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Title: Detox for Life: How to Minimize Toxins and Maximize Your Body's Ability to Heal, Author: Gina Nuzum-Orozco
Title: I Quit Sugar, Author: Sarah Wilson
Title: Eat To Live, Author: Chef Pucky
Title: Cocina Criolla, Author: Carmen Valldejuli
Title: Publish Your Lunch: How to Earn Money Food Blogging, Author: Michael Hultquist
Title: Tofu Cookery, Author: Louise Hagler
Title: PCOS Nutrition Center Cookbook, Author: Angela Grassi
Title: Bravo Express!, Author: Ramses Bravo
Title: Spike it with Lavender: Recipes for Living, Author: Lida Lafferty
Title: Flexitarian Diet For Beginners, Author: Dr. W. Ness
Title: The Complete Guide to Brewing Your Own Beer at Home: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply, Author: Richard Helweg
Title: German Milwaukee: Its History, Its Recipes, Author: Trudy Knauss Paradis
Title: The Halos 711 Twinflames Family Cookbook, Author: Arthur Jones III
Title: Kitchen Survivor, Author: Christa Davison
Title: Step by Step Guide to The Chia Seed Diet, Author: Dr
Title: All Natural Soups & Stews, Author: Kyla Latrice MBA
Title: Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen, Author: Michelle Irwin
Title: 101 Recipes for Preparing Food In Bulk, Author: Richard Helweg
Title: The Complete Guide to Making Your Own Wine at Home: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply (Back-To-Basics Cooking), Author: John Peragine

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