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Title: Goddess and the Missing Magical Eel, Author: Jessica L. Mayes
Title: Sillie & Wawabird: Skipping Through School, Author: Belkis Finalet
Title: Jerry to the Rescue, Author: Dylan Jacob Brown
Title: A Runtamuffin Tale, Author: Melissa Taylor
Title: Susie & Sasha's Winter Festival, Author: Allison Ames
Title: A Faith Builder for Children, Author: Katherine W. Fisher
Title: Alphonso and the Apple Orchard, Author: Lois Goins
Title: We Are All Small Once, Author: Richard Neil LaBute Jr.
Title: Basteele the French Bulldog: My First Year, Author: Sharon Rojohn
Title: Girls Do Good, Author: Jos Dirkx
Title: Big Dreams, Little People!, Author: cherill dawson
Title: Heart Adventures with PuppyGirl: Wrinkle Twinkles, Author: Barbara A. Johns
Title: A Person Worth Being - ME!, Author: Jennifer Darner
Title: Little Girl Series, Author: Edna Stewart
Title: A Lick and a Promise, Author: Mari Miller
Title: Magical Elf Shoes, Author: Beverly J. Wainman
Title: Happy the Hitchhiking Praying Mantis, Author: Mary Williams
Title: Arizona Agriculture: Bee's Amazing Adventure, Author: Bonnie Apperson Jacobs
Title: Where Are You Duckie?, Author: Enid Brown Marshall
Title: Katie's Secret, Author: Bridgette Bannick

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