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Title: Clever Queen, Author: Eric B. Hare
Title: THE STORY OF ASAR, ASET AND HERU: An Ancient Egyptian Legend for Children, Author: Muata Ashby
Title: Primary Street Teacher (Summer 2016): Moving Forward, Author: Dr. Melvin E. Banks
Title: Creatures of the Sea: Can You Guess Me?, Author: Jacqueline Rogan
Title: Skeeter the Wildly Wacky Raccoon, Author: VeraLee Wiggins
Title: Hobby Horses, Silly Gooses, and Other Invited Guests, Author: Kay Gingrich
Title: Shabbat In The Playroom, Author: Galia Sabbag
Title: 30 Ways you can help me grow as a Christian, Author: Chichi Obidoa
Title: Treasure on Spyglass Hill, Author: Paul B. Ricchiuti
Title: The Best Gift Of All (The Christmas Story As Told by Santa Claus), Author: Christianne Sobere
Title: Joel's Oregon Summer, Author: Edna May Olsen-Regester
Title: The Child's Storybook of Peter and Paul, Author: Madge Haines Morrill
Title: Wonder Tales of the Bible, Author: Arthur W. Spalding
Title: The Kingdom Scroll, Author: David Edgren
Title: A B C, Author: Magdeline Renu Das
Title: The Wise Man's Last Wish: A Christmas Tale, Author: Marilee Alexander
Title: Golden Stories for Boys and Girls, Author: C.L. Paddock
Title: A Gift for Matthew, Author: Nick Muzekari
Title: God's Special Promises to Me, Author: Charles Mills

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