Bursting with Love (Love in Bloom: The Bradens, Book Five)

Bursting with Love (Love in Bloom: The Bradens, Book Five)

by Melissa Foster


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Discover the magic of New York Times bestseller Melissa Foster's writing, and see why millions of readers have fallen in love with the Bradens.


After having her heart broken by a country music star, Savannah Braden has sworn off men. She takes a break from her fast-paced Manhattan lifestyle for a weekend at a survivor camp to rebuild her confidence and readjust her priorities. But when she meets the handsome guide, Jack Remington, she's drawn to everything about him--from his powerful physique to his brooding stare--despite the big chip on his shoulder. Powerless to ignore the heated glances and mounting sexual tension, Savannah begins to reassess her hasty decision.

After losing his wife in a tragic accident, Jack Remington found solace in the Colorado Mountains. This solitary existence allows him to wallow in his guilt and punish himself for having made a decision that he believes cost his wife her life. He never expected to want to return to the life he once knew--but then again, he never expected to meet gorgeous, stubborn, and competitive Savannah Braden.

One passionate kiss is all it takes to crack the walls the two have built to protect themselves, and allow love to slip in. While Jack fights his way through his guilt, and struggles to get back into the lives of those he left behind, Savannah is there to help him heal, and together they nurture hope that they've finally found their forever loves.

**BONUS** Includes the first chapter (sneak peek) of Hearts at Play (The Bradens)

BURSTING WITH LOVE is the newest addition to THE BRADENS (Love in Bloom series) by New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Melissa Foster, featuring alpha male heroes and sexy, empowered women. They're flawed, funny, passionate, and very relatable to readers who enjoy new adult romance, contemporary romance, and women's fiction.


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Voted BEST BOOK SERIES of 2013 by Supportive Business Moms, UK

"The whole Love in Bloom series is pretty amazing, but Bursting with Love just blew me away. It's sweet and heartbreaking and sexy and easily one of the best romances I've ever read." -- Fic Central

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ISBN-13: 9780991046829
Publisher: World Literary Press
Publication date: 12/15/2013
Series: Love in Bloom: The Bradens at Weston, CO Series , #5
Pages: 366
Sales rank: 600,082
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About the Author


Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes contemporary romance, contemporary women's fiction, romantic suspense, thrillers, and historical fiction with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Her books have been recommended by USA Today's book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the Women's Nest, a social and support community for women, the World Literary Café. When she's not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on Fostering Success. Melissa has been published in Calgary's Child Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women Business Owners magazine.

Melissa hosts an annual Aspiring Authors contest for children, and has painted and donated several murals to The Hospital for Sick Children in Washington, DC. Melissa's interests include her family, reading, writing, painting, friends, helping others see the positive side of life, and visiting Cape Cod.

Melissa is available to chat with book clubs and welcomes comments and emails from her readers. Visit Melissa on The Women's Nest or her personal website.

"What sets Melissa Foster apart are her compelling characters who you care about... desperately. I dare you to read the first chapter and not be hooked." International bestseller, M.J. Rose

"Melissa Foster is a wonderful connector of readers and books, a friend of authors, and a tireless advocate for women. She is the real deal"--Author Jennie Shortridge

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THE ENGINE OF the small bush plane echoed in Savannah Braden’s ears as they flew past the edge of a colorful forest and began their rapid descent into the Colorado Mountains. September didn’t get much prettier than the bursts of red, orange, yellow, and green foliage that were quickly coming into focus. The plane veered to the right and then cut left at a fast speed, shifting Savannah and the other five passengers in their seats. Savannah clung to the armrest and looked out the window as the dirt landing strip came into view. The too-short landing strip. She’d been flying her whole life, and never had she seen such a short landing strip. Great. I’m gonna die before I even get to clear my head. She hadn’t seen the pilot’s face before takeoff, and now all she could make out was the back of his wavy brown hair, thick headphones over his ears, and a black T-shirt stretched tight over burly shoulders. She wondered what the man who was going to kill her looked like—and why the hell he thought he could land on a freaking Band-Aid–sized landing strip.

The couple in the seats across from her appeared far too calm in their hemp clothing and scuffed boots. They’d introduced themselves as Elizabeth and Lou Merriman, and they were traveling with their six-year-old son, Aiden. They seemed pleasant enough, but Savannah couldn’t help staring at the reddish brown dreadlocks that hung past their shoulders, as if it weren’t hair at all but thick, clumpy strands of the same prickly rope her father used back home on his ranch in Weston, Colorado.

“Do you mind?”

