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Title: Jack's New Ear Gear, Author: Grace Andrews
Title: Faith & Trinity, The Unicorn, Author: Neka Perkins
Title: The Zeppelin Deception: The Stoker & Holmes Series #5, Author: Colleen Gleason
Title: 'Out Here in the Stars ... a memoir, Author: J L Homan
Title: The Union Now, Henceforth, and Forever! Amen. The Civil War and the Sons of John and Ary Dye, Author: Sherman Dye
Title: One Scoop, Two Scoop, Author: Sharon Powers
Title: Joyous in Jesus, Author: Jackie Hodge
Title: Nine, The Tale of Kevin Clearwater, Author: T. M. Frazier
Title: Homilies from Montana, Author: Joseph Ponessa
Title: The Art of Baiyou Han, Author: Ed Davin
Title: Delaney Dinosaur Plays Soccer, Author: Delaney Kehres
Title: To All The Women I've Loved, Author: Chelsey Reardon
Title: Little Southern Gentleman, Author: sarah dudak
Title: Gram's Attic, Author: Deborah Mauthe
Title: CAMPSTORIES, Author: Perry Tischler
Title: Ponder Lake, Author: Camille Starkey
Title: Reaching Out with Courage, Author: Alice Han
Title: Crusoe The Snuggle Puggle, Author: G. Ecova
Title: The Three Keys of Execution: Simple Ideas, Extraordinary Results, Author: Kent Vaughn
Title: Johnny Wags His Tail, Author: Carolyn Elster

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