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Title: The Gospel for Children: And Everyone Else, Author: John Leuzarder
Title: Why Christmas?, Author: Barbara Reaoch
Title: God Was Manifest, Author: Michael Molina
Title: The Icky Lunch, Author: Rich Ablondi
Title: I Love You, Grandpa, Author: Elisabeth DeLassalle
Title: Jesus Had a Step Dad Too, Author: Trudy Beerman
Title: Who am I?, Author: Aysha Radford
Title: What I Want to Be, Author: Donna S. Nanna
Title: Growing More Like Jesus, Author: Heather Guttschuss
Title: Little Big Mouse, Author: Maria Reyes
Title: James' Book of Life, Author: Jamie Lester
Title: Murray and the Mice, Author: Rosy Applesauce
Title: The Best Gift Of All (The Christmas Story As Told by Santa Claus), Author: Christianne Sobere
Title: Praise Praying from the Psalms For Children, Author: Edwina Patterson