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Title: Olelo Noeau: Hawaiian Proverbs and Poetical Sayings, Author: Mary Kawena Pukui
Title: The Selected Poetry of Jessica Powers, Author: Jessica Powers
Title: Mermaid Songs, Author: Jan Dawkins
Title: audio anthology: poems from the journey, Author: Kezia Snipe
Title: Wingbeats: Exercises and Practice in Poetry, Author: Scott Wiggerman
Title: Wingbeats II: Exercises and Practice in Poetry, Author: Scott Wiggerman
Title: Exhale, Author: kiana miller
Title: Quotations: That Moves the Heart and Empowers the Mind, Author: Fran Wade
Title: BLURR, Author: Tyeshia Gainer
Title: All I Gotta Say: a memoir, Author: Denise Wilkinson
Title: Dark Dynasty Thy Cursed Family Legacy, Author: Bernadette Carington
Title: IN THE BIRTH OF A NEW DAWN, Author: John R. Hernandez
Title: MIRACLES TWO, Author: Seabrun HunteR
Title: eScreen, Author: andrew olah
Title: Who Am I?, Author: Steve Onicas Gaddis
Title: Mastering Poetic Thoughts, Poet, Lover & Friend-Coming Home, Author: Gerald Johnson Jr.
Title: Notes from Disappearing Lake, Author: Glenn Hughes
Title: Everyday Poems for Everyday People, Author: Esther Lazarson
Title: Nature and Love, Author: David Sidney Harris
Title: Poetry, Prose and Praise, Author: Bruce D. Thornton

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