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Title: Mordred, Bastard Son, Author: Douglas Clegg
Title: Chains (MM BDSM Gay Romance Four-Novel Box Set), Author: Parker Avrile
Title: For the Love of Pup (Gay Romance Puppies and Cupcake 4 Novel Bundle), Author: Parker Avrile
Title: Before the Last Dance, Author: James Chumbley
Title: Goodbye Patrick, Author: sandy neal
Title: Shoot Me, Jesus, Author: Brian Allan Skinner
Title: When?, Author: Le Frogg
Title: Fukt 2 Start With: Short Stories & Broken Werd, Author: Walt Cessna
Title: The Yellow Brownstone, Author: Lisa K. Stephenson
Title: Heartland, Author: Ana Simo
Title: L'amour gay à travers le monde, Author: Robert Joseph Greene
Title: Womym's World, El Mundo de Womym, Le Monde de Womym, Author: Belinda K
Title: SNOW (Novel), Author: Caroline Olsen
Title: The Beast Without, Author: Christian Baines
Title: Only With You, Author: Rebecca Caviness
Title: Jaded (Yaoi Novel), Author: Caroline Olsen
Title: Alabama Snow, Author: James Chumbley
Title: The Kiss of Life, Author: J.R. Dewesse
Title: Souls of the Fire, Author: Dr. RAYNA M. GANGI
Title: A Survey of Gay Literature, Author: Keith Hale

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