Do It Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity, and Create a Life You Love

Do It Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity, and Create a Life You Love

by Ruth Soukup


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What would you do if fear no longer stood in your way?

What would happen if you were no longer afraid to dive in, head first, and go after your dreams, instead of feeling like you were sitting on the sidelines of your own life?

What then?

We tell ourselves we are too busy to pursue our dreams. That there's no time, or that it's not practical. But what if the real reason we're putting off our goals is FEAR?

The fear that we're not good enough, not smart or talented or capable enough. It's the fear that others might laugh at us, or that we'll get hurt or be rejected, or that pursuing our true potential will simply be too hard.

And most of all, the fear that we'll fail.

But courage doesn't mean we are never afraid. True courage means taking action, despite the fear. True courage means doing it scared.

The question is - how? How do we face those fears and take that first step in the right direction? How do we overcome those obstacles that stand in our way and sometimes feel insurmountable?

In Do It Scared, popular blogger and podcast host Ruth Soukup will help you to:

  • Identify your own unique Fear Archetype™ - the specific type of fear that keeps you stuck - and learn how to conquer it.
  • Dare to start thinking bigger about your life and your goals.
  • Learn how to seek out honest feedback to accomplish big things.
  • Embrace the core beliefs you need to overcome different types of fears.
  • Discover why our magical idea of 'balance' is totally overrated and let go of the guilt, once and for all.

Equal parts inspiration and tough love, Do It Scared combines easy-to-implement tips with the motivation to start making real changes that lead to big results. Get ready to get off the sidelines and jump into your own life as you dare to Do It Scared.

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Publication date: 05/21/2019
Pages: 240
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About the Author

New York Times bestselling author Ruth Soukup is dedicated to helping people break through fear and create a life they love. Through her top-ranked Do It Scared® podcast and her popular blog, Living Well Spending Less, she provides easy-to-follow guidance for following your dreams and reaching your goals. She is also the founder of the Living Well Planner® and Elite Blog Academy®, as well as the author of five bestselling books. Her practical advice has been featured all over, including in Women’s Day, Entrepreneur, Family Circle and Fox News. She lives in Florida with her husband Chuck and two daughters, Maggie and Annie.

