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Title: The Complete Pegan Diet for Beginners: A 14-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan with 50 Easy Recipes, Author: Amelia Levin
Title: Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits & Cures (For ACV Weight Loss, Arthritis, Detox, Acid Reflux), Author: John Matonis
Title: Curing The Incurable? Cookbook, Author: Gary Null
Title: Diabetic Cookbook for Two: 125 Perfectly Portioned, Heart-Healthy, Low-Carb Recipes, Author: Jennifer Koslo
Title: McDougalls' All-You-Can-Eat Cookbook, Author: John McDougall
Title: Raw Vegan Sauces and Salad Dressings: Delicious and Nutritious Sauce and Salad Dressing Recipes. (Healthy Salad Dressings, Raw Sauce Recipes, Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes, Raw Sauce Recipes), Author: Kevin Kerr
Title: Food Recipes CookBook - Top Secret Recipes - An American Love Affair, Author: Self Improvement
Title: Nutri Diet Guide: Double Your Nutri Diet Results: Quick & 5 Minute Easy Lose Pounds Blender & Shaker Recipes You Can Add To Your Nutri Diet To Maximize Your Weight Loss - Scrumptious & Healthy Smoothies Recipes You Can Make With Your Nutribullet Blender, Author: Juliana Baldec
Title: The Only Bread Machine Cookbook You Will Ever Need, Author: Francis Thompson
Title: Life-Changing Salad Dressings, Author: Grace Legere
Title: Diets Food Recipes eBook - 1000 Atkins Diet Recipes - One of the most popular and best selling Akins Diet Recipes Cookbooks..., Author: Self Improvement
Title: Cooking Chinese Style, Author: Lou Diamond
Title: Taste of Home Tomatoes, Author: Taste of Home
Title: DIY Recipes Guide eBook on 17 Bible Foods That Heal - They lower both bad cholesterol and high blood pressure ..., Author: Cooking Tips
Title: 101 Microwave Recipes, Author: Mehta Nita
Title: The Vivacious Vegan Desserts, Author: Kathy Tennefoss
Title: 15 Minutes Vegan Cookbook: Amazing Meals for Busy People in 15 Minutes or Less, Author: May E Edwards
Title: Recipes CookBook - 200 Delicious Smoothie Recipes - They taste great, they are easy to make and they're good for you.. ..(Super Food Recipes), Author: Khin Maung
Title: 99 Cent Best Seller Dehydrate Fruits ( sproutarian, not cooked, rawfoodism, juice, uncooked, unprocessed, dietary practice, pasteurized, homogenized, yoghurts, kefir, kombucha ), Author: Resounding Wind Publishing
Title: Best Key To Body Detox Made Easy - The best way to rid the system of toxins is to go on a detox diet....(Weight Loss eBook), Author: Khin Maung

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