“Oh, sorry,” Savannah said, pulling her clenched fingers from the armrest that separated her from the younger, sullen man next to her with his tuque pulled down low and his shoulders rounded forward. He hadn’t said two words to her the whole flight, and she wondered if he was escaping civilization and had sworn off the opposite sex, too.

Savannah’s emotions were fried after finding her on-again off-again celebrity boyfriend, Connor Dean, in bed with another woman—again. Her eyes stung as she remembered the evening their relationship had come to a stormy end. A final end. On the recommendation of an article she’d read about how to reclaim one’s life after a breakup, she’d taken Friday off from work to go on this damn four-day survival retreat that the article touted as The best way to regain your confidence and reprioritize your life! The timing had been perfect. There was no way she was ever going back to Connor, and in order to accomplish that, she had to get the hell out of Manhattan. Connor was just charming enough to make her forget that she deserved more than a guy who still acted like a high school jock, always looking for the next good lay.

The plane descended rapidly, and Savannah pulled her seat belt tighter across her hips and closed her eyes. She felt her stomach flip and twist as the engines rumbled in agony. Then the wheels of the plane made contact with the dirt and the brakes screeched, sending her forward, then slamming her back against the seat.

“Shit!” Savannah’s eyes flew open. Everyone looked at her: the granola couple and their young son, and of course, attitude boy sitting next to her. Everyone except Josie, the young woman who sat across the aisle behind Elizabeth and Lou. She had her eyes clenched shut and was white-knuckling the armrest. I should have sat next to her.

“Sorry,” Savannah said with a cringe.

Savannah looked out the window, and the landing strip was a good fifty feet behind them, but at least they were alive.

Maybe this was a mistake.

The engine silenced, and the other passengers stood and stretched. Elizabeth and Lou collected Aiden and smiled like they hadn’t just seen their lives pass before their eyes. What is wrong with them?

Josie squealed, “We made it!”

The guy with the tuque shook his head, and Savannah prayed she wouldn’t pass out from her racing heart.

