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Title: Good Morning, Birds!, Author: Elizabeth Bogart
Title: Jack's New Ear Gear, Author: Grace Andrews
Title: Faith & Trinity, The Unicorn, Author: Neka Perkins
Title: One Scoop, Two Scoop, Author: Sharon Powers
Title: Ponder Lake, Author: Camille Starkey
Title: Little Southern Gentleman, Author: sarah dudak
Title: Delaney Dinosaur Plays Soccer, Author: Delaney Kehres
Title: Crusoe The Snuggle Puggle, Author: G. Ecova
Title: Laroo's Blues, Author: John Vance
Title: Can You Catch Sophie and Shay?: Set Your Trap It's St. Patrick's Day!, Author: Payton Uftring
Title: Your Biggest Fan, Author: Edmund Masi
Title: The Zipper to My Heart, Author: Latiya Robinson
Title: The Little Crooked Tree, Author: Johnny Gillespie
Title: What Wonderful Things In The Darkness Creep, Author: Vjolca Capri
Title: Teela Toucan and the Cracked Egg, Author: Susanne Loomis
Title: The Mysteriously Missing Happiness, Author: Nola Hudson-Paschal
Title: What's for Breakfast: And other quirky poems, Author: Auntie Nubbs
Title: Rainbow in My Room, Author: Maiyang Saridjo
Title: A is For Animals, Author: Tom Lemler
Title: What Do You Say?, Author: Maiyang Saridjo

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