Title: Under Her Wing, Author: Ronica Black
Title: Ask, Tell, Author: E.J. Noyes
Title: The Stone of Change (Perfect Worlds, Book I), Author: Eric Filler
Title: Firework, Author: Melissa Brayden
Title: Breaking Legacies, Author: Zoe Reed
Title: Ready or Not, Author: Melissa Brayden
Title: Snow Globe, Author: Georgia Beers
Title: Wholehearted, Author: Ronica Black
Title: Starting From Scratch, Author: Georgia Beers
Title: Right Here, Right Now, Author: Georgia Beers
Title: Wild, Author: Meghan O'Brien
Title: Oath of Honor, Author: Radclyffe
Title: Code of Honor, Author: Radclyffe
Title: Firestorm, Author: Radclyffe
Title: Heart of the Devil, Author: Ali Vali
Title: A Small Sacrifice, Author: Ellen Hart
Title: Unexpected, Author: Jenny Frame
Title: Eyes Like Those, Author: Melissa Brayden
Title: Just Enough Light, Author: AJ Quinn
Title: Word of Honor, Author: Radclyffe

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