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Bursting with Love (The Bradens, Book Five: Love in Bloom, Book #8) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 50 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
RenWar More than 1 year ago
Savannah Braden has finally ended things with her on-again off-again, country music star boyfriend. Struggling to regain her footing and confidence in herself she decides to do a survivor boot camp in the mountains. Always friendly and outgoing Savannah is taken aback when she meets their devastatingly handsome, but uptight (to the point of being rude), guide for their adventure. Fearing this would be another bad choice for her she tries to ignore the sparks that fly between them. Jack Remington suffered a terrible loss when his wife was killed in a car accident. He blames himself for letting her go out alone in the storm. In an effort to never have to feel that pain again he has withdrawn from his family, friends, and life in general, spending all of his time in the mountains, training others to survive in the wild. One look at Savannah Braden and he feels tiny little fissures beginning to crack the walls he’s built around his heart. His guilt and anger with himself grows with every glance at her. Jack and Savannah’s journey is one of healing, forgiveness, and redemption for both of them. There are lessons to be learned and fears to be faced before they can acknowledge that they are worthy of the kind of love and life they both want. Getting there will be heartbreaking at times. The entire Braden clan makes appearances throughout the story keeping us up to date on all the family news while watching out for their only sister; throwing their protective arms around her as only the Braden’s can. As a fan of this series, I know you will love Savannah and Jack’s story as much as I did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great love story. Love this family
CassandraNZ More than 1 year ago
Bursting with Love is book #8 in the Love in Bloom series and is book #5 in the Bradens series but can be read as a standalone. Savannah Braden has had enough and has sworn off men. Her on again off again affair with country music star Conner Dean is finally over, he has cheated on her for the last time. She has always been strong willed but she feels that she’s lost something of herself and decides to go on a four day camping trip in the mountains with survival guide Jack Remington. Her instant attraction to Jack throws her for a loop because she’s through with men but the way that he completely changes when talking to four year old Aiden shows her that he’s not all tough as nails that he claims to be. He has a softer side and she is determined to help him find closer to whatever has made him the way he is today. Jack Remington is hiding and has been hiding for a couple of years now ever since the tragic accident that took his wife. He blames himself and can’t get past the fact that if only he had stopped her she would be still alive today. His family doesn’t understand so the only thing that could help him get past the hurt which was to run away. Years later still haunted by her memory and running really hasn’t helped him at all. Jack doesn’t know what hit him when he finds himself instantly attracted to the stubborn and competitive Savannah Braden. He knew that he shouldn’t have allowed her to come as a last minute addition to the weekend outing but he’s determined to ignore her and he will not let her get under his skin or the wall that he built around his feelings. One kiss was all that it took to know his life was about to change I think Savannah and Jack are a perfect match. **CONTENT WARNING: Due to mature content, recommended for readers aged 18+**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
All of Melissa's books are great. Not sure I can pick just one. I cried and laughed. Great job!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this series! So refreshing to read a complete novel in one book. Thanks!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great love story from start to finish. I enjoyed every minute of reading this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved this book!! Such a great story!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
girt More than 1 year ago
I love all of the Bradens books. They make for very interesting reading. Couldn't put it down.
ysar More than 1 year ago
After having been burned yet again by her on again off again celebrity boyfriend, Savannah Braden needs a break from everything. A break from the city, her job, and certainly from men. Signing up for a survival camping trip sounds like just the solution, a chance to concentrate on herself and regroup. There’s just the matter of that too sexy for words guide she can’t take her eyes off of. Jack Remington is a broken man. Having lost his wife in a terrible accident, he’s abandoned his own life, leaving his job and family behind to live in the wilderness, away from everyone who blames him. Except he can’t get away from himself. And now he also can’t get away from the beautiful city girl taking part in his latest wilderness survival trip. The Verdict: At the rate this is going, my reviews of books in this series will soon have to be done via audio tracks filled with nothing but sighs and squeals. I love this book way too much for words. I’ve been itching to get to Savannah’s story for a while now. She just seemed like so much fun and so full of life and love for her family in the previous books that I couldn’t wait to step into her tale — and it was better than I could have imagined. However, I wasn’t very interested in Jack before now. He just seemed kind of reserved and boring, and while I knew he would come across a lot better in his own book, I had no idea he was the hottest man who ever (fictionally) lived. I may have to reread this one to stave off the withdrawal. As usual, the characters didn’t play into the typical romance novel cliches. Jack was angry and brooding but never once took it too far, and Savannah, for all her understanding, never coddled him or compromised her own needs. Their chemistry was indescribable (seriously, sex in the woods is ridiculously appealing now), and even when things should have seemed like they were moving terribly fast, it all seemed so natural. Like I said, it’s way too much for words, so while I could go on and on and on, I’ll just say I loved every delectable second of Savannah and Jack. The whole Love in Bloom series is pretty amazing, but Bursting with Love just blew me away. It’s sweet and heartbreaking and sexy and easily one of the best romances I’ve ever read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Part of series. Wouldn't mind being part of the family. Recommend them all.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
clahain1 More than 1 year ago
