by W. Winters


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From USA Today bestselling author W Winters comes an emotionally captivating and thrilling, romantic suspense.

At first, his words were harsh and his touch cold.
I knew he was a dangerous man and he could destroy me if only he wanted to.

That's not what he wanted though. It's not what he needed.
It's not what I desired either.

It's so easy to get lost in the touch of a man who's powerful and unattainable.
A man who wants for nothing ... except me.
Soft touches and stolen glances made my blood heat and my heart beat in a way I never knew it could.

Yes, it's easy to fall into a haze of lust and desire.
But there's a reason his reputation is one of a heartless man.
And I should have known better.

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ISBN-13: 9781717727992
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 07/15/2018
Series: W. Winters's Merciless Series , #2
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 633,535
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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Heartless 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Heartless continues with Carter and Aria's story in the Merciless saga. These two are broken but refuse to bend. I loved their strengths and weaknesses, both wanting to give in but not willing to yield to the other where it really matters. The secrets and lies continue to keep them apart, even when they're together. This was so full of angst, yet so hot and seductive. I felt all their emotions so deeply! And I love Jase, I want more about him! But the Cross brothers remain a force to be reckoned with, and there is more to come in this battle for power and revenge.
Karina More than 1 year ago
Wow! I thought Merciless was intense. I was not expecting carter and Aria's story to intensify as much as it did. I literately had to digest it before writing this review and I am still finding it hard to find the words to describe what a roller coaster of a ride my emotions went through. These two are so broken and the connection they have is so intense. Aria sees and feels so much for what Carter has told her he went through as a young man and all she wants to do is help him find his way out of the darkness and back to the man he can be if he gets past it. Carter in turn is so confused at times as to whether Aria can accept him for who he appears to be or if when she truly knows him if she will run. I also love the chance to get a look into Daniel and Addison and how they are doing. I like the fact that it looks as if Aria may have found a friend in Addison whom she can talk to. This book delves deeper into the relationship and intense chemistry Carter and Aria have. There is definitely mystery and suspense and action involved. As well as a lot of steamy sexy parts. The complexity of the story pulls you in from the beginning and at times has you wondering what will happen from one scene to the next. Just when you think you have a part figured out, Bam! Ms Winters has your jaw hitting the ground wondering what just happened. The last scene in this part of the series took me completely by surprise and wanting the next part to be out already. I can't wait to see what will happen next for Carer and Aria. they are quickly becoming one of my favorite couples!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This has to be one of the most intense books/series I have read to date. As Carter and Aria grow closer, the demons of their past, present, and future are evident in their internal conflicts. This is evident when Aria says “How can I hate you and love you at the same time?". Aria has a sassy attitude while struggling with her internal conflicts and the demons that haunt her. She’s both weak and strong at the same time. She is also resilient. Carter loves control. This control is tested when Aria clouds his thoughts. He needs Aria like a drug. She is his addiction that we won’t give up. Protecting her and his brothers is priority number one. The chemistry between Carter and Aria is alluring and undeniable. This book has me wanting more. Can not wait for the release of Breathless (Merciless Book 3). This is a MUST REA
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
2nd book ordering the 3rd
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is book two in the Merciless saga and you must read Merciless before reading this story. The darkness of the story continues as does the suspense. Carter’s feelings come out more in this story and boy, if you didn’t love him before I bet you will now with his actions at times. Aria is stronger, but still battling her demons and just when it seems like she is going two steps forward, something pulls her back. Our little Songbird may not be chirping when something is revealed. Holy smokes, who is the bird singing too, is best how to state this without spoilers?! These Cross brothers still are battling the family business and being on lockdown for some has got to make you stir crazy. Carter’s decision from a family business makes sense, but it makes him appear Heartless when it comes to Aria. OH, have Mercy on our souls, we need more quickly! There is so much more leading up to the battle in this family business that the suspense is just that suspenseful cause we truly do not know where this is headed. Willow holds nothing back in this story and as you are nearing the end of the book watching the percentage get closer to complete, you are hoping there are more pages that are stuck in queue. Nope, so hold your Breathe when you get to the end cause we don’t know where this is headed until book three is ready. Can I just say that I love seeing more of Addison and the Cross brothers in these stories? There’s so much more to say, but these lips are sealed to avoid spoilers so all I can say is you will be