Table of Contents

Invisible Chains 11

Part 1 The Fear Archetypes

1 The Procrastinator: When you're most afraid of making a mistake 21

2 The Rule Follower: When you're most afraid of coloring outside the lines 30

3 The People Pleaser: When you're most afraid of what other people will think 40

4 The Outcast: When you're most afraid of rejection 50

5 The Self-Doubter: When you're most afraid that you're not enough 61

6 The Excuse Maker: When you're most afraid of taking responsibility 72

7 The Pessimist: When you're most afraid of adversity 83

The Fear Archetypes at a Glance 94

Part 2 The Principles of Courage

8 Dare to Think Big: Because stretch goals are the secret to getting and staying motivated 99

9 Rules Are for Suckers: Because you should never be afraid to think for yourself 109

10 Always Own It: Because you are in complete control of the choices you make 118

11 Embrace Honest Feedback: Because everyone needs true accountability 127

12 There Are No Mistakes, Only Lessons: Because every breakdown leads to a breakthrough 134

13 Balance Is Overrated: Because if everything is important, nothing is 141

14 Just Keep Going: Because nothing will ever take the place of persistence 151

The Principles of Courage at a Glance 161

Part 3 Courage in Action

15 Claim Your Target: If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time 165

16 Find Your My: Your why must be bigger than your fear 174

17 Create Your Action Plan: Break down your big goals into manageable bites 183

18 Form Your Own Truth Club: Surround yourself with people who will make you better 194

19 Stop Comparing: Create the life you love, not the life someone else wants 204

20 Eliminate Excuses: Stop giving yourself a way out, and instead push through 212

21 Stay Encouraged: Take the time to celebrate your wins along the way 223

Courage in Action at a Glance 234

Acknowledgments 237

Notes 239

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Do It Scared: Finding the Courage to Face Your Fears, Overcome Adversity, and Create a Life You Love 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
JenniferMaker 6 months ago
"Do It Scared" has been my constant companion since I got it the day it came out! It sits here on my desk, serving as not only a reminder to "do it scared," but also so I can easily look up Ruth's infinite wisdom on what to do when I'm allowing my "People Pleaser" fears to influence my decisions. I've learned SO much from Ruth and every time I make a choice that's NOT based on fear, I am rewarded! I highly recommend this book for everyone, even those who do think of themselves as fearful or scared. ALL of us have fears that we allow to influence our choices, whether we recognize them or not, and this book helps us recognize and overcome them in actionable and real-world ways.
joygirl1182 7 months ago
I have big goals and dreams for my life, but I have been struggling to figure out how to make them happen for me. The message of Do It Scared, with Ruth Soukup’s open and practical way of speaking truth, was just the inspiration I needed to hear! Do It Scared is split into three powerful parts: In Part 1, Ruth talks about the seven different fear archetypes that can hold people back from fulfilling their dreams. In Part 2, she gives advice on how to face one’s fears and how to overcome them successfully using the “Principles of Courage”. Finally, in Part 3, Ruth discusses practical application to identify one’s goals in life and how to create a practical plan to achieve them! I really like the free assessment test that is provided at to help the reader discover their fear archetypes. My primary fear archetype is the Procrastinator. I hadn’t realized that my almost obsessive tendency to make plans for my life and yet to not follow through on them was a fear-based behavior, not just a bad habit. The truths that Ruth discusses in Do It Scared were quite encouraging to me to help overcome this fear: “Within every mistake or misstep is a golden opportunity to grow and get better.” “Eliminate excuses – Stop giving your self a way out, and instead push through.” “… dare to look ahead and see what’s possible. But also remember to look back and take stock of how far you’ve come.” I would strongly urge anyone who is struggling to fulfill their potential in life to read this book. The message of Do It Scared will help you discover the fears that are holding you back, face them with courage, and be inspired to “create a life you love!”
MaryHelenSheriff 19 days ago
From the on-line quiz to the final page, this book is both character-revealing and motivating. First, you take a quiz that identifies your fear archetype(s). Then inside the book you read the chapter that explains how that fear might manifest (this can be surprising), the possible benefits of this fear, and the possible ways it is holding you back. Finally, Soukup gives strategies to overcome the fear. The final two parts are action steps and mindset you need to meet your big, scary goals. For stories of real people doing it scared, check out her podcast too.
PixelsMom 4 months ago
