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Title: My Journey With Joel, Author: Dan Burchfield
Title: Go Suck A Lemon: Strategies for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence, Author: Michael Cornwall
Title: Alive and Well: a healing journal for the shunned, Author: Bethany Leger
Title: Suicide and Sex Work: Finding God in a Godless World, Author: Hope Doe
Title: In Loving Memory Funeral Guest Book - Hummingbird Hardcover, Author: Morticia Mori
Title: Hailey: A Dream of Hope:, Author: Kristen Niclaus
Title: The Cozy Herb Book: Recipes, Crafts, and Gardening Ideas for Every Season, Author: Lanigan Vitaceae
Title: Glimpses Of Grace: You are His favorite, Author: Darren Allridge
Title: Stories My Mother Never Told Me, Author: Allicia Washington-White
Title: Fun Girls, Author: Dr. Willie Mack
Title: S(EX), Author: KJ Richards
Title: I Got This! 30 Day Tips for Black Women with Anxiety or Depression, Author: Latoya Johnson-Foster
Title: Dear Sister Survivor...: the ribbon between us, Author: Mara Nieman-Hargroder
Title: 7 Days to Blissful Abundance: Mastering the Inner Story, Author: Michaela Rena
Title: How to Overcome Childhood Trauma, Author: Ken Bearden
Title: Dear Pervert: I'm spilling all of your dirty little secrets, Author: Jalena Dawn
Title: The Pastor's Secretary: What Really Happens Behind Closed Doors, Author: Wendi Hayman
Title: The Self Care Journal:
Title: Women Under Scrutiny: An Anthology of Truths, Essays, Poems, Stories and Art, Author: Randy Susan Meyers
Title: Trivia-On-Books Being Mortal by Atul Gawande, Author: Trivion Books

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