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Title: A Life for God, Author: Rabbi Greg Hershberg
Title: The Torah - Hebrew Bible, Author: Torah
Title: The New American Haggadah, Author: Lauren Royal
Title: Americas Accelerating Decay, Author: Dennis Prager
Title: The Talmud (Illustrated), Author: Michael Rodkinson
Title: Hebrew English Parallel Bible: Hebrew Bible + Jewish Publication Society (JPS) 1917 Translation, Author: Various Authors
Title: Life of Meaning: Embracing Reform Judaism's Sacred Path, Author: Rabbi Dana Evan Kaplan
Title: The Jews Under Roman Rule, Author: W.D. Morrison
Title: Reflections & Resources on Teshuvah, Author: Yael Shahar
Title: The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Includes 20+ Illustrations!) [OPTIMIZED FOR NOOK], Author: Anne Catherine Emmerich
Title: The Book of Jasher, Author: Moses Samuel
Title: He Came to His Own, Author: Frederick Hoehn
Title: The Jewish encyclopedia : a descriptive record of the history, religion, literature, and customs of the Jewish people from the earliest times to the present day, Author: Cyrus Adler
Title: The Real Passover, Author: Frederick Hoehn
Title: Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus, Author: Nehemia Gordon
Title: Jewish Passover, Author: Frederick Hoehn
Title: The Complete Works of Flavius Josephus, Author: William Whiston
Title: Does God Kill People?, Author: Frederick Hoehn
Title: Tanakh (Tanach) Jewish Bible (Jewish Publication Society [JPS] 1917 Translation) (with superior formatting and navigation), Author: Jewish Publication Society
Title: Everyman's Talmud: The Major Teachings of the Rabbinic Sages, Author: Abraham Cohen

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