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Title: Olelo Noeau: Hawaiian Proverbs and Poetical Sayings, Author: Mary Kawena Pukui
Title: Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush: A Secret History of the Far North, Author: Lael Morgan
Title: Vietnam LRRP's 1966 1967, Author: David Leray Jr.
Title: The Mentor, Author: Mark Gerecht
Title: The Evaluator, Author: Mark Gerecht
Title: Between Two Towers, Author: Ted Seay
Title: The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila Vol 1 (contains The Book of Her Life, Spiritual Testimonies, and Soliloquies), Author: Otilio Rodriguez
Title: DECKER, A Biography of Sheriff Bill Decker of Dallas County 1898-1970, Author: Jim Gatewood
Title: Josephus: The Complete Works, Author: Flavious Josephus
Title: The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey, Author: Marcus Garvey
Title: Bridge Builders of Nauck/Green Valley: Past and Present, Author: Dr. Alfred O. Taylor Jr.
Title: Sympathy Vote: a Reinvestigation of the Valerie Percy Murder, Author: Glenn Wall
Title: The Mis-Education of Black Youth in America, Author: Rick Wallace
Title: Long Live Glosser's, Author: Robert Jeschonek
Title: Controlling the Carnage: The Business of World War II, Author: William Richerson
Title: One Drive in a Million: A Mile-by-Mile guide to Southwest Colorado's San Juan Skyway and Million Dollar Highway, Author: Branson Reynolds
Title: UFOs and Government: A Historical Inquiry, Author: Michael Swords
Title: The Art and Science of Shepherding: Tapping the Wisdom of French Herders, Author: Michel Meuret
Title: Remembering the Pennsylvania Railroad, Author: Kenneth C. Springirth
Title: Atari Inc. - Business Is Fun, Author: Martin Goldberg

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