Preseli Mountain update 299

7 Johnson's Model for Stonehenge Design 313

Bibliography update 331

List of New Figures 335

Index 337

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