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Title: Clever Queen, Author: Eric B. Hare
Title: THE STORY OF ASAR, ASET AND HERU: An Ancient Egyptian Legend for Children, Author: Muata Ashby
Title: The Carpenter Who Saved Christmas, Author: Wally Scott
Title: We Explore the Earth, Author: Howard A. Munson
Title: Patty Jo In Happy Valley, Author: Ruth Wheeler
Title: My Dog Book, Author: Ernest Lloyd
Title: The Rockhound Mystery, Author: Mary Duplex
Title: Unlock Technology with the Computer Puppets for Grades 3rd-5th, Author: Rene Compton
Title: The Day God Played With Me!, Author: T.C. Bryant
Title: The Very Strange Story of Blaze the Cat, Author: Nancy Beck Irland
Title: Uncle Ben's Cloverfield, Author: W. H. B. Miller
Title: Trouble with a Capital T, Author: Mary Duplex
Title: A B C, Author: Magdeline Renu Das
Title: The Wonders of Billy Sniggles: Billy Sniggles Sees a Frog, Author: Cathlene Milton
Title: Shelby's Big Prayer: Shelby Shayne Stories 1, Author: VeraLee Wiggins
Title: Sibande and Other Stories, Author: Josephine Cunnington Edwards
Title: The Honey Bees Truth Be Told, Author: Paula J. Giordano
Title: The Journey of Israel Part I, Author: Hebron Ministries
Title: Bible Pictures & Stories (with enhanced illustrations), Author: Jennifer Moreau
Title: MomMom Cares, Author: Jason Turchin

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