AAMC Data Book: AAMC Data Book: Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals by the Numbers (2016)

AAMC Data Book: AAMC Data Book: Medical Schools and Teaching Hospitals by the Numbers (2016)

by Association of American Medical Colleges




Updated annually, the AAMC Data Book serves as a valuable resource of data and trends on U.S. medical schools and teaching hospitals.

The 2016 edition is packed with 75 tables that provide data on the following 12 topics: accredited medical schools; applicants, students, and graduates; medical school faculty; medical school revenue; tuition, financial aid, and student debt; graduate medical education; teaching hospitals; health care financing; research expenditures; physicians; medical school faculty compensation; and price indices, federal expenditures, and debt. The Executive Summary highlights selected data findings.

The AAMC Data Book can help to:

  • Provide trend data that inform topics such as the attractiveness of medicine as a career and the diversity of applicants, matriculants, students, and graduates;
  • Inform discussions about the potential impact of tuition, financial aid, and student debt on the recruitment of individuals into medicine and the career paths of these individuals after graduation;
  • Describe the growth of U.S. medical schools;
  • Gain perspective on changes in medical school revenues from various sources and categories;
  • And much more.

The data in this publication are derived from existing AAMC reports and databases, as well as external sources such as the National Institutes of Health and the American Medical Association.

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