Fear, in its simplest form, is a survival instinct to protect us and keep us safe. However, it can embed itself in our everyday lives, damaging relationships, stifling careers, and preventing us living our best lives. Ruth Soukup’s eye-opening new book, Do It Scared, describes the 7 most common fear archetypes and gives practical, actionable steps to break out of these patterns and live a more fulfilling life. Each archetype has both positive and negative aspects. Who knew fear could be positive? Then, I realized that the positive aspect of the archetypes play into my comfort zones and can help keep me in “invisible chains”, as Ruth says. The book’s conversational tone adds encouragement, like a friend coming alongside to help. This is a must read for anyone who wants to break out of old ways of thinking but feels stuck. Let Ruth help you Do It Scared!
Istra 7 months ago
I was surprised how many of the seven fear archetypes resonated with me. Fear archetypes, as discovered in questioning several thousand women, hold you back from the things that you could be doing otherwise. I really found this book useful in quantifying and making solid the unspoken feelings that have been holding me back all these years.
AmyB2 7 months ago
Ruth Soukup is the author of six motivational books, including Do It Scared and is the founder of the Living Well, Spending Less blog and the Living Well Planner.  This latest book focuses on the role of fear as a barrier to achieving goals.  Part One focuses on the seven Fear Archetypes, which describe what role fear plays in your life.  Soukup then moves on to her seven Principles of Courage and finishes the book with strategies for how to take action to move beyond fear and achieve life goals. I related to this book as a Procrastinator (my main fear archetype) who has been set back by the fear of making a mistake when trying to reach my goals.  Soukup outlines the archetypes in relatable language that is specific and backed by research.  Her principles of courage give the reader some good ways to identify and overcome excuses and obstacles.  I particularly found the third section on taking action the most helpful, with strategies that go beyond obvious or trite recommendations and get specific. I highly recommend this book for anyone who feels stuck at work or in life.  If you have goals or ideas that you've had swimming around in your head, this book can help you take action and get on a path to success with your dreams. Rating: 5 stars  
ksotoemail 7 months ago
I recently was introduced via the internet to a woman who encourages women to “Do it scared.” In fact, her new book has that same title “Do It Scared.” Ruth Soukup is a firm believer in taking on big goals in life even if they are scary goals, finding ways to bring them to fruition and ways be successful. She tells her own story from being unhappy with her life, to running a successful business today. Besides her own story, Ruth shares stories of other people and how they worked to overcome their fear in order be successful and happier. She studied how fear affects women. In her study she discovered 7 archetypes of fear. She also developed a “Discover Your Fear Archetype” quiz. When taken this quiz will give the name of the fear that has the most control in your life. I took the quiz thinking, like with most quizzes taken on line, this might be interesting. When I read my results, I immediately wanted to read her book for more information. I was lucky, I was a part of her book launch team, so I was one of the first people to read her book when it was not even in print yet! What did those results tell me about my fear archetype? It told me things I knew about myself and ways I react to certain situations. It gave me a name for my biggest fear. The results to the quiz fit me like someone had taken a snapshot of my life. (There are two types of results to this quiz- the quick result with the biggest archetype named, and the premium result that gives much more information and names the seven fears in order according to your answers. The premium result you will have to pay extra for.) After her book “Do It Scared” gives a name to your biggest fears, it gives examples of each fear, describes how it shows up in your life, then gives advice for helping overcome it. There is a chapter for each of the seven archetypes of fear. Part Two of the book goes over the Principles of Courage. These principles help to shift the mindset from one based in fear to one of developing courage to set and go after goals; to begin to change your life. Part Three of the Book “Do It Scared” asks you to Take Action. To begin to apply the principles of courage you read about to your own life. It takes hard work to change a mindset that has been dealing in fear for years. She asks you to create a plan, and to make goals for your life, because “Action is the Antidote to Fear. There is even a bonus work book offered to early bird orders of her new book “Do It Scared.” It works through the chapters in the book turning the ideas into useful notes for you to use in your own life. “Do It Scared” is easy to read. It has real life examples throughout the chapters. Ruth Soukup shows how she applies and uses the ideas in her life and business. She does not just label the fear and leave you hanging, she gives valuable advice in how to replace fear with courage and action. I recommend the Ruth Soukup’s book “Do It Scared” for any woman who feels stuck in their life, needs to find encouragement in her life again, or needs just a pick me up. Go ahead buy the book. “Do It Scared” #Doitscared
TheYvetteRene 7 months ago
