Code Name: Sentinel
Code Name: Sentinel

Code Name: Sentinel

by Sawyer Bennett

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As a former member of the United States Secret Service, I'm no stranger to putting my life on the line in the name of duty. Having left the nation's capital to re-settle in Pittsburgh, the skills I acquired during my tenure in Washington have made me a valued member of the team at Jameson Force Security. But when the President comes seeking a favor to protect his niece, I find myself on the fast track back to the Oval Office.

Simply put... she's beyond brilliant. A nationally renowned energy scientist, Barrett Alexander is on the verge of a breakthrough that will change the world. Unfortunately, that has also made her the target of a suspected terrorist cell. And while Barrett doesn't believe she's in any real danger, the President isn't willing to take chances with her life.

As the threats against Barrett become more calculated, I decide taking her on the run is her best chance of survival. Danger, isolation, and attraction ensure we grow closer than I'd ever thought possible. When I realize I want to keep her safe for reasons that have nothing to do with my job and everything to do with the woman I've fallen in love with, no one is safe from the hell I'll rain down on those that threaten her.

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BN ID: 2940161311929
Publisher: Big Dog Books, LLC
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Series: Jameson Force Security Series , #2
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 735
File size: 525 KB

About the Author

Sawyer Bennett has released multiple books, many of which have appeared on the New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. A reformed trial lawyer from North Carolina, Sawyer believes in the good of others and uses real life experience to create relatable, sexy stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From new adult to erotic contemporary romance, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone. Sawyer also writes general fiction under the pen name S. Bennett and sweet romance as Juliette Poe.

