Cartesian Views: Papers presented to Richard A. Watson

Cartesian Views: Papers presented to Richard A. Watson

by Thomas Lennon (Editor)




Many kinds of Cartesian views are treated by these papers: the views that Descartes held, views from our perspective on those views, views on Descartes held by his early critics and followers, and views that are Cartesian in outlook (not for nothing is Descartes still regarded as the father of modern philosophy.) These overlapping views provide the unity of this volume, and reflect the unity of Richard A.Watson’s philosophical work. Not least among Watson’s contributions has been his depiction of Cartesianism as a response to a set of problems within Descartes’s philosophy. The later Cartesians were not slavish followers of Descartes. The contributors to this volume might be viewed as standing to Watson as the Cartesians did to Descartes.

Contributors include: Jean-Robert Armogathe, Leslie Armour, Alan Gabbey, Daniel Garber, William H. Gass, Alan Hausman, David Hausman, Thomas M. Lennon, José R. Maia Neto, Steven Nadler, Richard H. Popkin, Han van Ruler, Theo Verbeek, Fred Wilson, and Alison Wylie.

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Publication date: 09/25/2003
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About the Author

Thomas M. Lennon, Ph.D. (1968) in Philosophy, The Ohio State University, is Professor of Philosophy at The University of Western Ontario, Canada. He has published extensively on early modern philosophy, including The Battle of the Gods and Giants, and Reading Bayle.

Table of Contents


1. Red as Research Assistant, Richard H. Popkin
2. Red as Colleague, William H. Gass

I. Descartes in Holland
3. Spinoza and The Downfall of Cartesianism, Steven Nadler
4. Different Clothing from Like Cloth: Metaphysical and ethical diversities in Dutch Cartesianism, Han van Ruler
5. A Philospher’s Life, Theo Verbeek

II. Simon Foucher
6. Foucher’s Academic Cartesianism, José R. Maia Neto
7. Simon Foucher, Knowledge and Idealism: Philo of Larissa and the enigmas of a French ‘Skeptic’, Leslie Armour
8. Foucher, Huet, and The Downfall of Cartesianism, Thomas M. Lennon

III. Systemic Concerns
9. Wittgenstein’s Evil Demon, David Hausman & Alan Hausman
10. The Aboutness of Thought, Fred Wilson
11. A Philosopher at Large, Alison Wylie
12. Exercises in Betrayal: Philosophy in Translation, Alan Gabbey

IV. Censorship and Toleration
13. The Roman Censure of the Institutio Philosophiae of Antoine Le Grand (1629–99) according to Unpublished Documents from the Archives of the Holy Office, Jean-Robert Armogathe
14. Freedom to Philosophize: Some Philosophical Questions about Science, Theology, and State in the Seventeenth Century, Daniel Garber

A Short Bibliography (March 2003)


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