obsessed, hooked and wanting more once you start reading any of Willows’ books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another installment in the Cross turf war. And this particular book continues the story of Carter and Aria's relationship. As with Winter's other books, the style is dark and heartbreakingly poetic with a constant hint of something else stirring in the air. Carter is not a romance type of guy, but he shows his love in different ways. But he has a tough time voicing his emotions. Aria is stuck in the past. So while I was excited to see what would happen in this installment, I found her internal thoughts kept looping, repeatedly. And she's blinded to what is clearly in front of her if she were to actually pay attention. So there were times when she frustrated me. Especially since I saw her transition in the prior book and I felt, almost as if, she took a step back here while Carter began to open himself up more. But as with other stories by this author, it's a very slow unwinding story, and the only thing you can expect is the unexpected. Because there's a lot brewing here. And the ending was jaw dropping. Needless to say, I'm anxiously awaiting the next story in this series. This book is absolutely not a stand-alone. It picks up exactly where the prior book left off and I'm hoping the next one doesn't miss a bit after this ending. 3.5 /I received a copy of this book from the author/publisher. This did not affect my opinion of the book or content of my review./
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wow, A fantastic second instalment to Carter and Aria's story, and what an ending to keep you on the edge of your seat. I loved Merciless, however Heartless just got better. If this is any indication for the rest of the series, it's shaping up to be a amazingly unforgettable series. Heartless was a incredibly well written engaging, emotionally charged book, with a intriguing storyline and addictive characters. I love the Cross brothers, it was great to see more of Daniel and Jase in this book. Can't wait for the next book.
WolfFaerie17 More than 1 year ago
Carter Cross and Aria Talvery continuing story will leave you breathless with wanting more and more of them. I don't want to spoil the book with a lengthy review. This book is aptly titled because heartless is what you get from the first page to the last page. Not to put a too fine of point on this but it's also merciless in its tone too. I won't say anymore but go and get your own copy of this heart-wrenching book today without delay. Book exchanged for an honest review.
SofiaAlmiroudis More than 1 year ago
Heartless-displaying a complete lack of feeling or consideration. In Heartless, Carter's true self is finally revealed and WOW was I blown away. Carter is feared, Carter is ruthless, Carter is respected, Carter is loved, all the while Carter pretends to be heartless. However, he is everything but heartless. Carter has become the man he has become because of his past and the life that was chosen for him. He is chasing an obsession of a girl that saved him the day he wanted his life to end. He thought he loved her, but it was HATE that drove him to take her, to make her need him and fall for him. Now he is finding that he no longer has the control and it is Aria that holds all the cards. How did this happen? How did an obsession turn into Carter needing her? Aria is in a very hard place. She is starting to care for Carter even though he is keeping her a prisoner and ready to kill everyone she has ever loved. She needs him, his touch, his gentleness, his roughness, HIM. When did this all happen? When did Aria start to fall in love with the man she fears the most but also finds herself wanting to save the most? With every turn Carter throws Aria a curveball. Once she thinks he sees her as nothing but his plaything, his confessions fill her with hope and want. Dreams that maybe he too feels more than the image of the heartless man he makes himself out to be. The more she gets to know him and the little talks she has with his brothers and Addison make her question his true intentions for her. Maybe just maybe he does love her. Willow Winters is masterful with her words, making every scene jump out and consume you. Every character is well thought out with so much depth. Their interactions among each other verbally and nonverbally helps pave the story and the effect they have on each other. Aria and Carter's relationship is thrilling, unpredictable, toxic, lonely, consuming, but it also has the pureness of two broken individuals who in their own way want to save the other. I have come to really, really love Carter and how much he LOVES Aria. So when I read the very last words to the end of this book I was left HEARTBROKEN because for the first time throughout this book I saw Carter as HEARTLESS.
Aras40 More than 1 year ago
I have been waiting for this continuation of Carter and Aria's story since I finished Merciless. This book continues to bring the darkness, angst and intensity of the first. I was really hoping that this book would show more of what makes Carter tick and it definitely does. We see the complexity and layers that make him who he is. Every word of this story drew me and and the ending had me holding my breath. I can't wait for the next installment. If you haven't started this series yet, what are you waiting for? Willow Winters has created an amazing anti-hero in Carter. I can't wait to get more of him!
TammyS32 More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the Merciless series and I do recommend reading Merciless first. Carter and Aria have a very intense relationship. Carter wanted Aria so he took her but as both have been broken in the past they have a need for each other. I was hooked from beginning to end, so many twists and turns and the chemistry is steamy. Looking forward to more.