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Stream Title 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 39 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
This second book in the Jameson Force Security is Cruse and Barrett’s story. A great read with strong capable characters. Barrett is a very intelligent work alcoholic while Cruse is a fierce protector, both feel an instant attraction to each other but resist at first. Code Name: Sentinel is a slow burn sexy romance, with plenty of intrigue, action- packed suspense which makes it highly addictive.
MaimeosAngelsEL 5 months ago
5 star Review Code Name Sentinel (Jameson Force Security #2) by Sawyer Bennett The second book in the latest series from Sawyer Bennett is Cruce Britton and Barrett Alexander’s story. This book was well written, exciting to read, emotional and at times intense as Cruce and Barrett struggle with the danger that Barrett suddenly finds herself in. Barrett is the niece of the US President and thanks to a breakthrough that will rock the entire world, the energy scientist’s life is now in danger. The one man the President knows he can depend on to keep her safe is Cruce, his former secret service agent, who is the latest recruit to the Jameson Security team. Will Cruce be able to keep Barrett safe, or will the increasing threats and danger put her life in further jeopardy? Complications arise when feelings become involved, as the chemistry and attraction quickly escalates between them. What will happen to their blossoming romance once the danger is neutralised? I really loved these characters and was captivated as Sawyer Bennett wove her story; in fact I was glued to the book from start to finish and I didn’t want it to end. The romance and suspense are well balanced and this was an exciting and intriguing read.
ShelleyYoungblood 5 months ago
Sawyer Bennett has done it again with her second book in her Jameson Force Security series. Code Name: Sentinel is a fantastic read. From the very start I was drawn in. I had to know what would happen next to Barrett and Cruce. Sawyer portrayed the perfect blend of suspense and combustible chemistry that I couldn't help but fall in love with Barrett and Cruce. They were the perfect pair, both being work-a-holics and complete opposites. Where Barrett, a nerdy lab rat would prefer to keep her nose stuck in her research, Cruce on the other hand was a former Secret Service Agent. He's been hired to protect Bennett, at all costs from by the President of the United States. There's nothing he won't do to protect her, even if it's from herself. As they're thrown together unexpectly, their chemistry cracks and sizzles. Throw in sum heated suspense by outside forces, and you have the perfect blend for an amazing story I cannot wait to see what Sawyer has in store for us next. I really love this series and would love go get my hands on the next book ASAP.
Theresakerch-28 5 months ago
Code name great I read/listened to this book, the second in this series by Sawyer Bennett. I loved Cruce and Barrett’s chemistry together. They are great and you can’t help but root for them. The twists and turns in the story keep,you riveted and I didn’t want to put this book/audio down. I now have to go and read the first book in the series, I could keep up even though I haven’t read it bit know I am just curios. I highly recommend this read.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Cruce is a member of the Jameson Force Security team. His latest assignment is to protect the President’s niece. Barrett is a brilliant scientist working on a project that can change the world. Her work is also wanted by a terrorists group. The story is full of action and suspense. It moves along fairly quickly. Review copy was received for a honest opinion. 2 days ago
Lisa-Lou 5 months ago
Code Name: Sentinel by Sawyer Bennett is the second standalone book in her Jameson Force Security series. A standalone book in a series of standalones where the stories each build off the other, you can read this without reading the first book, Code Name: Genesis, but why would you want to? Code Name: Sentinel jumped into the action with the threat looming over the President's niece, a highly intelligent, genius-level energy scientist, her current project has made her a target and it is up to Cruce to keep her safe. Even when that means keeping her safe on a luxury private island where they are the only residents. Great world-building and plot - full of action and heat! You just cannot go wrong with a Sawyer Bennett book! Enjoy!
BookAngel_Emma 5 months ago
Code Name: Sentinel places the newest recruit to the Jamesons Security family into the spotlight. Cruce is a former secret service agent who is famous for saving the Presidents life. Having reached the pinnacle of his career he enters Jameson looking for a new direction only to get called back to his old life in order to protect the President’s niece, Barrett. Barrett is a total geek girl and workaholic; she was an orphan from a young age and raised by her uncle, who also happens to be the President. Of superior intelligence, Barrett’s life revolves around her work to make the world a better place by creating a means of free energy. Something someone somewhere either wants to stop or own for themselves, placing Barrett in danger. There are sparks between Barrett and Cruce from the beginning but more than that there is a tenderness of emotion that takes them both by surprise. Forced into close confines there is no stopping the chemistry exploding between Barrett and Cruce. I adored the way in which Cruce took care of Barrett, forcing her to have a life outside of her work. The suspense is as fast-paced as the romance with a few surprises thrown in just to add to the tension. My favourite thing is the way in which finding your soul-mate happens in the most unusual of circumstances and takes the characters completely by surprise. Each character in the Jameson Security family is utterly intriguing with snippets of their backstories making their way into the narrative ensuring a large investment into the series in order to know more about each of them.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Loved it!
