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Title: Venom in the Veins (Elemental Assassin Series #17), Author: Jennifer Estep
Title: Mortal Weapons, Author: Emon Maki Rashid Pre-Order Now
Title: Bodyguard, Author: Jennifer Ashley
Title: Wild Things (Shifters Unbound Series #7.75), Author: Jennifer Ashley
Title: M.U.T.T.: Night Jackal:, Author: James Martin
Title: Silk & Steel, Author: Ariana Nash
Title: The Carnelian Crow (Stoker and Holmes Series #4), Author: Colleen Gleason
Title: Rise of the Dragons (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 1), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: Extreme Medical Services: Medical Care on the Fringes of Humanity, Author: Jamie Davis
Title: Rise of the Valiant (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 2), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: Heart of the Rebellion, Author: E.E. Holmes
Title: Chase Tinker and the HOUSE OF MAGIC (The Chase Tinker Series, Book 1), Author: Malia Ann Haberman
Title: The Fairy's Tale: A Novel For People Who Don't Trust Fairy Tales, Author: F. D. Lee
Title: A Forge of Valor (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 4), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: The Weight of Honor (Kings and Sorcerers--Book 3), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: A Charge of Valor (Book #6 in the Sorcerer's Ring), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: M.U.T.T.: Multiple Utility Tactical Teams:, Author: James Martin
Title: Beware! The Scientists Revolt: A Comparison Between the Burroughs Bulletin Text vs the Fantastic Adventures Text:, Author: Edgar Rice Burroughs
Title: Double-Crossing the Bridge, Author: Sarah J. Sover
Title: Thuvia, Maid of Mars, Author: Fiction House Press

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