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Title: Skin, Meaning, and Symbolism in Pet Memorials, Author: Racheal Harris
Title: Social Worlds and the Leisure Experience, Author: Robert A. Stebbins
Title: Brexit Negotiations After Article 50, Author: Alex de Ruyter
Title: Gender, Athletes' Rights, and the Court of Arbitration for Sport, Author: Helen Jefferson Lenskyj
Title: Trump Studies, Author: Tara Brabazon
Title: The Emerald Guide to Max Weber, Author: John Scott
Title: Mad Muse, Author: Jeffrey Berman
Title: Funerary Practices in England and Wales, Author: Julie Rugg
Title: How Mediation Works, Author: Stephen B. Goldberg
Title: Revolutionary Nostalgia, Author: Marie-Cecile Cervellon
Title: Digital Life on Instagram, Author: Elisa Serafinelli
Title: Tweeting the Environment #Brexit, Author: Jingrong Tong
Title: Amputees & Devotees, Author: Grant Riddle
Title: Baby Boomers, Age, and Beauty, Author: Naomi Woodspring
Title: Civil-Military Relations in Taiwan, Author: Dean Karalekas
Title: Gender Inequality in Metal Music Production, Author: Pauwke Berkers
Title: Death, Memorialization and Deviant Spaces, Author: Matthew Spokes
Title: Music Therapy: Improvisation, Communication, and Culture, Author: Even Ruud