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Title: The Hidden Life Awakened, Author: Kitty Crenshaw
Title: Wife After God, Author: Jennifer Smith
Title: My Dream of Heaven (Intramuros), Author: Rebecca Ruter-Springer
Title: Chronicles of the Sacred Mountain, Author: Perry Stone
Title: The Four Last Things, Author: Fr. Wade Menezes
Title: Afraid to Hope: Discovering the courage to dream again, Author: Rick Rigsby
Title: Four Seasons of Love and Grief: A Memoir, Author: Ellen Threatts
Title: In Heaven We'll Meet Again, Author: Francois Rene Blot
Title: One Heartbeat Away, Author: Mark Cahill
Title: I SAW GOD: The True Story of a Young Boy's Miraculous Return from Death, Author: James Anderson
Title: Frankly Speaking about Widowhood: Dealing with Loss and Loneliness, Author: Beth E. Wallace
Title: We Will All Die Tonight, Prepare Your Men, Author: Keith Staneart
Title: Paradise, Author: Mark Cahill
Title: Kiss the Wave: A Memoir on the Attributes of God, Author: Tara-Leigh Cobble
Title: Of Now and Then, Author: Charles McKinstry
Title: Prayers for a Widow's Heart, Author: Margaret Nyman
Title: The World of Hospice Spiritual Care: A Practical Guide for Palliative Care Chaplains, Author: Dr. Douglas G Sullivan
Title: Hope for an Aching Heart - Uplifting Devotions for Widows, Author: Margaret Nyman
Title: The Unwanted Gift, Author: Tom Elliff
Title: No Greater Love, Author: Karl Haffner

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