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Title: Goddess and the Missing Magical Eel, Author: Jessica L. Mayes
Title: King Pen Bill on Seal Pen Island, Author: Lawrence Fredrick Williams Sr.
Title: Stories of the Bible: Told in Pictures and Text for Children, Author: Adelheid van Kannewurff
Title: Dusty Escapes, Author: Kat Midgley
Title: Daddy-OH, Author: Ivette Febo
Title: The Clock, Author: Mariam Devine Melkonian
Title: Grandpas Boots, Author: Louise Davis
Title: Alphonso and the Apple Orchard, Author: Lois Goins
Title: Sidney & Me, Author: Jodi E. Uhron
Title: Albert's Day at the Zoo, Author: Arlene L. Carter
Title: Magical Elf Shoes, Author: Beverly J. Wainman
Title: Fruits & Vegetables: A picture book in Karen and English, Author: Blae Ku
Title: The Powerful Vitamin
Title: The Spirit Quest, Author: Shawn Key
Title: Sarah's Most Perfect Day, Author: Lady Kathryn T. Krohn
Title: Katie's Secret, Author: Bridgette Bannick
Title: Ranger the Toy French Poodle, Author: R J Buras
Title: A Snail Tale, Author: Karen A. Bennett
Title: The Lonely Bat (Elementary Edition), Author: Kelly M. Mcglone
Title: The Stranger's Magic Stick, Author: Carol Doumlele

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