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Title: Beekman's Big Deal, Author: Michael de Guzman
Title: Fun in the Yellow Pages, Author: Bobbi Groover
Title: Blindsided, Author: Chenee Gilbert
Title: A Black Child Shall Not Lead Them: Letters from Black Children that Died Violently, Author: Raymond Sturgis
Title: La Chute du Mur, Author: David P Reiter
Title: Daniel's Big Surprise, Author: Jerry B. Jenkins
Title: Self-Esteem Angel Says... Divorce Is NOT Your Fault Book 8, Author: Wendy Collier
Title: It's Okay, I'm Watching, Author: Dr. Chenee' Gilbert
Title: Fat Girls from Outer Space, a Graphic Novel, Author: Fran Orenstein
Title: The Ugly Teapot, Book One: Hannah, Author: Fred Holmes
Title: Before the Judge, Author: Jerry B. Jenkins
Title: Repair for Kids: A Children's Program for Recovery from Incest and Childhood Sexual Abuse, Author: Marjorie Mckinnon
Title: A Thanksgiving Like No Other, Author: T. Patrick Mulroe
Title: The Parrot Detective, Author: Gerald Hausman
Title: The Sky Dreamer / La Bateau de Reves, Author: Anne Morgan
Title: The Cemetery Sleeper, Author: Susan Griner
Title: Dear Dad....., Author: Lori Yamamoto
Title: An Angel for Jenny, Author: PennyClover Petersen
Title: Sanctuary Rises, Author: Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

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