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Title: The Witch Hunter Saga, Author: Nicole R. Taylor
Title: A Colebridge Quilted Christmas, Author: Ann Hazelwood
Title: Cardinal Cabin, Author: Joanne DeMaio
Title: Beast Mode, Author: Keisha Ervin
Title: Tales of Silver Downs: Books 1 - 3, Author: Kylie Quillinan
Title: Jack Dalton, Monster Hunter: The Complete Serial Series, Author: T. S. Paul
Title: Daniel: Practical Living in the Judgment Hour, Author: Norman McNulty
Title: Iight So Boom... The Novel, Author: Darius Mason
Title: Challenge Factor, Author: Avery Austin
Title: The Collection, Author: Shirley Hailstock
Title: Mystery of the Missing Quilts, Author: Jan Cerney
Title: Old Ghosts, Author: Tebriel Alexander
Title: Broken Silence, Author: Chong Kim
Title: Moon Brow, Author: Shahriar Mandanipour
Title: A Child Was Given, Author: Kristin Henderson
Title: Capitol Chronicles The Complete Set, Author: Shirley Hailstock
Title: All Different Directions, Author: Damien Minna
Title: The Silent Armageddon, Author: E. C. Itnyre
Title: A Place to Rest on a Long Journey, Author: Maureen M. Mead
Title: Hard Candy: Nobody Ever Flies Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Author: Charles Carroll

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