Bookbytch5 More than 1 year ago
Holy shit BATMAN. Willow you absolutely did not disappoint With Heartless, So we pick up with Carter and Aria left Heartless to start Merciless. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down it was a great Page turner. OMG there chemistry is still sizzling HOT. Sorry thats it you get no spoilers from me you just have to get on Release Day, I HIGHLY recommend this to everybody,I voluntarily read this as an advanced readers copy. I would recommend you read Merciless #1 first to up to-date with Carter and Aria story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Women like you were made to ruin men like me." - Carter Unbelievable.........That's literally all I can say. I'm still hung up on this book!!! Every time I think this storyline can't get any better, Willow Winters pulls a "HAHA you thought it was over.......it's just beginning!!" The ending though, it will break you. The ending will keep this book in your thoughts for weeks. Once you start this series there is no turning back. I'm addicted!
Andrea Finazzo More than 1 year ago
Willow Winters just keeps getting better and better!! Wow! Heartless was emotional and gritty with strong characters that feel almost real. The storyline will keep you turning the page. I didn't plan on reading this in its entirety before bed, but I was wrong. I couldn't go to sleep until I reached the end. I highly recommend it. You won't regret it!
S_H_ More than 1 year ago
OMG! This is the continuation of Carter and Aria. This is a continuing dance, so to speak. A beautiful dance filled with passion, sorrow and anger. The kind of dance between two people that makes you hold your breath because you can’t imagine which emotion will win out in the end. This book is a page turner, and I absolutely can’t wait for the next one. I highly recommend it!
Jane Bulaong More than 1 year ago
I love how this book picks up right after Merciless. Totally kept me hooked from the beginning to end. So much twists and turns and the drama! The doubt! The love and hate and hate because of love, this book was just amazing. This book definitely allows us to understand Carter much more and as much as cliffhangers are looked down upon, theres just so much with Aria and Carter that it cant be contained into one book. Even two books wasn’t enough, ill be helplessly waiting for the third to come out. I love the brothers and all but Aria, ugh totally teared up haha that blurb definitely hits the heart
moonfox1234 More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in Carter and Aria's story. It is not a standalone book. Be sure you read book one, Merciless first. This book is just stunning! It has a well written and complex storyline. It has characters that are fully developed and beautifully flawed. This series offers a brilliant blend of crime boss story and dark romance. In this book the emotional connection between Carter and Aria deepens and although it doesn't seem possible the steamy scenes get hotter. The drama, danger and suspense all intensify. As Carter and Aria begin to learn more about each other, some painful secrets are exposed, while others remain hidden and new shocking twists are discovered. The chemistry is scorching and the intimate scenes blistering but these two refuse to truly admit to the feelings they have for each other. When the situation explodes, hard, painful choices will be made. Choices that will have horrible, horrifying, long lasting repercussions. This book ends on a OMG/NO!! cliffhanger and I can not wait for book three.
ANA RITA CLEMENTE More than 1 year ago
The thing that I love most about books is the chance to dream. The chance to fell things and the way my soul responds to it. But it's not always a bed of roses because there are times that I want to scream... Each book had made me an addict and the more I read... The more I want. Willow Winters has been a constant in my reading life and her books held me hostage just by reading the first chapter. Each book is unique and intense and that for me it's a must. Her writing is hot and wild, full of meaning and feelings between each chapter. Just give her a chance and you'll see why... Heartless is her latest release and it's the second book from the Merciless series. But o need to advise you to read book 1, Merciless first because they are not standalones. This book keeps telling us Aria and Carter's lifes. If you had read book 1 you know what happened and your heart must be tight right now. I was mad as hell, furious because I wanted to hurt Carree so badly but sometimes life has its own ways... I can't say more about this book without spoil, I hate doing it so I'm gonna shut up. This books focus more on Aria's story and we will get a closer look at her. I'm stunned, I'm speechless, I'm overwhelmed... Jesus... This book just knock all air from my lungs. I thought one thing and then bamm it was the other way around. Things can change bit can they change for better or worse? The plot is superb, like this author has accustomed us, super engaging, intense and raw. Each emotions was extended to its limit and sometime we can snap. The interation between the characters is raw and intense, with some bumps on the road, but you can see what really matters. Let me just say that the hot stuff is off chats. Each scene is even more intense then the last one. This lady knows what she's doing... Oh Willow... How can I wait for book 3? I can't... I want more... Please... Now... I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Rhondaz More than 1 year ago
5 STARS FOR BOOK #2, HEARTLESS!! Holy smokes this book held me captive all the way through. The feels this story has is off the charts. Willow Winters writes with so much emotion, you feel it in your bones. Carter and Aria's story continues and you do not want to miss their story, but please start with the first book. I can't wait for the next book.