BookObsession07 5 months ago
Another engaging reads from this author. If you enjoy a romantic suspense story then this book is for you! A alpha Male set to keep safe a super smart woman and the attraction that they cant fight. Kept me entertained and guessing the entire story.
HeatherLM 5 months ago
Code Name: Sentinel is the second book in the Jameson Force Security series. In this book we meet Cruce Britton. He is new to The Jameson Group, recently retiring from the Secret Service. Cruce is hired by the current president to protect the presidents niece, Barrett Alexander. Barrett is a really brilliant scientist that is on the brink of making a breakthrough of something to do with fusion energy. Someone doesn’t want her sharing what she knows and they’re after her. Cruce and Barrett’s relationship starts fairly slowly. Just one man protecting another. But while protecting her on a private island they spend a lot of time together and quickly fall in into bed and in love. I really liked both characters immensely. I enjoyed watching their relationship blossom. And I really like the suspense and action factors of their story. I definitely recommend this book to everyone who enjoys some action and suspense with their romance.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 5 months ago
4.5 stars--CODE NAME: SENTINEL is the second instalment in Sawyer Bennett’s contemporary, adult JAMESON FORCE SECURITY erotic, romantic suspense series focusing on the men and women who work for Jameson Force Security. This is former US Secret Service agent Cruce Britton, and scientist Barrett Alexander’s storyline. CODE NAME: SENTINEL can be read as a stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous instalment is revealed where necessary. The Jameson Force security series is a spin-off from the author’s WICKED HORSE VEGAS series, which in turn is a spin-off from her Wicked Horse Series. There is also a slight cross-over with the mention of the author’s Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Series, and a new agent for Jameson Force Security -Malik Fournier. You do not have to have read any of the previous series to follow or understand the current series. WARNING: There are some scenes of violence and torture that may not be suitable for more sensitive readers. Told from dual first person perspectives (Barrett and Cruce) CODE NAME: SENTINEL follows the protection of scientist Barrett Alexander, the American President’s niece, and a renowned scientist whose discovery and formula for the world’s most efficient and cleanest energy, has caught the eye of international and home-grown terrorists. A call from the President finds former Secret Service agent Cruce Britton, once again, going above and beyond for the American people. With Barrett’s discovery US intelligence has intercepted ‘chatter’ and communication regarding threats to our story line heroine. What ensues is the protection and safeguard of Barrett Alexander, and the potential fall-out when Barrett finds herself at the mercy of terrorists; Cruce and Barrett’s tome together comes to a close; and the Jameson Security Force uncover the people behind the threat to our story line heroine. Barrett Alexander is a bit of a nerd whose sole purpose is to discover the formula for clean and efficient energy. On the run with Cruce Britton, Barrett will discover there is more to life than science and work. Cruce Britton knows to get involved with a client could mean the end of his career but the heart wants something more with Barrett Alexander. The relationship between Cruce and Barrett is one of immediate attraction but Barrett wants nothing to do with protection or security until the threats to her life and Cruce’s become all too real. Cruce has already save the life of the American President but saving the life of Barrett Alexander means so much more. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate, without the use of over the top,sexually graphic language and text. There is a large ensemble cast of secondary and energetic characters: the head of Jameson Force Security, security specialist and former British Special Forces Kynan McGrath and Joslyn Meyers (Code Name Genesis #1), former inmate and IT specialist Bebe Grimshaw; Cage Murdock: US Marine Malik Fournier; US Marine Saint Bellinger; psychiatrist Dr. Corinne Ellery, President Jonathan Alexander, and head of strategy Dozer. The requisite evil has many faces. CODE NAME: SENTINEL is a character driven story of betrayal and vengeance; power and control; love, romance and happily ever after. The premise is intriguing and suspense filled; the romance is spicy and hot; the characters are dynamic and charismatic. CODE NAME: SENTINEL is an imaginative, clever and edgy addition
Anonymous 5 months ago
Brilliant scientist, head strong retired secret service agent/security professional and a danger they both don't know how real it is until it is too late..... This series is a great add to Sawyer's collection. I have been looking forward to book 2. It is a different twist for her and I am loving this group. They work hard, play hard and seem to fall hard one they find the right one. This was a great read. Cruce Britton, a retired Secret Service Agent, now working for Jameson Force with a history with the President of the United States, is contacted by the president himself and asked to come to Washington for a meeting. Little does he know this trip to DC will change his life forever. Barrett Alexander a brilliant scientist, the niece who the president has helped raise is in danger. Only she does not know this and when she finds out, she brushes if off.... however her Uncle has other plans and she learns very quickly that he is serious. She agrees to his protection but is not happy about it, until she kind of likes having Cruce around a little too much.... just when things are starting to heat up, the danger increases and there is cause to leave DC..... and the romance gets a little more real when they only have each other.... but so does the danger. Will the danger be more than they both thought? LOVED this book. Barrett was a ROCK STAR. Loved that she was brilliant, quirky, funny and real.
