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Miller's Secret Book Cover Image
Miller's Secret

by Tess Thompson

While the rest of the world reels from World War II, Miller Dreeser remains focused on his obsession born of ambition, and sweet Caroline Bennett, whose heart is as big as her father's fortune. Unfortunately, she's susceptible to Miller's charms and blind to his greed. It’s a suspenseful, page-turning post-war drama that spans two decades by USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson.

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A Secret Courage Book Cover Image
A Secret Courage

by Tricia Goyer

American Emma Hanson came to England to study at Oxford, but joined the Women's Auxiliary Air Force at the height of World War II. She is stationed at beautiful and historic Danesfield House as part of the highly secretive Photographic Reconnaissance Unit. Englishman Will Fleming is a handsome young artist who has been commissioned by the British government. His path intersects with Emma's when his real mission—tracking Nazi spies—leads him to Danesfield House, the target of a sinister plot.

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