Broadway Is My Beat

Broadway Is My Beat

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Return to the mean streets of New York City for 20 gritty tales of life on the dark side. From Times Square to Columbus Circle, NYPD detective Danny Clover's beat was the Great White Way, and all the seedy characters that lived there.

Listen in as he investigates murders, suicides, and worse and tackles the criminals responsible for them.

Complete with realistic city noises and starring Larry Thor, these shows bring you into the heart of a detective's life on the streets. Dr. Robbie McClure 08-04-49

Jane Darnell 08-11-49

Silks Bergen 08-18-49

Mei Ling 11-05-49

Mary Gilbert 11-26-49

Sherman Gates 12-03-49

Tori Jones 12-10-49

John Lomax 12-31-49

Hope Anderson 03-31-50

Marcia Dean 05-12-50

Morris Bernstein 06-16-50

Steve Courtney 06-23-50

Celia Jordan 07-24-50

Harry Brett 07-31-50

Tom and Alice Corey Suicide Pact 08-21-50

Helen Carrol 10-13-50

Harold Clark 10-27-50

Laura Burton 11-03-50

Includes two bonus cases: Kurt Bower 10-21-51

and Larry Burdette 09-05-53

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ISBN-13: 9781570196782
Publisher: Radio Spirits, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/28/2004
Product dimensions: 6.82(w) x 6.52(h) x 1.15(d)

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