Jennann3 5 months ago
After serving as a former Secret Service bodyguard to the Vice President now President, Cruce Britton has decided to try something new. He accepts a job with Jameson Security and moves to Pittsburgh. But when he’s urgently summoned by the President of the United States, he can’t say no. Barrett Alexander, niece to the President, is a brilliant scientist working to perfect the formula to provide free energy worldwide. After losing her parents as a teen, her aunt and uncle took her in and treated her as their own daughter. Barrett has spent her entire life focused on work. She doesn’t have time for a relationship. Although Barrett hopes to revolutionize the energy industry, some people don’t want her to succeed. When chatter comes through the President’s office that Barrett may be a target for terrorists, he places a call to Cruce. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Nothing else to say that would adequately describe this novel. Fast-paced, on the edge of your seat romance! Barrett is a strong, highly educated woman who, with Cruce’s help, learns that work isn’t “everything” in life. I love how supportive, yet firm Cruce is with Barrett. Combustible passion. The ending was twisted and surprising! I loved that I couldn’t figure out the ending, like so many other novels. Sawyer Bennett’s stories are gritty, but romantic. Quite possibly the best novel yet! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.
Felicia71 5 months ago
Sawyer Bennett does it again with Code Name Sentinel book 2 in the Jameson series. We first met Cruce in Kynan's book and I fell in love with him. An ex member of the Secret Service who just happened to safe the life of the current president. The President's niece Barrett is developing a solution to energy and her life has been threatened and The President hires the Jameson group and more specifically Cruce. The attraction between Barrett and Cruce is off the charts but Cruce cant act on it- until Barrett makes her intentions very clear. Now he finds himself falling for the sexy scientist in the most beautiful setting in the Caribbean and then one night everything changes. I love Jameson Force Security series and Ms Bennett spins another fantastic story. Told in dual Povs we get to see both sides of this great story with classic Sawyer Bennett dialog and set up. We also get to see other members of the Jameson group which is great fun. All in all, Sentinel is a great addition to the series and I cant wait for Saint's book.
JaneyC 5 months ago
Cruce Britton was no newbie when it came to putting himself out front to protect his charge. Having had the honour of protecting the president, whilst he works for the secret service, he now found himself working at Jameson Force Security. Barrett Alexander was the president’s niece, and when whispers of a threat to her became apparent amongst the underworld, the president didn’t look much further than the professional who had once saved his life. Their target was Barrett’s new found discoveries, given her breakthrough work within energy science. This was a romantic suspense full of energy, quite literally. Barrett was the awkward geek, who spent all her time with formulas. Cruce portrayed Mr Serious, and nothing spelt serious like a protection detail on a desert island. Alter, opposite and contradictory, this couple overlooked their differences to become a fireball in the making. I loved how these characters were developed and their story was magnetic, easily. Complementary copy gratefully received in return for an honest review.
Vero-Stro 5 months ago
This is Book 2 in the "Jameson Force Security" Series and I loved it from the very beginning until the last page. The book has it all. Action, suspense, great characters and a very well developed plot. Code Name Sentinel is about the newest member in Jameson Force Security: Cruce Britton. Cruce is an ex Secret Service Agent who is called to the White House by the President. Before becoming President, while he was Vice President, Cruce saved his life and now he asks Cruce and the team a very special mission: to protect her niece Barrett Alexander. Barrett is a renowned scientist and there is a threat on her life... The chemistry between Barrett and Cruce is awesome and the book is fantastic. I recommend it!!
GinaMarie85 5 months ago
4.5 Stars That was a nail biter!!! Sawyer Bennett once again delivers a fun, steamy, suspenseful and amazing story! I loved that these are two characters who are on the opposite end of the spectrum but they had this amazing connection. And I loved following their story! Towards the end was fantastic! I was on the edge my seat with anticipation wanting to know what was going to happen! But the author did a great job creating this story but also creating this entire world and I am looking forward to seeing what is next!
StephB 5 months ago
Holy wow! Bennett did it again. This book has it all. There’s a brilliant woman, alpha male, and lots of action. Get your mind out of the gutter (well, not really) cause this book is a thrill ride. Can’t wait to see where this series goes next!
Katiekoz 5 months ago
Code Name: Sentinel was a very intriguing and interesting book. The storyline sucked me in and had me curious. Cruce is a strong, smart, and tough guy. He's very protective of Barrett for obvious reasons, but he's also very caring and gets her out of her bubble. Barrett lives in her own little world, basically just consisting of her work. She's a bit of a mess at times, but she's entertaining. Her and Cruce are very cute together. I love how they work together and just seem to fit. The whole Jameson group is a great bunch and I can't wait for more from the series!
bookbruin 5 months ago
