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Title: Shut up and Kiss me: a Renegades Short Story, Author: Lissa Lynn Thomas
Title: Sex Dreams & Fantasies (Erotic Short Stories), Author: Lana Yves
Title: Secrets & Lies, Vol. 6, Author: H.M.  Ward
Title: Secrets & Lies, Vol. 5, Author: H.M.  Ward
Title: Secrets & Lies, Vol. 2, Author: H.M.  Ward
Title: Secrets & Lies, Author: H.M.  Ward
Title: Little Miss Perfect, Author: Julia Kent
Title: The Evil Queen: Her Story (A Reverse Harem Novel):, Author: L. Adams
Title: Behind the Veil, Author: Ethel Rolt Wheeler
Title: Voices of Midnight, Author: L.K. Latham
Title: Adam, Author: Roxanne St. Claire
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Title: Of Fire and Brimstone: The Immortal Ones - Elizabeth's Novella, Author: SL Baum
Title: FROM BROKEN HEART TO TRUE LOVE, Author: Marilyn Murray
Title: Arthurian Chronicles: Roman de Brut:, Author: Wace
Title: The Turquoise Cup. and. The Desert, Author: Arthur Cosslett Smith
Title: You'll Never Be Lonely, Author: Madison Sevier
Title: The Color of My Soul II: Mirror Reflection:, Author: Ghetto Geek