Title: Sleepless Nights (lesbian erotica), Author: Winter Lynx
Title: Vanlife, Author: Nicolette Dane
Title: What This Woman Wants (A Riptide Lesbian Sampler), Author: Lauren Gallagher
Title: Hold Me, Author: Hildred Billings
Title: Discovering Delilah (Harborside Nights, Contemporary Romance #LGBT ), Author: Melissa Foster
Title: Sleepwalking, Author: Cara Malone
Title: Stay Here Tonight, Author: Cynthia Dane
Title: Girls Only: Sybian Sorority (erotic erotica lesbian ff teens fetish sex toy), Author: Selena Kitt
Title: Girls Only: Moms Night Out (erotic erotica lesbian lactation breastfeeding sex), Author: Selena Kitt
Title: Adventures with the Baumgartners, Author: Selena Kitt
Title: Always Faithful, Author: Isabella
Title: Girls Only: Pool Party (erotic erotica lesbian ff sex), Author: Selena Kitt
Title: Without Hesitation, Author: Talia Jager
Title: Return to Me: A Remi/Claudia Story, Author: Fiona Zedde
Title: To the Lighthouse, Author: Virginia Woolf
Title: Endangered, Author: Michelle Larkin
Title: The Price of Salt, Author: Patricia Highsmith
Title: Love After Hours, Author: Radclyffe
Title: Girls Only: The Hairdresser (erotic erotica lesbian ff sex), Author: Selena Kitt
Title: Not Dead Enough, Author: J. M. Redmann

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