ORIGINALLY POSTED ON MY BLOG: I’ve been on a personal enrichment journey. A few months ago I decided that my life needed a change. I’d been opening boxes on YouTube for a couple of years at that point. What started as a hobby of sorts turned into something that pointed out what was missing. I want to turn my hobby into a way of life. I need a fresh start. I decided to dream big. I signed up for Ruth Soukop’s Elite Blogging Academy after doing a bit of research. I like that I can follow the program at my own pace. This is quite important considering how busy I am! As you can imagine, I started getting emails from EBA encouraging me to stay focused and telling me about various extras I was eligible for. Then one day I got an email telling me that Ruth has a new book scheduled for release on May 20, 2019 and would I like to be part of the Launch Team. Umm… yes, please! You know how when something is shiny and new and you’re all about that thing for a while? Well, that’s where I am with Ruth Soukup. I haven’t yet run out to buy all her books, but I’m here to tell you about her NEW book since I was given an advance copy to review. Basically, Ruth is letting us know that doing new things is scary, but we have to do it anyway. That’s what courage is. It takes me back to that scene in A League of Their Own. You know the one. Jimmy Dugan says, “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard … is what makes it great.” So true! “Do It Scared” is organized in a way that leads you straight down the path you need to take. Ruth starts by telling us how to recognize our fears. There’s actually a quiz you can take (link in the book) that helps you to identify what’s holding you back. A lot of time is spent on each archetype. From pros to cons, no stone is left unturned. From there, Ruth helps us fight our fears with courage. HA! Just typing that made me think immediately of the cowardly lion. All these references just keep finding their way to my lil brain! But seriously, that’s the great part about this book for me. She doesn’t just say, “Yeah, so … don’t let those fears get in your way.” No. She gives us solid, actionable goals: make huge plans, listen to constructive criticism, own up to your mistakes, be grateful for what you have. These are just a couple of examples. Bottom line. I recommend this book. Whether (like me) you are working toward a huge goal and following your dreams or you are floundering and trying to find a way out of a dark place, this book is for you. Each of us has fears holding us back in one way or another. Do It Scared is structured to help you identify those fears and take back control.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I love Do It Scared! I'd been listening to Ruth's podcast and gleaning lots of encouragement and advice, so I was really excited to purchase her book when it came out. The seven fear archetypes make so much sense. My number 1 is People Pleaser, with Procrastinator a close second. It's helped me see why I've been dragging my feet about accomplishing many of my goals. With the Principles of Courage and a determination to actually do things (even though I'm still scared), I have a feeling I'm finally going to get many things done that I've been talking about for years. Thanks, Ruth!
LaKrisha 7 months ago
"Wow! Do It Scared is a game changer! Ruth writes in a conversational tone that leads you through her Do It Scared process which includes: learning your Fear Archetype(s), overcoming your specific Fear Archetype with the seven Principles of Courage, and outlining the steps to accomplish your Big Goals with Courage in Action. While the Fear Archetypes have names that usually invoke negative connotations (""The Procrastinator,"" for example), Ruth describes the root of each Fear, provides productive ways to correct the associated behavior, and points out that all the Fears have positive attributes. The Principles of Courage then guide you beyond your fear to take action, even when it's scary. The first Principle is Dare to Think Big - identifying a stretch goal - ""one that pushes us past our comfort zone or one we might not fully believe is attainable."" Finally, Ruth urges you to put your Courage in Action and pursue your Big Goal. Anyone can follow the strategies she outlines, if you’re willing to pull up your sleeves and get started. After reading Do It Scared, I have a better idea of why I’ve never stretched myself to achieve something big because my primary Fear Archetype is “The Outcast” and one of my top three Fears is “The Procrastinator.” Ruth’s Principle of “There are No Mistakes, Only Lessons” is very liberating to me; I can take a leap of faith and try something new. Even if I miss the mark, at least I’ve learned something. I now believe I can overcome my Fears, incorporate the Principles of Courage, and put my Courage in Action to accomplish my Big Goal! Favorite quote, “… the secret to success … as long as you keep taking small steps in one direction, you’ll get there eventually.”"
KSorenson6984 7 months ago
