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Title: The Paci Fairy, Author: Melissa Burnett
Title: A Little Bird Told Me That Love is a Verb, Author: Sali Ann Sayler
Title: When It All Falls Apart, Author: Lawrence Etienne
Title: Mr. Rizzo's Problem, Author: Alison Reiff
Title: Billy and Brook, Author: Glenda Barnes
Title: A Secret for the Fox: Inspired by an old story, Author: Stephanie Damiani
Title: The Little Seagull, Author: Tanina Wings
Title: If Kitties Could Talk: A True Story about Gray and Gracie, Author: Jeanette Burgess Keller
Title: I Am the Thorn, Author: Amari Lange
Title: The Christian Wilderness Weather Kids: Stormi Rain and Layla Lightnings Big Foot Country Tale, Author: Regina Risner Arnold
Title: Hedgie's Rainbow of Lessons, Author: Sheri Schmitz
Title: How Santa's Reindeer Learned To Fly, Author: Victor Sendax
Title: The Vanishing Path, Author: Gary Gray
Title: From A to Z For Jesus, Author: Lena Mae
Title: The Wonderful Adventures of Wiggi Woo, Author: KR Bryant
Title: The Horse and the Fox, Author: Steve James
Title: O Dinossauro Mais Feroz / The Most Ferocious Dinosaur (Portuguese and English), Author: Mariah Walker
Title: My First Worship, Author: Bruce D. Rose
Title: The Adventures of Captain Williby: The Mystery of the Lost Treasure, Author: Patricia Bell
Title: Goodbye Fly, Author: Grandma T

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