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Title: The Lost Years: Surviving a Mother and Daughter's Worst Nightmare, Author: Kristina Wandzilak
Title: The Goodbye Diaries: A Mother-Daughter Memoir, Author: Marisa Bardach Ramel
Title: Hands Off! This may be love, Author: Gila Manolson
Title: AMNESIA, Author: Megen C. Williams
Title: Sophomore Year, 92-93, Author: Megan B. March
Title: Parenting Adult Children: Real Stories of Families Turning Challenges Into Successes, Author: Fred Schloemer
Title: Adolescence Is Not A Disease: Beyond Drinking, Drugs, and Dangerous Friends: The Journey to Adulthood, Author: Jeffrey Leiken
Title: Gerald's Life, Author: Sherry Southard
Title: Raising Teens in the 21st Century, Author: James G Wellborn PhD
Title: Whats Happening To My Teen?, Author: Mark Gregston
Title: The Surviving Puberty Manual A Girl's Guide to Growing Up, Author: Sherri Gonzales
Title: Raw & Naked, BUT GOD!, Author: Meosha McAfee
Title: We Will Not Bow to Babylon's Table, Author: Michael Rackley
Title: Our 351 Sons, Author: Jan Gillespie
Title: Run For Your Life Book Three, Author: Lisa (Elisabeth) Freeman
Title: Step Into Your Glorious Future, Author: Marko Gittens
Title: Wild At Heart, Author: Heather H. Kirby
Title: ¿Te importaría?, Author: Robert Joseph Greene
Title: Survivor, Author: Denise Connors
Title: Mi Bebe ya Tiene

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