LokaPP More than 1 year ago
Title: ➳ ❤- Heartless Author: ➳ Willow Winters ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ღ anyone who read Merciless knows by the end of the book You want to hate Carter for the things he puts Aria through, but you can't help but love the guy & silently cheer him on & hope Aria can see past the mind games he is playing on her. ➦.. Just WOW Ms Winter has this amazing ability to giving you just the right amount of suspends to keep you on the edge of your seat ➦...Merciless left me stunned, shocked, & craving more, only to open Heartless to find that we didn’t miss a thing… Thank you so much for that Ms Winter ➦. Carter I love how we got to see & learn more about him in this book ♥●•I loved the book. It was addictive. I am looking forward to reading the next book book 3. Must say W Winters has that sense of leaving you wanting more without you realize it – Holy that ending ….. I need more & fast This one of those books that need to be on your “one click” ➦ Hope you enjoy this read & also always keep in mind this is just my opinion & my honest review ➦ would I recommend this book: Hell Yes. ➦ would I recommend this Series: Hell Yes. ✎Paulette Review ❤
AshleyO2008 More than 1 year ago
Wow!!! If you thought you loved Carter after Merciless then hold on to your shorts!!! More information about Carter is revealed in this one. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down! Steamy scenes that leave you fanning yourself and ready to drop to your knees begging for more!! It is left with a cliff hanger and not all questions are answered, but Willow doesn't leave you hanging for long! I can't wait for the next book! I want more Carter!!!!
CeeCeeHouston More than 1 year ago
Willow Winters is the queen of book duets, she knows exactly how to draw a story out and leave you breathless and aching for more. I certainly was after Merciless and was desperate to find out what happened next. Well, in Heartless I got my answer. The battle still rages between these warring families. While Carter and Aria grow closer they are still being tested and battlegrounds drawn between them by the machinations of others. Aria knows she shouldn’t love Carter, he’s everything that is wrong for her, but her heart sees and wants more. It causes her to fight, then succumb to her desires. Willow Winters made my heart bleed with this story. I cried, I railed and then I smiled as these characters waded through my mind. The tension was palpable and the chemistry at an all time high. And, even as I slowly come down from my own bliss from this story, my mind is anticipating the arrival of Breathless on my kindle. Can I survive the wait? God, I hope so.
Crissi More than 1 year ago
Oh my gosh, Willow Winters has done it again. She's written a story that grabs you by the throat and hangs on til the end and leaves you wanting so much more. Heartless picks up where Merciless left off and if you haven't read Merciless, get it, read it, absorb it and then read Heartless. Aria is still Carter's prisoner, but the dynamics of their relationship are subtly changing. She has such a hold on him and everyone, including Carter, can see it. Aria, however, doesn't know how special she is to him. She loves him and wants so much for him to love her too. Of course the hatred between their families and the loyalty and love that Aria still has for certain members of her family could be the wedge that divides the two of them before they can totally realize their love for each other. I devoured this book in a day and it left me wishing it would go on. I'm ready for more Jase and Declan, we got a better look at them in this book and there has to be some amazing stories there. Loved this book, hated that it had to end!
Linda_RochesterNY More than 1 year ago
Carter disgusted me in book one and my opinion is only slightly better in book two. We do learn more about Carter’s motivations. He seems to now be more concerned with gaining Aria's acceptance and forgiveness for what's coming, i.e. the war that will result in the deaths of everyone in her family. His treatment of her is better. He seems more concerned with her well-being. I know in his own twisted way he really does love her but this whole story is an angst ridden downer. No one is happy, not Carter and certainly not Aria whose life before Carter was no picnic. She's a mess in both books, perfectly understandable as a result of the physical and emotional seesaw Carter has her on. Book two ends on a cliffhanger and surprisingly, in the last moments, the power is in Aria's hands. This is the second book of Carter and Aria's story but it doesn't end here. Can 4 stars become 5 in book three? I am voluntarily reviewing an advance reader copy of this book.