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Title: Women of Courage, Author: Margaret Truman
Title: Service With The Sixth Wisconsin (Illustrated), Author: Thomas W. Lewis
Title: Women In Vietnam, Author: Ron Steinman
Title: My People, the Amish: The True Story of an Amish Father and Son, Author: Joe Keim
Title: Angels Believe in You, Author: Lynn Hardy
Title: Jamestown, Author: Marshall W. Fishwick
Title: Go Find, Author: Susan Purvis
Title: One Day She'll Darken, Author: Fauna Hodel
Title: Notre-Dame: A History, Author: Richard Winston
Title: The Best of American Heritage: The Old West, Author: Edwin S. Grosvenor
Title: Washington's Secret War: The Hidden History of Valley Forge, Author: Thomas Fleming
Title: Stories of the American Revolution, Author: Thomas Fleming
Title: Boss Up Or Bitch Up, Author: Kween Mingo
Title: Lafayette, Author: Olivier Bernier
Title: The Romanovs, Author: Ian Grey
Title: King Arthur, Author: Christopher Hibbert
Title: The Journey in Between, Author: Keith Foskett
Title: Versailles: A History, Author: Robert B. Abrams
Title: The Tsars, Author: Alexander Ivanov
Title: Leonardo da Vinci, Author: Jay Williams

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