BURSTING WITH LOVE is the eighth book of Melissa Foster's Love In Bloom series of contemporary romances and book five of The Bradens sub-series. It also provides a bit of a prequel for her new  subseries, The Remingtons. Though, there's one more Braden book (HEARTS AT PLAY) before the torch officially passes to this new family of attractive-if-romantically-challenged individuals. In this book, entertainment lawyer Savannah Braden, smarting from the disastrous end to a romance with one of her high-profile clients, seeks to gain a little distance from her harried New York City existence. She signs up for survivalist-type outdoor adventure in the mountains of Colorado. Jack Remington leads the jaunt. In the universe of romantic fiction, Jack's what I like to call a "wounded alpha." Assertive, brave, protective, but it's all wrapped up in a world of hurt left over from his wife's death, which he feels responsible for.  What I like about Foster's characters, especially in this book, is that it takes more than finding one's soul mate to fix all the breaks. Love may conquer all, but Happy Ever After takes a lot of ancillary work...including facing one's biggest fears and harshest critics. Foster makes Jack's back story throb with realism. His dead wife doesn't just cast a shadow; she's a true presence. This makes Jack's conflict genuine rather than a mere plot point.  Foster extends her clever use of realism to the setting. Her Colorado Rockies is picturesque, sure. It's also a scary, untamed landscape, which allows the characters to develop close personal relationships  quickly but naturally. This holds not just for Savannah and Jack, but also for the other characters on the trip. Foster doesn't give us stock characters pulled dusty and wrinkled from her romance author's trunk.  We're treated to quirky individuals, interesting in their own right. If I have one quibble, it's with the erotic element of the novel. I'm used to the moderately graphic sex in Foster's books. It tends to be more than I prefer, but the other qualities of her work (characterization,  tension, pacing) usually make it easy to read past this. BURSTING WITH LOVE gets a little raunchy. Early on, too. This is not quite the Savannah Braden I've come to know reading through the previous books. For me, it dulled a little of her shine. To be fair, Foster's book descriptions warn readers that the work contains sexual situations and is intended for mature audiences. In any case, I found the book entertaining and am eager to meet the rest of the Remingtons.    
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Aithor fpes a perfe ct job of writing this story. Ready for thee Next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
chucha_13 More than 1 year ago
I am BURSTING WITH LOVE for Melissa Foster. It’s the fifth book of the Bradens series, and still she never failed to surprise me, amaze me and make me fall in love all over again with one of the siblings. This time, it’s Savannah’s turn. Not only that, we are introduced to a new bunch of amazing people – THE REMINGTONS. I really thought it was Connor for Savannah – I never realized they would never worked out, and Melissa would have someone else in mind for her. nevertheless, I was glad it was Jack Remington. Savannah didn’t just have the beauty and the body – she has the brain and the attitude as well. So why doesn’t she have a love life? Why can’t someone love her like the way their other-halves love her brothers? She wants that all compassing, intense love that they shared. But all she has are mediocre relationships. After Connor broke her heart, she decided to take a break from the fast-paced life of Manhattan. She joined the survivor camp not only for a breather – but to rebuild her confidence and readjust her priorities. What she didn’t expect was to meet Jack Remington. He might be the sexiest man she ever laid eyes on (did she just say he looked like Chris Hemsworth?!) – but he’s a first class jerk. (and acted like Alec Baldwin?) " I'm being serious. When he talks to me, I swoon like a teenager. And when he touches me, I turn into a sex-starved seductress." But the attraction was too powerful, too potent for her to stop, and before she knew it – she was giving in. This man, however, has a lot more baggage than she realized. Savannah just came from a heartbreak, is she willing to risk her heart again? "I know how much it hurts to lose someone you love and how, no matter what you do, you can't let that love go. I know that it eats you up inside, and you feel like the person's right there with you but you just can't reach them." For two years, Jack was engulfed by grief and guilt after losing his wife in a tragic accident. He closed off, built walls around his heart and shove away his family and friends. He preferred living in solitude, silently punishing himself for the death of his wife. But everything changed with Savannah came into his life – she was life itself. He had never felt more invigorated, more challenged and more alive. "You can learn all the fancy skills you feel you need, but the strength and ability to survive comes from within. You just remember that, darlin'. And you're a survivor. There ain't nothing this world can hand you that you cannot endure." Savannah might have her apprehensions, but she’s a strong girl. I appreciate her character because she wasn’t into dramatics. She was exactly what Jack needed to heal – someone tough enough to lean on when he needed it the most. I love seeing the two of them get together, and her helping him on the way to healing and moving on. He might drive her away, but he might not know how stubborn the Bradens are – she stayed and helped him get through all the pain and the heartache that was caused by the past. Because that is what love is supposed to be, right? Staying with the person you cared for a lot when times get rough. Again, Melissa Foster gave me a favorite scene – one that has been constantly appearing in every book she has with the Bradens, but this time, it was the Remingtons. She gave me a family scene that have touched my heart and left me a little teary. (I just love men who can express their emotions without sounding sappy!). She gave me scene of a long lost brother and son who finally found his way back home. It proves the importance of family, and this time we get to see the strong bond and the great love that the Remingtons has for each other. I have always loved the Bradens – and it is not really a secret because I constantly expressed it, but I can’t help but be excited to meet the Remingtons, and I know just like the previous family, they will steal my heart as well. ¿ARC Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.¿
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