Ruth is very authentic-real to the core-sharing some of the most private details of her life. This makes her relevant and so relatable. I have read other books by Ruth and found them helpful. I also own (and am very attached to) a Living Well planner. But DO IT SCARED is on a whole other level. I have dealt with fear and anxiety all my life, and allowed it to steal much of who I am; believing all this time I was the only one, or one of few. As soon as I saw a preview for this book, I just knew I had to have it. Apparently, I wanted it so badly that I pre-ordered it twice! (so I shared) Doing the Fear Archetype survey, identifying my problem areas, and learning more about them was eye opening. Holding a copy of this book is like holding hope in my hands. I am truly inspired to chose courage over fear and embrace myself for exactly who God created me to be! Many thanks to Ruth for being willing to fully expose her inner most being. I have never met her, yet I feel like she is my best friend. If fear has a hold on your life in any way-this book is for you!!
Jace Draper 7 months ago
"By clearly defining how fear can be impacting each of our lives through fear archetypes, Ruth paves the way to insightful and encouraging steps to take in order to face our fears and conquer our goals. I’m impressed with how much research with real people went into creating this book. It then makes sense that the steps she encourages us readers to take are easily accessible to the masses! Apart from her research of individuals, Ruth also incorporates her understanding of a couple of personality, character, and strengths tests that highlight specific areas that are helpful to understanding our fear archetypes as well as how to grow in courage. My favorite part of the book has to be how each type is addressed: with relatable stories, in-depth examples, and multiple strategies to move forward from (giving us the premium content of the test all in one place). My second favorite part is how Ruth takes the SMART goal approach to our fears, laying out the path to implementing courage with this and multiple other supportive and encouraging truths. This isn't a book just for those who've got it somewhat together, instead-it reaches those who have even the greatest level of fear tripping them up. It's time for us all to take ownership of our lives and take Ruth’s dare to ""Do It Scared."""
Anonymous 7 months ago
I have read books and blogs from several others who publish similar material to what Ruth produces, and time and time again, Ruth gives the best actionable information (I would not say this if it were not true). Ruth is not afraid to reveal her struggles, making her "real" like me, someone who can make mistakes, but to me, that just makes her more qualified to tell us how to move forward even after adversity strikes. "Do It Scared" isn't just for people who want encouragement to reach for huge, lofty goals-it's for anybody who wants to reach out to better life for themselves and others.
Anonymous 7 months ago
When I read this book, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew I needed help. I had in the past let circumstances and excuses hold me back from doing things I wanted to do. But felt I couldn’t for one reason or another get past them.  As I read through the fear archetypes, I could see a little or a lot of me in some of them. I loved how Ruth included stories as an example of each type. It really helped me to decipher which was more like me.  It was also nice how she outlined action steps to take to help overcome that particular fear type and gave references to other chapters to read.  While I read the whole book, I’ll be going back to hone in on the information that pertains to my own fear archetypes and the other chapters that are recommended.  But Ruth doesn’t stop there in the last section of the book she lays out how to take action. It’s a roadmap for taking action to make those big dreams come true in your own life.  And I’m not talking about little dreams, I’m talking about the big ones you know you are destined to take on but make you a little scared just thinking about them. Yes, those dreams.  Since reading the book I’ve already accomplished a big goal using the plan in the book. This is a goal I’d been working on for a long while but now it’s done. But had always had some excuse for not finishing it. And it feels so good to have it done.  I’m ready and feel confident in tackling more. If you are looking to figure out why you can’t get out of your own way to accomplish things you want to accomplish, I believe this book can really help you. It will help you see where fear is holding you back. Give you ways to overcome that fear. And then give you a plan to create what you have always dreamed of doing.  Get the book, you won’t regret it. 
BridgetLiggett 7 months ago
Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup is an amazing playbook of how fear is entangled in our everyday thoughts and life. It is a heartfelt look into the life of a successful business woman who is bearing all her fears and failures for us so we can learn beside her how to overcome them. Through years of research she developed Fear Archetypes and an assessment that allows you to truly see how your own fears could be holding you back. I didn't want to believe it, but she was right...I'm a rule follower. After reading this, I could see how this has held me back in the past. Now, I'm aware and can make better decisions. This is more than just a book, this is a program in itself prompting you to achieve the best you that can be. People Do It Scared, but do it! This book will help its readers achieve their wildest dreams and aspirations, even in their fear.
CatHighleyAZ 7 months ago