Lots of action and excitement in the newest addition to the Jameson Force Security series. Previous characters from the first book appear, but Code Name: Sentinel can definitely be read as a standalone. I really enjoyed this protector/forced proximity romance featuring Cruce and Barrett. They had wonderful chemistry and I loved the build up and tension between them. When things finally boil over with them, it was H-O-T!! I could see many of the scenes playing out in my mind like a movie. Parts of the book were a little predictable and others resolved a little too easily, but it didn't diminish my enjoyment. The epilogue left me with a smile on my face and I'm excited to see that Saint's story is next! *I voluntarily read an advance review copy of this book*
DannyJeffbooks 5 months ago
Whilst this is the second book in the Jameson Force Security series, this can be read on a stand alone basis. This book was fast paced, full of action and a real page turner. The romance element was a wee bit predictable but that aside, I loved the chemistry between Cruce and Barrett and really enjoyed the build up between them. I'm really looking forward to the next book from this series.
Lelim0612 5 months ago
After reading a good many books by Sawyer Bennett, I have come to the realization that she does not know how to create a character that is less than phenomenal, be it a lawyer, a hockey player, a club owner, or as in her latest release Code Name: Sentinel, the 2nd book in her Jameson Force Security series, a secret service agent and scientist. The heroine in this fabulous book is Barrett Alexander. She is the scientist of this duo. She is one kick a…butt smart cookie. The latest project she is working on will have the capacity to help the world. However, someone does not want to help the world and will do anything they can to stop her, including kidnap her. Cruce Britton may have retired from the Secret Service, but the President knows Cruce is still the man to protect his niece, Barrett. The President calls in favors and requests Cruce and Jameson Force Security to protect Barrett when intel comes to the President indicating that she is in danger. I really loved this book. I especially liked the big, bad, take no prisoners, secret service agent, Cruce fall. Fall in love that is. I really got a kick out of watching Cruce do everything he could possibly think of not to fall. I also loved watching him go all “mother hen/papa bear” on Barrett when she barely came up to breathe or eat, let alone rest. She is one dedicated woman!!! And, Cruce is determined NO ONE is going to get near her to kidnap her. But your know what they say about the best made plans…. I do know that when I was gifted with a copy of this book, and read the blurb, I could not wait for it to hit my tablet so I could start reading it. In my opinion, this book is phenomenal, and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. All of the characters we have been introduced to seem so interesting and I cannot wait to read more about them. I wonder who will be next. Thank you for reading my review. I really think that if you like romance, with a side of intrigue, this book is definitely for you.
LynnB888 5 months ago
4 1/2 STARS! CODE NAME: SENTINEL is book two in Sawyer Bennett's Jamison Force Security series and portrays a scientist and a former secret service/turned security expert in a falling for the bodyguard romance. The book snagged this reader's attention quickly and kept me intrigued throughout. Cruce moved on from his job as a secret service agent to come on board with Jamison Force Security, but he no more than starts getting the lay of the land when the President calls him up asking for a favor. Barrett is interested in nothing more than pushing through this scientific breakthrough she almost has a handle on, but it doesn't take long for circumstances to come between her and her lab when her uncle, the President, shows up with a guy he insists has to be her bodyguard. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a fast paced bit of intrigue that comes to life quickly and keeps you guessing until the end with a hot romance thrown in the mix along the way. So far I'm really enjoying this series and am looking forward to more to come!
tsmb02 5 months ago
Cruce Britton used to work in the Secret Service protecting Jonathan Alexander, then Vice President of the United States. Now Jonathan is the President of the United States and has requested that Cruce and his boss, Kynan McGrath, owner of Jameson Force Security, fly into Washington D.C. for a private meeting. The President is concerned about some chatter that was intercepted regarding the groundbreaking work that his niece, Barrett Alexander is working on and would like to hire Cruce to be her personal security. Of course Cruce agrees. Barrett is used to being in her own little world. Most of her days are spent doing research and that is fine to her so when her uncle informs her that she will be have 24/7 security she is not happy but agrees. As Cruce and Barrett spend more time together the sparks begin to fly! When a kidnapping attempt is made, Cruce decides to take Barrett to a hidden destination which happens to be on a private tropical the real fun will begin! Being secluded together will push them just enough to give into their desires. Just when it looks like they may have found their perfect match, outside forces come in to blow everything apart. It will take two very determined individuals to be able to win against this danger so Barrett and Cruce and finally get their happy ending. I just adored Cruce...tall, dark and perfect! I loved how he was so drawn to the quirky, nerdy Barrett. Barrett is beyond smart and some might say naive to the ways of the world but deep down she is a good person. I loved how Cruce was able to make her see that there are other parts to a life than just work. Together they just worked.
bc2mc3 5 months ago
As I have come to expect with this series by Sawyer Bennett, it was another rollercoaster ride of a story. I am loving this Security company series. I will admit this book took me a few pages to get into, but once the action started, I was completely in. Loved Cruce and Barrett as a couple, but even more so enjoyed the suspense and action in this book. Barrett being a nerdy scientist who is always working, and Cruce who has been tasked with watching over her. What could go wrong when Barrett is carrying around a secret formula for the country. Fun, action packed story!