After being cheated on once again Savannah Braden decides she needs a break and signs up for a weekend at survivor camp. While she has sworn off men Savannah is drawn to the guide Jack Remington. He is a moody guy who knows his way around the woods. Jack has no interest in woman or in forgiving his self. Years ago his wife died in an accident he blames his self for. He has cut his self off from the world and his family. He never thought he could care again but Savannah brings out the best in him.  As they come together Jack begins to want to live again. He just has to let his past go and reconnect with his family again. Savannah is right there to help him get back into his life. Savannah is a hard worker who has been burned more than once. She is a very kind hearted woman who comes from a loving family. She is very friendly and as she shows in this book she can be very sexy. Jack holds a lot in. He feels so much guilt and seems very gruff at times. You see a softer side of him at times and he is good at getting people to see what they really want. When he finally opens up he is a very sweet, sexy guy who your heart just goes out to. This author will probably forever be on my auto buy list. I love the characters she creates and can't get enough of them. The fact that they are usually large families means we keep getting great book like this to read and I just keep wanting more. I was curious as to who Savannah would end up with. She has always seemed like the sister everyone protects and tries to keep safe. I never would have seen someone like Jack being the one she falls for. I love how she is the one to bring him out of his recluse and how she is always right there to help him with his problems without pushing him. She lets him go at his own pace and lets him know she is there. It made me see a whole new side of her. Jack is a character you would want to help yourself. He really feels so much guilt and it is understandable. I love the two of them together. If you love a great love story and like always families and characters that you just can't get enough of you must try this series. I can't wait to read Hugh's story and read more about Jack's family.
BookWormAndMore More than 1 year ago
Yea, it is finally Savannah's turn. Melissa Foster has not disappointed with this new one. I find it amazing how she can come up with so many great stories with different settings and story lines and still be such great stories that fit together. There is always something to learn in her stories, some inner struggle or issue that her characters have to deal with. With this one, Jack has to learn how to move on and quit blaming himself for his wife's death. How can people move on after losing a loved one? I have to admit that this is my biggest fear. My husband has Marfan's and people with Marfan's have a life expectancy of about 45-50 years. He is 48. His mother and brother both died due to complication of Marfan's at 48 and 42 respectively. Anyway, this book gives me hope that I will survive, not that I think I will ever find someone that I will love and care about as much as my hubby. However, this book really does gives me hope that there will be a life if something ever does happen. Bursting with Love does reintegrate the notion that you need to tell those you love how much they mean to you and that you love them each and every time you can. You never know what may happen. The love that Savannah and Jack have for each other is just wonderful, and a great way to introduce the Remington's, the next family in the Love in Bloom series. It really is kind of an opposites attract, even though they do have a lot in common, too. Melissa Foster pulls you into this story from page one. If you are anything like me, once you pick up the book, you won't be able to put it down. I really can't believe how hooked I have become on a romance series. Before I started this series, I hadn't read any romance novels in years because they just all seemed like formula, smut filled books. Well, Melissa Foster has changed my outlook completely with her books. There seems to be so much more depth to her books. There is always something that speaks to me, and something that I learn. I can't even begin to describe how much I am in love with this series. I am hooked. In fact, I've had to limit myself on reading these books. Melissa Foster always includes a sneak peek at her next book. I won't let myself read these anymore because then I will move on as soon as I can and ignore all of the work I need to do. If you are looking for a romance novel that has depth, then this book is for you. In fact, I would prefer to just call her books dramatic novel with a bit of romance because there is so much more than romance. The great thing with these books is that you don't have to read the whole series to understand what is going on. On that note, though, I strongly urge you to read the whole series. All of the books are great. I give this book 5 stars. Parents need to be aware that there is adult content in this book that is not appropriate for all ages. Adults, go get this book, and prepare to snuggle down with a great book that you won't be able to put down. I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.
MsDivatude More than 1 year ago
I was quickly engrossed in the lives of Jack and Savannah and caught up in their whirlwind love story. Bursting With Love is a story that deals with how we deal with our inner demons and self-perceived wrongs. Watching Jack fight through his past hurts, wrongs and demons to embrace true love was very moving. I loved how Melissa weaved in the reconciliation with his family and their own family barriers that had to be dealt with. As with all of the novels in this series, Bursting With Love can be read without reading the others in the series and you will still be able to appreciate the story line. However, by reading the entire series you get a deeper appreciation and respect for the relationships between the characters.
AdriLisa More than 1 year ago
What a reader will find is a true Romance, at its best. Bursting With Love by Melissa starts off in a cute and comical way. I really liked how Savannah describes the runway.  Then I read something else that made me think, “oh boy, a sucker for punishment. Connor should be left behind. Forget about this hunk.” But then again, who am I to say that maybe going back to Connor will lead her on a path of an awesome discovery. (I’m glad she didn’t bring her cellular) It does get very interesting reading that such a handsome man with piercing eyes hasn’t had a date in over two years and the reason behind it made me think that this man can love deeply. His name is Jack Remington.  I liked the way Jack stares at Savannah who is teaching me the reader a trick or two at to seduce a man unknowingly (all throughout this story).  So beautifully described - making me visualize it all as if I was watching it on some big screen or TV. Just picture this: tents going up. Jack and Savannah. Picture Elizabeth and Lou, the couple travelling with their son Aiden. Picture the artist called Pratt. Now picture this… they are going to hit trails and it made me feel like I was going to discover their true reason for being there since all of them had some kind of emotional baggage to unload.  Savannah who lives in Manhattan is now sitting down by the fire breathing in some real fresh air in the mountains of Colorado. Then came the scenes I was sort of anticipating. Okay, I’ll reveal that there is scent of coconut involved and nothing else.  Questions do formulate: Does this kind of love really exist? How does this book end? Does it really end? I am clueless as how I can describe the ending without revealing anything.  Melissa says that this is fiction but today, after reading so many of her stories, I’m wondering if she doesn’t hold the key to the secrets of the heart may they be for the good or for the bad. I really liked this story. I do recommend it.  Adriana LG