Do It Scared, the latest book from Ruth Sokoup is the tough love challenge you need to stop making excuses and do the dang thing! Ruth has the perfect mix of understanding, and tough love to motivate you, then she combines it with practical advice that encourages you and shows you how to just do it scared! Do It Scared first walks you through discovering which of the 7 Fear Archetypes most closely represents what is holding you back, and takes you a step further into discovering the principles of courage to help you overcome your fear. If all of that wasn’t helpful enough, Ruth goes on to share about the importance of having big goals and dreams and how to set those goals, AND most importantly, find the courage accomplish them. With steps to make an action plan and how to find people to really hold you accountable, Ruth inspires and encourages you to reach for those big scary goals and make them a reality! Do It Scared is the perfect book for you if you want to find a way to reach past your fear and achieve your goals anyway! Do It Scared is a book I will continue to re-read over and over for the rest of my life to help me really live my life to fullest and accomplish my dreams.
Anonymous 7 months ago
The Do It Scared book has inspired me to look beyond my fears and go for my goals. The Fear Assessment was a powerful tool and very accurate for me. Reading about my fear archetypes in the book gave me the strategies to overcome my fears and keep moving forward on my goals. I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants to live up to their potential and reach for their dreams!
Barefoot_me 7 months ago
"Do-it-scared" might sound like an odd phrase, I mean why would you do something that makes you scared? Well Ruth explains it perfectly, if your goals and dreams don't make you scared and give you that excited vibration in your tummy, are they even big enough? Each of us have things we dream about for ""one day"", but what if you conquered your fears and made your one day, TODAY? My biggest fear is messing up, big time! I fear messing up so much that I tend to over-plan everything and then most of the time, my ideas don't even get past my many notebooks. Doing it scared is becoming my saying, just getting up and doing a little bit each day to work towards my big goals and dreams, because as Ruth says ""You'll only achieve greatness if you actually reach for it"" In this book, Ruth will teach you how to DREAM BIG, and then how to break all those big dreams down into bite sized goals that will get you excited so you can begin to live the life you love. So, let's DO IT SCARED! "
hlmiller69 7 months ago
"Do It Scared is a fantastic resource! You will discover the different fear archetypes and identify yours specifically. The book then goes into detail explaining each one, as well as list ways to overcome what’s holding you back. I knew I had a type-A perfectionist personality, but didn’t realize that also made me a procrastinator. It was very eye-opening! Finding out my top three archetypes has been immensely helpful! I am using the strategies that are specific to my type and I can see a difference. I am making progress because I have learned how to move forward and not focus on everything being perfect. I highly recommend this book if you have fears that are holding you back in your business or personal life. Ruth’s book is going to be a game changer!"
LadyD-Books 7 months ago
First, if you're looking for some answers in coping with fear and anxiety issues, you'll find amazing tools that will help greatly in Ruth's new book. With research gathered from over 4,000 people, I found many insightful ways to shrink problems down to a manageable size. Without a doubt, I moved forward to reaching some of my goals with the gifts and talents that I have. It's definitely a process in understanding our fears that go with some pretty deep issues. The writings in the book have stretched my faith. What helps is to learn the archetypes of fear and know what truth is to help move you forward through the hard times. At first, you feel quite vulnerable but it's liberating to have the freedom (to give yourself permission) to try something new! You just do it! So, discover your purpose, your dreams, and goals by doing it scared!
Librarylady2mh 7 months ago
Do you want to lose weight, get in shape, try for a promotion at work, or start a business? Ruth Soukup’s latest book Do It Scared provides the framework for success in all aspects of your life. While your goal may be big, small, personal, or business, Do It Scared helps you define your goal and then shares the steps needed to reach it. The first part of the book covers the fear archetypes. Identify your own personal fears to take control of them. From the people pleaser to the excuse maker, recognizing both the positive and negative attributes of your character truly puts your personal fear archetypes into perspective. Armed with this knowledge, you can better plan your path. The book clearly teaches you, “action is the antidote to fear.” One chapter is dedicated to the necessity of forming your own truth club, which is your club of accountability partners and friends who help you throughout your journey. They have the capacity to give you honest feedback about your mistakes and successes. Ultimately, the truth club challenges you to be the best person or entrepreneur you can be. Everyone should have one. In Ruth’s honest straightforward manner and with her countless examples, she shows the dream of setting a goal, the steps to reaching it, and the power of accomplishing and exceeding the mark. Do It Scared provides the methods; you contribute the determination and hard work. With courage own your own choices and take responsibility for your own life. #DoItScared "
