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Forewarned is forearmed, they say, and in justice to — well, everyone! — I guess I must admit that I was forewarned. It’s just that when people told me that real estate is a cutthroat business, I didn’t think they…Read more


Pleasured by You

Pleasured by You

Elle Wright

Jordan Clark had expected her father’s wedding to go exactly as it had. She’d expected his new bride to gush about how she couldn’t wait to get to know her. She’d expected her father to tell everyone the story of…Read more

SF & Fantasy

If you are Deleted, you cease to exist. You are “vaporized.”  And if you are Deleted, all memories of you are Deleted also.  Your personal property/estate becomes the possession of the NAS (North American States).  Your family, even your children,…Read more

Teen & YA

In the short amount of time that the lights were off, Mr. Panderson has fallen asleep in his chair. Screaming and yelling non-stop must use up a ton of energy. Drool spills from his open mouth and moistens the top…Read more