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Title: Chase Tinker and the HOUSE OF DESTINY (The Chase Tinker Series, Book 3), Author: Malia Ann Haberman
Title: Song of the Mountain, Author: Michelle Isenhoff
Title: Oz: The Complete Collection (All 14 Oz Books, with Illustrated Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Links to Free Audiobooks), Author: L. Frank Baum
Title: 1000 Word Puzzles, Author: FatMath
Title: Alice in Wonderland: The Complete Collection (Illustrated Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Illustrated Through the Looking Glass, plus Alice's Adventures Under Ground and The Hunting of the Snark), Author: Lewis Carroll
Title: Pet The Cat: The Amazing Powers of Ralph The Cat, Author: F.P. Caillet
Title: The Hoodoo Nic Naks (Volume 1), Author: Adam Archer
Title: Tiger's Promise: A Tiger's Curse Novella, Author: Colleen Houck
Title: The Outsiders, Author: S. E. Hinton
Title: Visible, Author: Cidney Swanson
Title: Real Dragons, Author: Rebecca Shelley
Title: May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy, Author: KC Frantzen
Title: Trapped in Esrever, Author: Penn Brooks
Title: Five Little Peppers - The Complete Collection, Author: Margaret Sidney
Title: Warriors Don't Cry, Author: Melba Pattillo Beals
Title: The Pigman, Author: Paul Zindel
Title: Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul, Author: Michelle Isenhoff
Title: Sky to Sea Zoology!, Author: Maxwell Anderson
Title: BC Guitar, Author: Samuel Larson
Title: A Wish for Katie, Author: Melinda Tranum

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