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Title: Fear Me Not, Author: Sara Wolf
Title: THE DOLLHOUSE SECRETS ~~ Science Fiction / Fantasy ~~ Easy Chapter Books for Older Kids ~~ Reading Level: Grades 2 and 3 ~~ Interest Level: Grade 5 and UP, Author: Marilynn Anderson
Title: My Sister, the Freak Issue 1, Author: Dani Jones
Title: Leaving Home in Time, Author: Bart Jones
Title: Tankborn (Tankborn Series #1), Author: Karen Sandler
Title: Rebirth (Dogboy Reborn, #1), Author: Joe Rover
Title: Venus Boy, Author: Lee Sutton
Title: The Magical Ruby Amulet of Dernolia, Author: William Smith
Title: The Chronicles of Henry Roach-Dairier: The Re-Creation of Roacheria, Author: Deborah K. Frontiera
Title: The Slilar, Author: William Sharp
Title: The Magic Jewel, Author: Konrad Ahlin
Title: Voyage au centre de la terre [Illustrated], Author: Jules Verne
Title: Young Zachary the scrolls of andahar, Author: Grandpa Casey
Title: The Year When Stardust Fell, Author: Raymond F. Jones
Title: Greg and Lucy's Hole World, Author: Dane Kroll
Title: Henry and the Incredibly Incorrigible, Inconveniently Intelligent Smart Human, Author: L.A. Messina
Title: Planet Zoron, Author: John Paulits
Title: Amazing Adventures of the Gaties, Author: Andrew John Aguilar
Title: One Of Us Is An ALIEN, Author: lee eckhardt
Title: Andy McBean and the Lost World, Author: Dale Kutzera

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