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Title: BIBLE: THE HOLY BIBLE FOR NOOK - The Authorized King James Version (With Nook MasterLink Technology): Best Selling Bible of All Time KJV Complete Old Testament & New Testament NOOKbook, Author: God
Title: Charlemagne, Author: Richard Winston
Title: Living Faith - Daily Catholic Devotions, Volume 35 Number 1 - 2019 April, May, June, Author: Terence Hegarty
Title: Living Faith - Daily Catholic Devotions, Volume 35 Number 2 - 2019 July, August, September, Author: Terence Hegarty
Title: Holy Bible, King James Version (KJV) Optimized for Nook, Author: God
Title: King James Bible - 1611 Original Edition, Author: GOD !
Title: THE CATHOLIC BIBLE CATHOLIC HOLY BIBLE - Church Authorized Douay-Rheims / Rheims-Douai / D-R / Douai Bible (Special Nook Edition): Complete Old Testament & New Testament NOOKbook Catholic Church Authorized Version of the Holy Bible for Nook The Bible, Author: GOD
Title: The Little Black Book for Lent 2019, Author: Catherine Haven
Title: Living Sober, Author: A.A. World Services Inc
Title: THE LDS SCRIPTURES THE QUADRUPLE COMBINATION (Special Nook Edition) FULL COLOR, ILLUSTRATED VERSION: Unabridged Complete King James Version Holy Bible, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, & The Pearl of Great Price in a Single Volume!) NOOKbook, Author: Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints
Title: HOLY BIBLE THE NOOK HOLY BIBLE (Special Nook Edition) Definitive English Authorized Revised Version - Standard Edition NOOKbook, Author: Bible
Title: Large Print Bible - King James Version, Author: Holy Bible
Title: Out of Darkness Complete 10-Book Boxed Set Bundle, Author: Ruth Price
Title: The Lost Books of the Bible and The Forgotten Books of Eden, Author: Rutherford H. Platt
Title: Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionary of the Bible (originally an appendix to Strong's Exhaustive Concordance) + The Comprehensive Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic Glossary (with beautiful Greek, Hebrew, transliteration, and superior navigation), Author: James Strong
Title: The Qur'an / The Quran / The Koran / Al-Qur'an - The Official Authorized English Translation (Special Nook Edition) NOOKbooks Qur'an Nook Quran Nook al-Qur'an Nook Koran Nook, Author: Allah
Title: Alcoholics Anonymous, Big Book, Author: AA World Services
Title: Catholic Bible - Red Letter Edition, Author: Catholic Church
Title: The Holy Word for Morning Revival - Crystallization-study of Numbers, Volume 3, Author: Witness Lee

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