ShawnaY 7 months ago
This book has given me a better understanding of how my fears have been holding me back from fulfilling my goals in my life. Finding out my top three archetypes by taking the fear assessment before diving into the book let me not feel lost as I was reading the book. Not only does the book explain the seven archetypes of fear she covers in the books. She helps you lay out a plan to help you overcome these fears. Ruth gives you that extra push to help you get out of your comfort zone and push for the big goals you want in your life. Learning my fear archetypes has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Being a "people pleaser", I have always struggled with what will people think if I do this or that. The book helped me find different ways to step out of my comfort zone of always being a "people pleaser". The book will be read more than once for me. I am excited to see how my archetype changes as I progress in overcoming my fear. Ruth is an amazing inspiration for me and I'm so glad that I have found her. I've followed her for quite some time now. In her blogs, podcast, and books she is honest in her relation to her readers.
TakingBackYourself 7 months ago
This is amazing! It's a real life changer! The full fear assessment I took from gave me a complete overview of how my top fears hold me back. At first I was surprised at my fear archetype, then sad that it had held me back for so long. But with Ruth's book, within a couple days I felt totally empowered and that I will never allow myself to think I am less than again. I am also part of Ruth's Doing It Scared Community, participating in her live sessions and able to be more confident and productive than ever before. This came at a perfect time for me with a very imperfect life change. Thanks to Ruth, this book and her community support, I am now "doing it scared" much better than I ever imagined I could ever do!
5643437 7 months ago
"Finished Reading Add a date Review Have you ever wanted to do something only to second guess yourself? Have you ever wondered what you are capable of doing? Have you ever wondered what prevents you from doing what you truly desire to do? If so this is the book for you. Ruth Soukup does an excellent job of breaking down the archetypes that keep us paralyzed in fear and then gives strategies and suggestions for overcoming those fears. The first section of the book dives deep into the Seven Archetypes which are: the Procrastinator, The Rule Follower, The People Pleaser, The Outcast, The Self-Doubter, The Excuse Maker, and The Pessimist. She provides both the strengths and weaknesses of each type along with suggested careers for each type. After helping the reader understand their archetype, she then provides 7 tools and strategies for overcoming your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone. Too many of us get stuck because we are too paralyzed by fear to walk out in faith and challenge the status quo. The second half of this book does an amazing job of helping the reader see how to start moving and face our fears head on. She writes in an engaging manner that makes you feel as if you were actually sitting down having a conversation with her. This book will help you go from fear to faith and go for the ""Big"" dreams and desires of your heart. So if you are looking for a book to inspire, motivate, encourage you and more, check out this book for yourself. I know this book encouraged me to think about who I am, what I am afraid of and what I want from life. With a husband who is about 3 years away from retirement, I have big dreams for our future that I want to see come to life. This book is encouraging me to step out in faith and start working towards the life I want."
Shawna_Cale1 7 months ago
It all started with Ruth Soukup’s assessment. Wow! I would have guessed myself as the Rule Follower, but, when The Procrastinator came up I was intrigued. Few people would say that about me. However, it only took reading Chapter 1 in do it scared that I realized she was talking about me. Not only have I been able to deceive others in regards to my procrastination, but I have been the one in denial forever. I love to spend time researching, planning, organizing, putting together systems. But putting it all into action is where the problem lies. I don’t go through with it because I fear I will fail. She truly hit the nail on the head. I love how Ruth put together Strategies to Overcome This Fear and that I needed to Take Action by giving myself deadlines with consequences. Her book has catapulted me into putting together my own launch that I have only thought of doing for years- I didn’t even want to tell anyone so that they couldn’t keep me accountable. So if you have dream, goals, ambitions and you keep waiting for someday. You need this book. Understanding how fear(s) are stopping you from living the life you thought you could have and the real strategies to just do it scared and make it happen is what this book has given me.