All Bets Are Off

All Bets Are Off

by Kristi Rose

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Some days, no matter how awful, are not worth a do-over

One wild weekend in Vegas Samantha True and her boyfriend impulsively marry. Six months later she learns three things about her new husband.

1. He's been killed in a freak accident.

2. She's inherited his secret PI business.

3. He had another wife.

Broke and devastated, she dives into learning the PI business—how hard can it be? Following a binge-watching How To session on Youtube, Samantha's ready to take her first case.

When mysterious strangers show up at her doorstep demanding information about her dead husband, she realizes she's in over her head.

Samantha must discover who he really was. But what if the truth puts her in danger, too?

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BN ID: 2940161431658
Publisher: Vintage Housewife Books- KAC Publishing
Publication date: 07/26/2019
Series: A Samantha True Mystery , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 94,303
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Hey! I’m Kristi. I write romances that will tug your heartstrings and laugh out loud mysteries. In all my stories you’ll fall in love with the cast of characters, they’ll become old, fun friends. My one hope is that I create stories that satisfy any of your book cravings and take you away from the rut of everyday life (sometimes it's a good rut).

When I’m not writing I’m spinning (riding a stationary bike- I’m obsessed with having smaller calves. Mine Are HUGE- and not in a good way, ya'll), repurposing Happy Planners, or drinking a London Fog (hot tea with frothy milk).

I’m the mom of 2 and a milspouse (retired). We live in the Pacific Northwest and are under-prepared if one of the volcanoes erupts.

Here are 3 things about me:
• I lived on the outskirts of an active volcano (Mt.Etna)
• A spider bit me and it laid eggs in my arm (my kids don’t know that story yet)
• I grew up in Central Florida and have skied in lakes with gators.

I’d love to get to know you better. Join my Read & Relax community and then fire off an email and tell me 3 things about you!

You can connect with Kristi at any of the following:

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All Bets Are Off 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Hershey07 7 months ago
All Bets Are Off by Kristi Rose is a fun mystery filled with lots of laughs! Poor Samantha...she thinks she has had the perfect husband over the past six months. Unfortunately, not only has she learned of his death, but he was already married. Even though she isn’t entitled to anything, he did leave her his secret PI business. Samantha is a great character. Despite this devastating news, she realizes she has to do something since he left her broke. So, she dusts herself off and decides to make a go of the PI business all while trying to keep her overachieving family in the dark about Carson’s polygamy. While taking her first case, she also comes to realize polygamy wasn’t the only secret he was hiding. Some pretty mysterious characters begin showing up as well, and the answers she is seeking may just put her in danger. The author did a great job of combining great characters with humor and mystery. The cast of secondary characters really made the book even better, such as Samantha’s friend, Precious, Carson’s attorney, Tyson Lockett, Hue, and Leo. The icing on the cake was the really made me anxious to read the next book in the series!!!!
Thi 7 months ago
This is my first read from this author and I loved it! It made me cracks smiles all day and there were times I burst out laughing. Yes, there were times Samantha was just plain ridiculous but it worked for me. I have to know what happens next so I’ll be waiting anxiously for the next book.
Thebookdevourer 8 months ago
Such a great read, so exciting. Whirlwind life this Samantha True has. Yet, heartbreaking to find out you do not know the man you married at all! So filled with mystery, danger, and a big learning curve, this is a book to set up for a lot of sequels (I hope). I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
EmilyP23 8 months ago
Called into a lawyer’s office early that morning, Samantha True’s life was about to change drastically. The lawyer, Tyson Lockett, passed a piece of paper to Samantha to impart some troubling news – her husband, Carson Holmes, had been killed. Looking uncomfortable, he told her there was still more bad news. He passed the death certificate to her and asked her to look at it carefully. The information was not correct. The lawyer said her husband used that death certificate to establish a new identity and the man she knew as “Carson Holmes” was not really “Carson Holmes”. The real Carson Holmes died from cancer 10 years ago. The third shock was that he was actually married to someone else – divorcing, yes, but it had not officially happened yet. She slipped unconscious to the floor as darkness surrounded her. The lawyer woke her and she ran to the plastic trashcan to deposit her lunch. Sam was told that everything Carson Holmes owned reverted to his estate and belonged to his actual legal wife. The lawyer couldn’t even tell her his real name. But he did tell her to get rid of anything associated with his name as fast as possible. He told her to transfer the money in her joint account immediately – she had been keeping her own money in the joint savings account so she could quit her job, which she had just done! That was all she had to live on now – but the account was already empty. The lawyer said Carson had left his private investigator business to her by putting it in her name. The building lease was paid for a year. But she knew nothing about being a P.I. She got up and stormed to the door as the lawyer told her to be careful who she talked to, and to forget Carson Holmes had ever existed. Now the curious Sam will ignore the lawyer’s warning and try to uncover the truth of how her life got so messed up. All she has left is the private investigator business, so she studies up on YouTube videos to see what she needs to do. But when people come around trying to get information on Carson, she knows she is in over her head. How can she stay safe? Who are these people? And who was Carson that these strangers think she knows something? What are they looking for? This was a good story with a clever story line. Sam was a strong character who didn’t let disaster hold her back from taking care of what she needed to do. Grab your copy and see how if she can survive against an unknown enemy!